When I started blogging not so long ago, I saw people were listing the things for which they were thankful.  A lot was said about Ann Voskamp's book 1000 Gifts.  So I tracked it down, bought it and have read it.  What a life changing book!  Ann makes you realise how important thanksgiving is.

I did start listing my daily blessings for which I was thankful, but realised that some days the things for which I was grateful were the same, then I started not counting them, as I'd be repeating them, then I found I was trying to find something to list.  The point is, it was becoming about the list.

Then in my quiet time I read from Billy Graham's Wisdom for each day, the following:
Make it a practice to thank God every day for the blessings you have.  Thank Him also each day the He loves you.  Worries flee before a spirit of gratitude.

I want to constantly throughout the day, thank God for every blessing I see.  A constant chatting between me and my Saviour in my desire to connect with Him and acknowledge Him as the author of all that is good in my life.  I want it to become a way of living for me.  I have decided not to list these things here.  For me, it had become about the list so I have taken the list away.

The reason for this page is to remind myself to be thankful, always, daily, no matter what the circumstance.

God bless


    1. Thanks for this perspective on Thankfulness.
      I am enjoying my visit with you today.

    2. Being grateful is the cardinal rule for happiness. If we can just take time, to deliberately remember, what God has done for us, we can not help, but be uplifted!



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