This is a page where I am going to post links to some of my all time favourite posts that I have read.  Sometimes I read a great post and I favourite it on my browser but truth be told, I never go back and look there.

So, I am making this space so I can always have, at my finger tips,
  • access to those posts which have really touched me, and 
  • I can share them with you
Along the way, I'd love to read your feedback when you come over and visit as to how you have been impacted by these awesome women of God and their writings.

God bless

Blog posts from others I really love:
  1. How to say sorry to your husband by Gail Purath of 1-Minute Bible Love Notes
  2. Don't feed the monster by Lisa Buffaloe
  3. Half Empty by Jenifer Metzger
  4. How wrong could I be? by Noeline Clare-Talbot
  5. Still Standing by Brenda Yoder
  6. Tips for Praying by Pam
  7. The other Five by Deidra Manning
  8. Developing God-confidence - by Jolene Engle
  9. She Stands by Shakin' the Foundation
  10. She Stands (2) by Shakin' the Foundation
  11. An intentional radical life by Erin
  12. 8 Ways to keep your marriage strong by Jolene Engle
  13. Vitamins for the Soul by Denise Rork of Refine Me
  14. Closed Doors by Stacey of Shakin' the Foundation
  15. Labels Lie by Erin of My Nuggets of Truth
  16. In You Lord by Joan at Beauty in His grip
  17. The Battle against Lies by Christina at To Show them Jesus
  18. 7 Ways to praise your husband by Rachel Wojnarowski on Time Warp Wife
  19. Me and Grace by Stacey at Shakin' the Foundation (just beautiful)
  20. Stolen Identity by Brenda Yoder
A place to catch posts to contemplate and absorb!
  1. The Do's and Dont's I've learned by Joan Davis, excellent practical Godly post
  2. A New Name by Barb, awesome awesome post
  3. The King's Treasure  by Jenifer Metzger on Encourage 24/7
  4. 8 Ways to bless your Husband by Jess at Our Homestead For Him
  5. Which Old Testament Laws apply today? by Gail at Bite Size Bible Study
  6. Can you forgive yourself? by Cathy at Thoughts on Books
  7. 50 Ways to Love Him - Lisa Jacobson at the Time Warp Wife
  8. Meet me There - Christine Carter at TheMomCafe.com
  9. Aging with Grace - Denise Rourke at Refine Me
  10. 20 Things I have learned in 20 Years - Jess at Our Homestead for Him
  11. 18 Ways God rewards your Faith - Brooke over at Rivers of Water
  12. I was a guilty Mom - Mary @ Woman to Woman
  13. Please Know.... - Falen at Upward Not Inward
  14. Lessons from a thing called Grace - Brenda Yoder
  15. 11 Steps to a stronger, happier Marriage - Cheryl Smith of Homespun Devotions
  16. Turning the other cheek in your marriage - Tehila of Women Abiding 
  17. 12 Steps to a Balanced Life - Part 1 - Deb Wolf of Counting my Blessings
  18. As you Have Believed - By Maryleigh over at Blue Cotton Memory
  19. How to Keep Gossip off your Lips - By Amber at Blessed is She
  20. Satisfying an Empty Soul - by Karen at Switchbacks

  1. Biblical Minimalism - by Cheryl at Homespun Devotions
  2. Hopeless and Helpless, or Responsible? - by 1-Minute Bible Love Notes
  3. Why I no longer use a bible app! - by Aritha at Aritha Personal
  4. Stepping into His - by Stacy at Heartprints of God
  5. Look, Smell, and Test - by Aritha 


  1. Thank you for including me on this list, Tracy. I'm honored!

  2. I am honored to be on you list my friend :))


  3. Wow, Tracy! I just now saw that you had featured my post here. I am beyond humbled and so grateful to you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :) God bless you!



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