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This is a page dedicated to listing resources I am using, going to use, still currently use etc, to help me dig deeper into the Word of the Lord.  I hope that it is helpful to you and you too find that these resources lead to greater understanding of The Word....

For my birthday last year (2017) my daughters bought me "Unlocking the Bible" by David Pawson.

I have found this a lovely and concise book about each book in the bible.  I use it before I start a book of the bible as it gives an overview greater than what I find in my bible before each book and sometimes Mr Pawson adds quite a bit of history about the writer too, which I find very interesting.  However, it leaves me hungry for more.  Which, truly, is a good thing 😊

In my search for material to help me understand the scriptures more fully I found Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible.  

I first downloaded the PDF of this book, which is free online, and tested it out by looking up a few scriptures.  This has now led me to purchase the book and I await it with great anticipation

In my Ladies group, God's Girls, we have decided to dig deeper and we are starting with a study of James by Everett P Hill.  

We are very excited about this book as it appears that Mr Hill goes through each and every verse of the chapters of the book of James.  Such detail is bound to bring much understanding and knowledge that we are all ready to soak up.

I am using this devotional at the moment, "My utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers.  I absolutely love his no nonsense way of dealing with issues.  I am finding those fearless men of God who just say it like it is, so refreshing.

Another resource I am truly enjoying tapping into, for very much the same reason as Chambers above, is AW Tozer.  I recently bought this book which is a compilation of "The Pursuit of God", "The Purpose of Man", and "The Crucified Life".  Tozer also does not mince his words and I absolutely love that. 

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