A - Z Challenge 2015-2016

Herewith the list of my A - Z challenge for 2015(16).  Feel free to join me on the alphabetical adventure...

A - A is for Acceptance
B - B is for Bible
C - C is for Cross
D - D is for David
E - E is for Endurance
F - F is for Frustration to Fruit
G - G is for Gratitude
H - H is for HELP
I - I is for Intentions of your Heart
J - J is for Jealousy
K - K is for Kneel
L - L is for Live
M - M is for Mercy
N - N is for New
O - N is for Outlook
P - P is for Perspective
Q - Q is for Quality
R - R is for Reboot, Re-set, Ready!
S - S is for Sing and Speak!
T - T is for Time
U - U is for Undeserved
V - V is for Vindication
W - W is for Waves and Tsunamis
X - X is for X Marks the Spot!
Y - Y is for Yearning
Z- Z is for Zealot, Zeal or Zealous?

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  1. I LOVE this so much...it's just what I need right now! Thank you and God Bless. <3 Wendy Leigh Starks



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