Monday, 23 April 2018

Red Sea Shores - Now What?

So we are marching up to the Red Sea and what do we do?  We start looking for wood to build a boat!  How else is one to get to the other side?  Right?!  Right?!

Well, yes, in the natural!  But God does not want us to operate in the natural.  Today, we took a stand in faith.  We decided upon reaching the metaphorical shores of the Red Sea, not to try to build a boat to get to the other side.  But to put out our metaphorical rod of faith, and trust our great and mighty God to part the sea, so that we can safely get to the other side.

Now, God, who ACTUALLY parted the Red Sea, can part our metaphorical Sea with ease.  How can we doubt, that a God who created heaven and earth, parted the Red Sea, and the Jordan River, how can we doubt Him when we get to the shores of our Red Sea?

Maybe we feel we are on a journey not set out by God.  This might be so.  But God's word says that everything works out for the good of those who trust the Lord (Gal 8 vs 28).  Maybe we feel we are on these shores because of errors of judgement, foolhardiness, sin, not listening to God, etc.  That also may be so.  But God is gracious with us, and uses even our own mistakes for our good (Isaiah 30 vs 18).  Maybe we are here today because we feel chased by the enemy.  Well, so were the Israelites.  And God still parted the sea for them.  And, just by the way, drowned the enemy!  (Exodus 14 vs 23)

In my heart I feel God saying, "Just trust Me!  Don't try to figure it out!  Just trust Me!"  So, today, as we stand at the shores of the Red Sea, let us shout out our faith, raise our rod and trust God to part the Sea of whatever it is in our way, be it debt, heartache, indecision, drought of any kind... and wait and see what the Lord will do!

Now, most importantly, when God does part that metaphorical sea for you, because He will, remember to give Him ALL the glory and ALL the honour due His name.  He wants us to have the victory, but He wants and deserves all the glory. (2 Chron 20 vs 13 - 30)

God bless

My ABIDE scripture for this post is:

Exodus 14 v 16:  But lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it. And the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Cling to God, with everything in you!

This past weekend I felt the Lord tell me that I had hardened my heart towards Him in that I no longer had hope in His word.  Not that I don't believe the Lord is capable of all He says He will do, but I was feeling He won't do it for me.  The Lord reminded me to soften my heart and remember that His word is true and alive and He is not a man that He should lie, but He will do as He says He will do (Numbers 23 vs 19).

I wrote down all the scripture I had read of late that I felt I could hold onto in the circumstances we are experiencing and started reading them out aloud.  Reminding myself that God's word is true, its alive, its real, and He does as He says He will do.  I must remain hopeful, and faithful and trust Him and His word with everything that is in me.  

I wrote this down:  Your word says:
  • You will restore to us what the locust has eaten (Joel 2 vs 25) 
  • You will expose and destroy the liars and their lies (Prov 19 vs 5)
  • You will silence the lips of the liars (Ps 31 vs 18)
  • You will expose the lies and reveal the truth (Prov 19 v 9)
  • You will not let us who believe in You be put to shame (Ps 25 v 3)
  • If we tithe of our first fruits You will open the windows of heaven that we cannot contain the blessings (Mal 3 vs 10)
  • You will not let our foot slide ((Ps 121 vs 3)
  • You will protect us... (Ps 91 vs 14)

I was so encouraged!

Then, I woke up this morning!!!! 😉

I woke up trying to encourage myself with God's word.  I reminded myself that all the Lord says in His word is true and I can trust Him.  But you know that feeling of doubt, insecurity, that feeling of "will He do it for me?"   Well, those feelings were niggling in the back of my brain while I read my quiet time.  

Then, I read my devotional!  Oh.My.Goodness!  Does God not just read our minds and hearts so well?!

I am going to quote my devotional word for word and I hope it encourages you as it has me!  It is from the devotional by Angus Buchan, Called A Mustard Seed

 Genesis 32 vs 26(b) - "I will not let thee go, except thou bless me."
"JR Miller says that Jacob won the victory and the blessing not by wrestling with God but by clinging onto God, holding onto God in faith.  The Lord is too big and too strong for any man to try and wrestle Him.  He is God.  He is so big, so huge, that He said one Word and this universe came into being. There is no man that has ever lived who can wrestle with God and win.  Jacob's  hip was displaced but, as Miller says, he got the Lord around the neck, as it were, and he hung on.  The Lord was so impressed with his perseverance, that He said, "Your name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed" (vs28).

Christianity is not a case of a once-off experience.  Sometimes we need to hang on literally by the skin of our teeth until God comes through for us. And He will. He’s come through for me and He can come through for you. Sometimes you cry out, “Lord, where are You?” because the going is so tough.  maybe you feel like that this morning.  God says, “Cling onto Me and I’ll take you through.”

When my younger son Fergus was a small little boy, he had an obstruction in the bowel. The doctor said he was in a very serious state.  He was running a fever and needed to be operated on immediately. I was absolutely shattered.  My life came to a standstill.  I was busy harvesting maize at the time.  I was dirty, full of chaff and dust, and when I was called to the phone, I asked, "well, do I have time to have a shower?"  he said, "No, you don't.  Go to Pietermaritzburg immediately," (this was the nearest city) "and they will be waiting for you at the emergency entrance.  If the boy is not operated on immediately, he will die."  

I will never forget driving those forty kilometres with my son lying in the front seat. The doctor had put a drip into his arm and sedated him.  The little sachet was stuck to the windscreen of the car.  My wife and other children were weeping when I left them behind on the farm.  On that road I cried out to God. I wrestled with God. When wrestling no longer had any effect, I clung onto God.

I remembered just the week before at Bible Study we had been talking about Abraham and the incredible faith he had, that after a hundred years, God gave him his heart's desire, a little boy named Isaac.  When Isaac turned thirteen God said, "I want him back."  Abraham didn't hesitate.  At that moment a peace came over me and, in the Spirit, I gave my son back to God.  I just remained clinging onto Him.  

When we got to the hospital they examined my son. They were going to operate the next morning. I sat by his bed the whole night, totally at peace but clinging onto God. The next morning the doctor could not believe what had happened. The obstruction of the bowel had cleared itself.  There was nothing left on the x-ray.  He said, "You can take your son home."
Just cling onto God today. He won’t let you down."

Just cling to God!   In Faith!
Just cling to God!   In Faith!
Just cling to God!   In Faith!

If we trust God on His word, we need to just cling to Him as Jacob did, and God will honour our perseverance and our heart's desire, and He will work in our circumstances!

Just cling to God!

God bless

My ABIDE scripture today is:
Psalm 130 vs 5:  I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I do hope.


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