Friday, 4 August 2017

A Blogger Recognition Award!

Wow!  I am blown away by the goodness of the Lord.  I have not blogged nearly as much as I did when I first set out.  There was always so much to say, so much encouragement to offer, so much encouragement received.  I could not help but spend loads of time in this bloggy community of like-minded women.

Blogging has helped me focus on what is important.  Writing about what encouraged me in a situation often times encouraged me more than my intent, which was to encourage others.  To blog consistently about the Lord, His word, His hand in our lives, has helped my sanity as a Christian woman in the "big bad world" we live in.  

At the moment, I don't blog much, and not because I have nothing to say.  Its more that I don't know how to put in words what is going on in my heart and mind.  So, for me, maybe that is a sign that the timing is not right, and that maybe my goal to encourage and uplift, and focus people on the Lord may not come through.  

So, thank you Debra, from My Weakness His Strength for this awesome nomination.  It is a timeous reminder for me that the Lord wants me here.  It is a huge encouragement for me that although there are periods of quiet where words don't flow, He is in that too!

So, to the rules of the Nomination!  Here they are: 
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog 
  • Write a post to accept your award
  • Give a brief summary of how your blog began
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 15 of your own nominees for the award
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them then provide a link to the post you have created

Hmmm, a brief summary on how my blog began.... Well, I had been curious about a blog I saw my niece had and started looking into how she had done that.  I needed an outlet for the "emotional soup" inside 😆.  Then I googled "Christian Women Bloggers"  Wow!  What a community!  There are hordes of us out there!  Then slowly but surely I created my own blog.  My first "post" was in March 2011.  I chose a name, figured out by MUCH trial and error how to decorate it!  There were some doozie moments of weirdness from some of my errors lol!  My intention at first was to have a space to write what was in my heart through my quiet time, but the Christian women blogging community is so encouraging and so inclusive that I began to realize that part of who I am, who God created me to be, is an encourager, and what an amazing space to do that in.  

Two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  1. Ask questions... Don't be shy!  Ask away!  Its how I learnt and I, in turn, have been asked lots of questions.  I must have rattled lots of cages trying to figure out how to connect something to my blog, how to add a button, how to CREATE a button, how to get a certain background, how to connect to a bloghop, etc!  I found that every single blogger I communicated with, helped me.  And its a great way to connect with like-minded people. 
  2. Remember that it is YOUR blog, YOUR voice!  Say what you feel the Lord wants you to say, but always run what you say through the filter of the Word.  And read over your stuff!  I am sure I have blushed many times rereading an already posted blog post and seeing HUGE glaring spelling mistakes 👀😋.

Now, to nominate 15 bloggers:
  1. Maryleigh, from Blue Cotton Memory writes beautiful words of upliftment and encouragement.  Her posts, her pictures, are always a blessing to me.
  2. Stacy, from She Stands ALWAYS seems to be emotionally and spiritually connecting with me through her words.  She blesses me BIG!
  3. Chelle, from Until we see Jesus...Face to Face always digs deeper into the word and encourages with the grace and mercy she finds in Jesus
  4. Joan, from The Beauty in His Grip always encouraging with her words
  5. Dawn, from Enthusiastically, Dawn ALWAYS has a smile on her face.  She is enthusiastic!  And that is a great encouragement!
  6. Laura, from Journey in Faith another great encourager who is an overcomer.
  7. Eileen, from The Scenic Route is a wordsworth whose words bring a smile, a laugh and much encouragement.
  8. Lisa, from Lisa Buffaloe was one of the first bloggers to ever communicate with me.  What an inspiration she is. Great blog and a true overcomer in Christ.  
  9. Barbie, from Embracing Every Day, great lifestyle blog that encourages and uplifts
  10. Marja, from Fresh Insights On Ancient Truths, she is a very level-headed practical God-fearing, writing blogger who always encourages and points to the truth
  11. Jerri, from Undaunted is a no nonsense overcomer in Christ who inspires and encourages with her words.  
  12. Cheryl, from Homespun Devotions, Cheryl, without fail, has an encouraging word, and the Love of Jesus just shines through.
  13. Lori, from Hungry for God always has a practical slant in her words as to how we are to thrive as children of God.
  14. Deby, from Gods4ever also inspires and encourages with her practical down to earth posts.
  15. Anita, from A day in the life of- encourages us blogging about her walk with the Lord in her day to day life

I must say that I found this exercise very difficult but also very inspiring.  I have not spent much time reading the blog posts of others of late so I really had to go search some of my favourites out.  However, doing so reminded me of what a blessing it is to read all their posts and be encouraged and blessed by them.  I hope you are encouraged by them too.

1 Thes 5 v 11:  Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

God bless


  1. Hi Tracy, thank you for this post. I believe it has happened to every blogger... not writing, not feeling like writing, not finding time to write. Well, you know it. I have always enjoyed your blog post. Don't worry, there is a time for everything.
    PS: thanks for nominating my blog as well. I appreciate it.

  2. Oh, dear friend! I cannot thank you enough for your precious, kind words, and I am most humbled by your nomination! While I have so much going on and am quite overwhelmed at the moment and don't feel that I can follow through on doing all that is required to pass this on to the requested steps/level, I am MOST grateful to you for the kindness you have extended to me through such a gesture. The honor is not lost to me, and I hope you will understand if I cannot complete the process. I highly respect your blog and so appreciate you and the encouragement you have been to me. Please know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I trust God will reward and bless you abundantly for including me in your list of blog nominees and for the friend you are to me!

  3. Hi Tracy! Thank you for the honor of this award and for your kind words! It's been years now we've known each other online, and I've so appreciated your prayers and encouragement! We should plan another prayer week before the end of the year!

  4. Thank you. I am surprised and honored you have nominated my blog. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you again. I love how our ABBA uses His family to lift up and encourage each other as we journey through this world towards Home. Growing His family - one word at a time!!! God so blesses.

  5. WOW!! Thank you so much Tracy!! I am blessed and honored you have chosen me!! You never fail to love me, support me and encourage me big!! I am so glad the Lord connected us over the years!! XOXOXO

  6. Thanks so much, Tracy, for listing me and Hungry for God among your 15. May God be glorified and many be drawn to him through our simple words.



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