Wednesday, 5 October 2016

There are many ways to serve...

Lately, I have really gotten into crochet.  I would never have pictured myself being so wrapped up in it (pardon the pun) but I cannot wait to get to my wool after doing what needs to be done in the day.

Recently I started a granny blanket for my own bed.  I chose good quality wool and colours that I really love.  I decided I was going to take my time with it so that it would be "that blanket", the one you pass down sort of thing (even if that never happens....), something special....

I have enjoyed putting it together so much.  I have a ways to go yet, but loving every stitch,  and of course I post it all over facebook and instagram, like one of those women with grey hair, yes you know the ones I mean.... I am becoming one of "them"  lol!

Then the other morning a friend contacted me  and asked if I would make a baby blanket for her newly pregnant daughter.  Now, ordinarily, I would um and ahh, and make excuses but for some reason I am really excited about doing this blanket.  I put the heirloom in progress to one side, rushed off to the wool shop, chose my colours according to my friend's request, and began project Nunu!

Once home I looked at the name of the colours!  My friend requested grey, white and taupe!  My first question, "what is taupe?"  Come on, some of you asked as well!!!!  When I sat down to begin, the brand's name for their colours was silver, platinum, gold, and for white, lily!  Did you also just get goosebumps?  It sounds so royal!  I let my friend know and she felt it too!  Felt the "prophetic" in it!  We decided that as I crochet this blanket, I am going to be praying for this new bundle of joy and he or she is going to be a royal in the kingdom!

Now, why did this get to me so much?  When my babies were, well, babies, there was a little old lady in the church who knitted little pink panthers for each newborn in the church.  It made me feel so special and I decided that one day, I was going to bless parents like this in some creative way.  I think I have found a potential niche!  I'm sure it will change and adapt, depending on the parents wants and how I feel.  When I give this blanket to these new parents, (it is a gift from the granny-to-be) I will make sure I add scriptures that come to mind as I worked on it.  I want to remind them of the blessing this baby is going to be, etc!  Yes, I see this as another way to serve....

Added a little someone extra :)

Gal 5 v 13:  For you, my brothers, were called to freedom; only do not let your freedom become an opportunity for the sinful nature (worldliness, selfishness), but through love serve and seek the best for one another.
Colossians 3:23-24 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.

In what way has the Lord gifted you?  The ability to encourage?  To write?  Wisdom?  Service in church?  Cook?  Bake?  Accounting skills?  In what way are you gifted?  Know that the Lord gifted you in this way so that you can be part of building up the body, and winning souls for Christ!  Even if its just by crocheting, reading, writing, making tea, being available, etc, He gave you this ability for His service!  Go for it!  In faith, use your knowledge, skills, talents and gifts for His service!  He will bless you out of your socks.

God bless


  1. Love Love Love this!!! How beautiful to serve in such a way as this!!! Has me thinking on new ways I too can serve!!
    Bless you my precious friend!!

  2. Loved this post and the names of the wool very special.
    I knit blankets but wish I could crochet too.
    How wonderful that we can use our gifts/talents in the Kingdom :)

  3. It was a LONG time ago, but a lady in our church crocheted a blue and white crib blanket for our son. It was a blanket I loved to wrap around him when we traveled anywhere in the car. I know your friends will love your labor of love and the blank you create for her grand child. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  4. A friend did that for me for our first one. It took us 12 years and 6 miscarriages to finally have a was not the one she picked as, "her blanket" but she played with it when she got to doll stage. She did picked a home made one too as her blanket. At about six she decided to give it to the garbage man, why I don't know but I said ok. Of course I cut a small piece off of it to keep. Sad to say with all the moving we have done I lost it, that made me sad. I just thought as I read your post, you thought learning to crochet was for you but God intended it for others. Your post blessed me.

  5. Oh my goodness! You are talented, my friend!! When I was in college, a bunch of my friends learned how to crochet. Me? I had a boyfriend and was preoccupied. To this day, I regret that I didn't take the time to learn along with them! It's never too late?! You have inspired me...

    But, even if I don't learn a craft, God has called me to share the *gifts* that He has given me.




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