Wednesday, 16 March 2016

X - Marks the Spot!

Seriously, X is not an easy letter to create a post around.  What it brought to mind though, was a map, with an X on it, for X marks the spot!

I started to think about X in terms of my life.  What am I searching for?  Maybe.  What is my problem?  Hmmm, could be... That one seemed to resonate with me.  I am sure I am not alone in having "a problem"  or for that matter, many "problems".  What I am really talking about here is that thorn in the flesh thing.  That thing you know bugs you, follows you, is there when you wake up, is there when you go to sleep.  And ladies, just in-case you're wondering, I am not referring to my hubby lol!

I am talking of that bug-bear that just will not resolve itself.  For some it might be insecurity, or rejection.  Maybe food issues, diet issues!  Maybe a relationship that JUST WON'T HEAL!  It could be any number of things.

I am at that point in my life where I know what my X is. Keep in mind this has been a "thorn in my flesh" since I was 15 - many many (too) many years ago.  Now I want to know how to resolve it.  Right now I am in a bible study group that is working through a Beth Moore bible study called Daniel.  It is so not what I expected and this study is working in my heart in ways I never thought it would.  The thing that really hit me in the gut is that I have been choosing to "try" fix X with worldly solutions.  Where this bible study is showing that we need to seek the Lord in all things, and live in, and not be part of, a fallen world.  Worldly solutions make promises that tend to be empty.  They are temporary and at the end of the day they fail, because they are not rooted in God.

Back to my map.  I have found where on the map my X is.  And at that point there is a treasure chest full of treasure!  What now?

What is some of that treasure?  Firstly, the treasure chest is the Word!  And the treasure in there is so precious and so valuable and very relevant to us today.  Some of the nuggets of gold I have discovered this week are that Daniel RESOLVED to stand firm.  He RESOLVED to be a child of God in an environment that was not friendly to God.  He was DETERMINED, RESOLUTE, CONSISTENT, and INTENTIONAL! (Daniel 1)

So now it is my goal to use these precious treasures given to me through God's word, to come to a place of giving that "thorn in the flesh" over to the Lord.  I want to replace my usual methods of "fixing" things with God's way of doing things.  I know this.  My struggle is how do I apply what I know.  Well, based on the treasures I have discovered this week, I know to do the following:  I can resolve to stick to God's word and seek out His way.  I can be consistent in seeking His word, intentional in seeking His word, and determined to seek His word.

I have learnt that seeking the Lord and praising Him opens and closes doors along your path which guides you along the changes in your circumstances.  It is often in looking back you see where His treasure took you and how far away that "X" looks from where you started out trusting Him with it.

I feel all the above has come out of my head quite jumbled but I hope you see my heart and know that my encouragement to you today is to delve into the treasure that is God's word.  You don't need a map with an X on it to find His treasure.  Sometimes though God gives you an X (a problem, an issue) so you naturally seek where on the map it is, to help you find His treasure!

Matt 6 v 21:  For where your treasure is, there your heart [your wishes, your desires; that on which your life centers] will be also.  {did you see that?  That on which your life centres?  It could be that very bug-bear that brings you to God's treasure, or.... keeps you there}

God bless


  1. Great post, neighbor. So much to ponder upon. Thanks! Blessings upon blessings!

  2. Such great truth and encouragement. You know through many of our chats the "X" in my life!! Thank you so much for this post and helping me toss out my map!! Xoxox

  3. X marks the spot and sometimes it hurts. I loved your post. Thank you for sharing your inspiring post with us here at Tell me a Story.

  4. Great post, Tracy! I apologize for contacting you this way, but I couldn't find any other way on your blog to contact you. Due to the recent changes in Google, I can no longer receive any emails from the "", which is where your blog emails are generated from (for those who are subscribed via email). I miss getting your posts in my inbox, and I was wondering if you had ever considered using your email address as the return address or using another means of sending them out (such as mailchimp)? If I am no longer getting them, I am wondering if your other subscribers may not be getting them either? Just wanted to bring it to your attention, as I surely miss your posts. It is hard to find time to actually visit all of the blogs I am subscribed to, and it is so much easier to just get them in our inbox! God bless you, Tracy.

  5. well, that is a very creative way of using X :) I love it. I used X in my (Dutch) blog alphabet for cross....

  6. Just loved this one! And it also occurred to me that an "X" looks a bit like a cross - and we KNOW the treasure found there!!




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