Monday, 26 October 2015

I - Intentions of your Heart

Often times people do or say things and we make assumptions as to why they have said or done what they have.  I suppose sometimes we will be right and sometimes (probably most times) we will be way off base.

It is only God who knows the true intentions of our hearts.  He knows what motivates us to do whatever it is we do.  I believe it is sometimes hard for us to figure out what our own intentions are.  We can think or believe we did or A or B because so-and-so hurt us, or we reacted in this fashion because we determine it to be righteous anger.  Maybe we can convince ourselves of our intentions or justify our behaviour but I think we truly are not very objective where our own hearts are concerned.

It is for this reason, I believe, David says for us to examine our own hearts:
  • Psalm 26 v 2:  Examine me, O Lord, and try me;  Test my heart and my mind.
  • Psalm 139 v 23-24:  (23) Search me [thoroughly], O God, and know my heart;  Test me and know my anxious thoughts; (24) And see if there is any wicked or hurtful way in me, and lead me in the everlasting way.
  • 1 Corinth 11 v 31:  But if we evaluated and judged ourselves honestly [recognizing our shortcomings and correcting our behaviour], we would not be judged.

Even if we do not search out the intentions of our hearts honestly, God will.  Just because we can fool ourselves, we will not be able to fool God.  Being real with yourself about your intentions is humbling because I think much of what we do (I know this to be true of me) is reactive and not necessarily for right reasons.  My concern is primarily for my hurt feelings where I should be mature enough as a Christian for my concern to be for the other person and to consider, with grace and mercy, why that person is saying or doing what they are.

I think the solution is to ask the Lord daily to reveal the intentions of our hearts, so that we learn to not be fooled or ruled by our emotions.  The ideal situation is to examine one's heart before opening one's mouth.... (my goal indeed).

So, friends, let us like David, spend some reflective time examining our hearts' true intentions and walk more freely knowing we have placed heart health over emotional reactiveness.

God bless

#wisdom  - What is the Lord teaching me here about wisdom?

I believe the Lord is showing me to dig a little deeper and figure out why I want to react in a certain way.  Is the reason genuine?  Or am I being fooled and ruled by my emotions?  it is always wisest to be honest with oneself about our heart's intentions because God is not fooled.


  1. This is right on the mark for me this morning!! what an HUGE eye opener for me!! Great post Tracy. I am learning through my own brokenness, it is my own heart I need to examine. ( Lets chat soon)

    1. Hi Stacey, its painful sometimes to have to look at oneself, especially if what you feel in your heart has a lot to do with how someone treated us. But God's ways are not our ways, His ways are better, so, its best to examine our hearts and let Him deal with those who have hurt us.
      God bless

  2. Scripture teaches that the heart is a most deceitful thing - that we cannot even fully know it ourselves. So yes, may the Lord lead us to seek His wisdom as we deal with life. May His intentions become ours.


    1. Hi Sharon, yes I agree, seeking out God's ways and striving to make them our own is the only way
      God bless

  3. How true this is! It is so hard to remember there are feelings on the other end, and we have no idea what the other person may be going through. Thank you for this gentle reminder, dear Tracy! God bless you, my friend. :)



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