Saturday, 3 October 2015

G - Gratitude

I have found in my life that when I get to an emotional crossroads, I'm either going to crack, like a dropped egg!!!!  Or, I need to do something to turn the tide of negativity and potential depression.  Its in these times that I have learnt to just start counting my blessings, one by one...

I get a pen and paper, cup of tea (of course) and I start listing the things I am grateful for.  It depends on how long I have let the emotional seesaw go, on how long the list takes.  Sometimes its all I can do to find 3 or 4, but soon your mind bends round to thankfulness and the list grows.  Slowly at first...

I find the next morning, tea in hand, I already have a few things to add to the list before I sit down, and the next morning, more....  And so my mind starts to operate more in gratitude than in negativity.

Now it may seem like a very simple and wasteful activity.  But I have truly found that I start to react more positively in the day.  People don't wind me up as much, my patience peeps out from under all that reactive behaviour and I look for opportunities to encourage others.  Flowers look brighter, sky-art catches my eye, and I start to look outward instead of inward.

Psalm 118v24:  This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.  

Psalm 136v1:  Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, and His steadfast love lasts forever.

What a great tool the Lord has given us to keep our minds and our hearts from being fractured by all that life can throw at us.

My encouragement to you today is no matter how you feel when you wake up, try to find something to be grateful for, then find another, and soon you start to see things more positively and you are able to encourage someone else who isn't able to yet.

God bless

#wisdom  - What is the Lord teaching me here about wisdom?

I believe the Lord is showing me that gratitude is a tool He has given us to cope with our day to day lives.  Gratitude changes our minds from negative to positive and we become someone the Lord can use to help someone else.


  1. Yes, we have SO much to praise Him for...even in the midst of the trials of life that can seem so heavy to bear! Thank you for this reminder, Tracy! God bless you for sharing what He has placed upon your heart!

  2. I'm so not a natural at gratitude. But, the more I read, the more I hear, I know that it is the beginning of a change of heart...


  3. I tend to thank Him for my blessings daily however here lately I have not been very grateful.....~sigh~ Once again a soft kick to the pants has me re thinking and of course becoming grateful!! Thank you my friend for such a great post!



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