Thursday, 19 February 2015

Such Encouragement!

So I'm feeling low and not amused and I read this in my quiet time....

(From God Calling by the Two Listeners)

If Man Oppose

Only believe. The walls of Jericho fell down. Was it axes or human implements that brought them down? Rather the Songs of Praise of the people and My Thought carried out in action.

All walls shall fall before you, too. There is no earth-power. It falls like a house of paper, at My miracle-working touch. Your faith and My power -- the only to essentials. Nothing else is needed.
So, if Man's petty opposition still holds good it is only because I choose to let it stand between you and what would be a mistake for you. If not -- a word -- a thought -- from Me, and it is gone. The hearts of Kings are in My rule and governance. All men can be moved at My wish.
Rest in this certainty. Rely on Me.

"Be not afraid, only believe." Mark 5:36

What caught your eye here? For me it was the phrase: "Rather, the Songs of Praise of the people..." Oh how the Lord gets one attention and lets you know what it is He wants, that will help you get where you want to go, or be who you want to be, or feel how you want to feel.

I am overwhelmed by the Lord's goodness and mercy. I am learning slowly that the Lord is not "the go-to person" in my life who will change things my way! No! Rather, He is the one whom I must praise and honour and trust, and without trying to change a thing myself, He moves on my behalf.

Its a hard thing to imagine! Its a hard thing to understand! Because we complicate things and need a process, and a direction, and a plan! But God doesn't work like that! HE WANTS YOU, and when you submit and surrender, HE MOVES in a way that is EXACTLY what you need in your moment, in your circumstance! Its simple! Its complete surrender and trust! Is it easy? No! Why? Because of us!

My encouragement for you today is to take that leap of faith, praise Him, and let Him work in your life. Just praise, just trust! Not trust He will fix something! No, just decide to trust Him as a decision, and move on. And suddenly.... yes, you will be walking, talking, resting, doing.... and suddenly, you will realize, something has changed. The Lord has wrought in you, or your circumstance a change...

God bless

With each post I do this year I am going to end off with #wisdom. This will be where I try to understand the wisdom of what the Lord is teaching here.

#wisdom What is the Lord teaching me here about wisdom?

I think the Lord is showing me that no matter how things look, no matter how much I want to "fix" or change something, all He requires of me is to praise Him and trust Him. I think the wisdom here is to realize the simplicity of this act! The wisdom is to realize that it is I who complicate matters. The wisdom is to be like a child and trust God at His word, we have it in the form of the Bible, and relax in faith knowing that God is working things out for the good of those who love and trust Him.


  1. Yes! Praise Him and trust Him! Thanks for your post, Tracy. Have a blessed evening.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing what God laid upon your heart, Tracy. So often what He puts there is what I, too, need to hear! Thank you for reminding me to praise, even when I do not see anything happening, and the walls are still standing firm. And to trust....oh, so often our sweet boy comes to me and says, "Mama, you just have to trust." Then he shares the acronym God gave him about trust. T.o R.ely U.pon S.trong T.ruth. YES, Lord, help me to trust! Sometimes strong truth is ALL we have to rely upon!

  3. Those words are for me too. Just trust and praise God. His love covers all:)

  4. Those words are for me too. Just trust and praise God. His love covers all:)

  5. Much needed!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  6. Oh, timely words for me!! I all too often want God to *fix* things in my life. And then, I have to stop myself and remember that trusting Him and His goodness is the only *fix* I need!




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