Monday, 1 December 2014

December JOY Boghop - Reflecting Back on JOY!

I can't say that I went out of my way to seek verses on JOY but I can say that I wondered about JOY or my lack of it, and I tried to understand it more and find it.

This is what I have figured out about JOY as it relates to me:
  • JOY is not happiness
  • JOY is about being in God's will
  • JOY is confidence in the Lord despite what circumstances look like
  • JOY is knowing that God's word is true
  • JOY is that feeling you get when you just know God is in control no matter how things look
  • JOY is that wonderful "INHALE" and "EXHALE" moment you get when you settle down for a quiet time and just know you are at the Father's feet.
  • JOY is knowing that something you have, or don't have, is a gift from the Lord
  • JOY is God's presence, protection, strength, mercy and grace in your life
  • JOY comes in that moment you realize God's forgiveness is real
  • JOY is that moment when you understand God's grace and mercy are for you and new EVERY morning!
  • JOY is watching your children grow in the Lord
  • JOY is realizing that every day is a gift from the Lord
  • JOY is not shallow, but comes from deep within your heart as you rely more and more on the Lord
  • JOY is not fleeting.  As your relationship with the Lord grows you realize that even in tough stuff, one can have JOY.  
  • JOY comes when you leave stuff at the foot of the cross and know God has got this!
  • JOY is evident in those close to the Lord
  • JOY is present when you witness to someone about the Lord, and you see its been heard
  • JOY can be found in realizing the power of God, when watching a storm, admiring a mountain range, seeing waves break on boulders with thunderous crashes

I do believe people can practice JOY.  I think what I have realized this year when I have found scripture about JOY, in moments of silence or reflection I can sense there is JOY in me.  I think I have realized that to still all that is going on in my life, for even a moment, makes my heart be able to recognize that there is JOY inside of me.  And its in recognizing this JOY inside me that I am able to let it grow.  How?  But thanking the Lord for it, by reading more of His word, by trusting the Lord in His word and in my circumstances.

Yes, I have JOY!  JOY that comes from the Lord!  JOY that one can only know by being in the Lord.  JOY is not a pat on the back from the Lord for something good you've done, but its a manifestation of God in your heart, a heart that believes in Him, a heart that is broken and human and far from perfect.  A heart made whole by His presence!

Yes, JOY is a direct result of knowing WHO God is and believing in Him.

1 Peter 1 v 8:  Without having seen Him, you love Him;  though you do not [even] now see Him, you believe in Him and exult and thrill with inexpressible and glorious (triumphant, heavenly) JOY.

Instead of a blog hop for a few days every week I am opening this post for the month of December for anyone to link up!

 Lets call this the DECEMBER JOY Bloghop! 


its open NOW!

Please feel free to link any God honouring post, one or more, preferably about JOY but any post that gives God the glory is JOYous isn't it?



  1. This past year, JOY was also my word. And, like you, I have learned much about what that word means for the believer. It certainly means more than happiness, as I have had the most difficult year I've had in a very long time, perhaps ever. I've wrestled with the word, wrangled with the concept - but in the end, I have learned, as you have, that it is the lifeblood that flows through those who know Him and love Him.


    1. Hi Sharon, its God's grace and a huge gift when we can keep joy bubbling forth in the tough stuff. Still trying to get there :)
      God bless friend and I hope the year ahead is a more peaceful one for you and your family.

  2. Yes!
    So glad you wrote about joy as I need these reminders today.
    Are you shocked that I am doing a blog hop this week? I am. I had to cut them out of my schedule, but I do miss touching base with my friends like you more often.
    Bless you, Tracy!

    1. Hi Gail, I haven't done any bloghops in ages. I think I'm going to stop mine and go visit everyone else's for a season ;)
      God bless

  3. Joy is one of my favorite topics to write about and Paul's Letter of Joy is one of my favorite books of the Bible. Thanks for hosting.

    1. HI Jenny, I have always considered myself an optimist, but the last few years burnt me out a bit and seeking Joy has been a blessed experience for me. Glad you visited
      God bless

  4. I love your great reminder about joy! Especially this, "JOY is not a pat on the back from the Lord for something good you've done, but its a manifestation of God in your heart, a heart that believes in Him, a heart that is broken and human and far from perfect. A heart made whole by His presence!" Have a JOYOUS week!

    1. Hi Donna, yes, joy is God in our hearts :) You have a joyous weekend too
      God bless

  5. So many favorites here in your list, Tracy. But this one stands out the most: "JOY is God's presence, protection, strength, mercy and grace in your life." Amen!

    1. HI Lisa, I am learning to see all those great blessings and gifts in the light of joy. The having of all that, in Christ, brings great joy :)
      God bless

  6. Beautiful descriptions of Joy here! Merry Christmas Tracy!



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