Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Winsome Wednesday - Stubborn Mind!

For the last few years, stuff that I was really true to in my mind started to change.  Slowly, insidiously, my belief patterns about certain things.....were starting to change.  Now, I have to say that mentally, and physically I denied these thoughts.  I was telling myself that A is what I believe and stand by and not B!  But B kept forming in my mind and becoming bigger.

Sigh... It is very important to realize the devil is a master at mind games, and I, like many others, am not.  I'm not the type of person who can manipulate others by emotionally and mentally bending them.  No, I'm more outright and in your face.  Not always the better option, but certainly the most honest, for me any way.

But in all this I did keep up my quiet times.  I have trusted the Lord and tried to walk the way He wants me to walk.  I will say too, I have failed miserably in many ways but I have not turned my back on my faith.  Its been a tough few years, yes, but I tell myself, "imagine these last few years WITHOUT the Lord!"  Horrifying I tell you.

But this mental war, that's been building.... finally came to a conclusion this week.  I have been reading Psalms.  Kind of like I have to.  I carry on doing what I suppose I should be doing... and then this week, at least 7 times...yes, that's right!  At least 7 times, in different places, this scripture popped up....
Psalm 51 v 10:  Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right, persevering, and steadfast spirit within me.

Well, eventually I started saying to myself, oh, there it is again.  Then I would see it again, and I started pausing and reading it properly.  Really reading it.  Oh my word!  Yes, that is exactly what I need.  I knew my thinking was skewed, but I was starting to not care.  Maybe even justify it a little.  And WAM!!!!!  God's word hit me between the eyes!  Yes, Lord, create in me a clean heart!  O yes Lord, renew my heart, my thinking to Your way of thinking.  Let it be a steadfast thinking, let it be a persevering thinking, a spirit of You within me!  Yes Lord, a clean heart!

Firstly, I felt like the Lord had confirmed what I knew to be true!  "You're thinking wrong Tracy" and secondly I felt relief, because the Lord cares enough about me getting my thinking straight so instead of punishing me for it, He made sure I found the answer, even if it was more that the answer found me!

It must be said that this train of thought has been growing steadily for a couple of years so it was not an overnight thing.  So be encouraged if your answer still evades you, it is out there, and the Lord will let it be found by you.  Having said that, when the answer presented itself, and hit me in the face, immediately that thought pattern straightened itself out.  Yes, I am dousing that particular thought pattern with the Love of the Lord and His word.  Replacing it with His truth.  I suppose that although I knew it to be skew, I did not want to acknowledge the offness of it because truly, I wanted to think like that.  No more!  Its not worth it to be anywhere but where God wants you to be, even in your thinking.

God bless


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  1. Hello Tracy, I loved this post so much, because I believe I had a very similar thing happen to me this last year! Your statement that said how He cared so much about getting your mind to think the right way. And to realize He was not mad at you! Please come visit me soon...
    We are teachable!! Blessings, Roxy

  2. Thank you for hosting. It is so easy for me to fall back into some negative thinking habits. I have to stay in the Word to keep me focus on retraining my mind to think like Christ and not the world.

  3. When he meets us over and over with His Word, we are experiencing Grace renewed. The Psalms are my Rx for those days when grace feels far away, when life is less than gently pulling me under. His Word is the medicine for my soul. And that psalm, yep, that is a song we need to be singing daily.

  4. I love how the Lord continues to chase us around back to the truth, even when we start to head another direction. He won't give up. Thanks for sharing this story, Tracy.

  5. Tracy, this was so great! I love how the Lord is so persistent. I think He has had to use His Word like a two-by-four with me sometimes! I have some skewed thinking that I know He wants to change. But I am also resistant. I'm praying for Him to make me aware of faulty thinking, open with a willing heart to change, and then the power to "re-steer" my heart and thoughts.

    It's worth it, huh?!


  6. I love how God will open our minds, correct our thinking by be being persistent! It is so easy to go along thinking a certain way and ignoring the truth. And then one day *bam*! It all becomes clear! Revelation... I pray that each day the Lord straightens out anything in my mind that needs to be. I'm looking to Him!



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