Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Winsome Wednesday - The Highs and Lows

I've had a rough few weeks.  So many highs and a good many lows, emotionally.  I understand why they say moving is close to the top of the stress list!  Today my fur babies came home after being away for nearly a month as we waited for the house sale to go through.  I had to re-home two of my fur family because I am only allowed 4 dogs and I had 6!  I've had a random stranger judge me for that, and that just adds to the lows!  But on the other hand, I have had a special friend and another stranger reach out with grace and kindness, and well, that kind of softens the heart.....adding to the highs!

Anyway, I decided to have a proper quiet time this morning and read this scripture:
Psalm 143 v 11:  Save my life, O Lord, for Your name's sake; in Your righteousness, bring my life out of trouble and free me from distress.

Immediately the thought came to replace "life" with whatever it is that is troubling you.  For example:
"Save my house, O lord,..." or "Save my marriage, O Lord,..." or "Save my child, O Lord,..." yes Lord, for Your name's sake...."

God will save our lives, our children, our marriages, our hopes, our dreams.  But not necessarily because we WANT Him to!  But He does it for His name's sake.  He rescued Israel, for His name's sake many times.  And just btw, He will do it again.  Just putting that out there :)

And as I continued into my quiet time I was led to Psalm 16 v 11:  You will show me the path of life;  in Your presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.

Doesn't that almost answer the previous Psalm?
  • Lord save my life..... You will show me the path
  • For Your name's sake .... In Your presence is fullness of joy
Oh Lord how great thou art!  

So, when we seek Him, He will be found.  When we read His word, He does guide us.  Yes, I know and have experienced what seemed to be silence, but its just a matter of waiting on the Lord for His timing.  

My encouragement to you is no matter what you're going through, a high, a low, He is there.

God bless


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  1. Thank-you for sharing this today! I'm going to pray Psalm 143:11 for a loved one who needs the Lord and has been on my mind lately.

    1. Hi Cathy, it is a great scripture. It kind of punched me between the eyes! And to use it to pray for others is a good and powerful thing. :)
      God bless

  2. The Psalms are always always my goto in those days when I am feeling the reality of the weight that presses down. Great verses to contemplate in both thought and prayer.

  3. Thanks for hosting. I'm off to meet some new to me bloggers!

  4. We so need to remember that He is always there with us. We can so easily forget that some days. Blessings!

  5. Once again He uses you to speak right to my heart!!! I am in a "hush and wait" season. Waiting for Him to manifest the promise to me :) Great post my sweet friend!!!!

  6. I love how you substituted for "life". I'm doing the same now. The Lord is so good to us! Thanks, Tracy. Hope you continue to get settled in well and have a great reunion with your fur babies.

  7. I'm so sorry you had to give away two of your fur babies. It's frustrating when people don't really see who we are inside. I've been thinking about those highs and lows lately. Dr Dobson said in a book I read years ago that for every high there is an equal low - how I wish that weren't so. Praying with you that God would bring us both out of trouble and that He free us from Distress!



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