Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Winsome Wednesday - Breathe in, Breathe out!

As we get closer to moving the stress builds doesn't it?  Its not only the packing and organizing, and planning.  No, that's just the back drop to the tough stuff.  Its now that one gets challenged with big stuff because its hard to focus, hard to take the time to approach things properly, with the right amount of prayer, the right amount of bible searching.  Its by the seat of your pants and often times that causes new problems.  For me anyway.

I always thought I was good with words and I have come to realize that on paper, in type, that is sort of true.  But straight out of my mouth, in the heat of the moment, even if I've thought about what I need to say, even when I try to say the right things in the right way.... Nope, it all just seems to be mis-interpreted!

So, today, in the midst of packing, in the midst of dealing with tough stuff along the way, I am going to take the time to inhale..... and exhale..... and spend time in the word, just because.....

Part of the reward of doing that is in focusing on the Lord, on the word, we are "...seeking first the kingdom of God.... and all His righteousness"..... and?  The result of this is that He "...adds all the rest to you...!"

You cannot go wrong if you decide in the midst of life (daily if possible) - (hourly if necessary) - to focus on God.  His word says that when you do, He makes straight your paths.

Matt 6 v 33: But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.

I am trusting for that right now, for me and for you.  God is good all the time!

God bless


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  1. Thought you might need this post today: - Praying for you Tracy - you and yours - glad to be an Aaron or Hur to your Moses!

  2. As having just moved myself, I can relate all too well to this. We are still in transition and looking at one more move in the near future. It's very stressful. Finding that time before the day starts and the stress takes hold to be quiet with God is the only way I've survived. Good luck on your move!

  3. Wow, good luck on your move. Great inspiration. We need to take time no matter how hectic life gets. God is too important. Connecting to Him is the same as breathing. Thanks for sharing this post of encouragement. I enjoy joining your hop too each week. ;)

  4. Having moved two years ago, after 29 years of (pack-ratting) fun in the same house, I get this! Yes, moving is very stressful. Praying for you in the midst of this. For physical strength for the packing, etc. But also for all of the emotional stuff that comes with re-locating.


  5. Hello Tracy, I understand that moving really is a hard thing to do. We moved across the country one time and I still recall some very hard days. But we all lived through it! I will pray for you tonight! Thinking of you!
    Thanks for being honest and real!
    Love, Roxy

  6. The stress moments always are testing grounds for my ability to let God be God in my words and actions. So often I fail and have to retrace steps in repentance. I am so thankful for grace. Praying you will find more and more grace as you continue the tasks ahead.



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