Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Winsome Wednesday - Trust God anyway...

  • Is your enemy prospering?  Does it look like all is sunshine and roses on their side of the fence?  Trust God anyway.
  • Is your enemy laughing?  Having fun?  Seems to not be affected by all that has gone by?  Praise the Lord anyway.
  • Remember too that although the grass seems to look green and healthy on that side, all is not always as it seems.  However, even if all is all wonderful, balloons, rainbows and harps over on that side, Trust God anyway.

His word says He is your defense! (Psalm 94 v 22)
His word says He sees what your enemy has done! (Romans 12 v 19)
His word says He will vindicate you and protect you! (Psalm 37 v 6)

Focus on God and His word, rather than what is going on over there.


Trust God anyway.... He is in control after all!

I hope I have encouraged you to look up and not around at the grass of others.  Remember, all is not always as it seems, and over there, on that side of the fence, they might even desperately need your prayers.

God bless


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  1. Tracy, you have indeed. Praying for you too; we all do need some prayer.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement - your prayers, too! It is a blessing to have friends who lift you up when you're down - so glad we are those kind of friends!

  3. Another perfectly timed post. For the edification of us. I appreciate it. A very wise friend said to me recently after I shared a struggle with some 'difficult' people - she told me that my enemy - satan (I don't bother to capitalize his name - his name is not a proper noun!) - wants to distract me from what God is doing and wants to do through me, which really is delivering the message of hope to many broken women. My enemy wants nothing more than to stop me from sharing my message and how God has redeemed and restored me. And this 'circumstance' certainly was a distraction...until my friend exposed it for what it was! And your post was a reminder of this truth! Keep stepping out in faith and boldness!! I LOVE it!

    1. BTW - my link up blog post is #30 - thank you so much for giving us bloggers an opportunity to share what God has been teaching us!

  4. Thank you for hosting. I found some good content here. Just met the Barn Princess #43. If you don't know which one to read, head over and meet her too. I recommend this post.
    Blessings All

  5. Thank you for the reminder that God is in control!!

  6. Yup, great message! We tend to forget that when we look at the greener grass in other peoples' lives, we don't often see their weeds!!

    It's enough to tend to our own side of the fence!!




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