Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Winsome Wednesday - Flowers or Rubble?

We are all on a journey!  We are all trying to get onto the right path.  To freedom, to peace and happiness, to success, to health.....  Yes, we are all searching for that one path that will put us where we want to be.

God says that if we choose His way, although it may be rough, and although it may go through hills and valleys, He will straighten our paths before us.  Prov 3 v 6:  In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths. We may not see what is on the road ahead and maybe that is a good thing.  We may just turn and run!  But if we choose His way, we know in faith that ultimately, His way leads to where it is we need to and want to be.

So on this journey, on this path we follow, we get to choose our attitudes.  Am I right?  I don't like to point that out to myself because sometimes I want to blame others for how I feel or where I am.  But we can choose JOY in the moments, we can choose to see the flowers along the path, we can choose to stop and smell the roses!  We can see the beautiful rainbows that follow the rain.  We can find the fun in jumping through the mud puddles.......


We can see the dirt, the rocks and obstacles in the road, the damage done to the roads by those before us.  We can choose to be negative, and see only the storm clouds and lightening.

I'm not trying to belittle anyone's circumstances.  Some of what we and others go through is really tough.  But if we choose a better outlook, we choose to see flowers and not rubble, the journey is just that little bit lighter.

My encouragement to you is if you are choosing a good attitude over a negative, and you see someone struggling, help them, offer them a smile, a flower, a glimmer of light.  We all know that the light chases away the dark.  Every spark WILL make a difference to you and anyone else you choose to share it with.

God bless


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  1. These were beautiful words and very edifying to me right now. We are in a current situation of waiting before God, and sometimes it is SO hard when we don't know what the future holds...but, as you said, that might be a good thing. :) Thank you for your gentle reminder that we need to remain joyful...even in the uncertainties and while waiting and not knowing which direction God will lead. I appreciate you and your blog and always enjoy coming here for the weekly link-up. God bless you for your faithfulness to Him! I hope things are going well for you.

  2. Love this Tracy! It is absolutely a decision first thing in my morning I must make to eliminate and ignore any negative thoughts or negative people that might get in my way, and to instead get in the habit of appreciating with thanksgiving, every wonderful thing God has given me in life.

    Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement this morning sweet friend!

  3. Such wise and true words, Tracy! Thanks for the encouragement to choose joy today!

    Blessings, Joan

  4. It is amazing when we focus our view on the flowers instead of the dirt !!

  5. I am learning that life is all about perspective. It's about choosing to see the good instead of the not so good. Thank you for sharing!



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