Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Winsome Wednesday - Perspective

Recently we visited Dakar, Senagal.  I was not impressed.  I saw dirt, illness, poverty, oppression and did I mention dirt?  I took lots of photos hoping to catch something to show for my trip there but was truly not happy or thrilled about anything I saw.  I was extremely happy to be going when we all climbed back on our bus to leave.

Then this week, people we met on our trip sent us their e-album of their photos.  I was having fun looking through and seeing what they captured on camera.  Then it came to the section on Dakar.  I was amazed!  As I looked through the pictures I realized that they had caught way more colour and vibrancy than I did.  Their photos showed life and optimism.

It made me think straight away about perspective.  I had been unimpressed from the get go and saw what I was looking for; dirt, darkness, no colour, povery, etc!  This couple had seen the rich colours of their transport, their clothing, their relating to one another.  It kind of gave me a wake up call.  One should seek out life and not death IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE.  God is everywhere, even where people have not yet found or acknowledged Him, He is there, to be found! So I looked through my photos again, with different eyes, with a different perspective, and I did indeed find colour!  Yes, its there to be found!

So my encouragement to you is to find the colour in your life today, and every day!  That colour is God-given and He puts it there to encourage our joy and to KNOW He is with us and aware of our circumstances.

Eccl 3 v 11:  He has made everything beautiful in its time.  Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.

Seek out today, the beauty God has put in the world, it is there....

God bless


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  1. God's beauty is all around us. Sometimes we can get distracted, but as you wrote above, when we seek out life we will see His vibrancy all around!

    Blessings, Joan

  2. "God is everywhere, even where people have not yet found or acknowledged Him, He is there, to be found!"
    I love this story. It's so funny how perspective changes everything. And if you'd gone a day earlier or a day later, your own perspective might have been different too. Thanks for sharing this. It'll stick with me today...

  3. Tracy, this was really good. Perspective, yes. I've always been one of those glass-half-empty kind of people. But, all that does is make you see a bunch of empty glasses. Fortunately, God coupled me with an unflagging optimist in my husband. He not only sees full glasses, he sees them overflowing.

    Isn't that what God wants us to see, too?! My cup runneth over...

    I need to practice that!


  4. The beauty found
    here on the ground
    is making true.
    It is your view.


  5. Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me is a hymn we used to sing. He cleans away all the dirt and only his beauty is left.

  6. This has really encouraged me this morning, I know I need a different perspective



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