Monday, 12 May 2014

God is God of the BIG and SMALL!

God's grace is amazing!  God's grace is unmerited and hugely desired.  I am so humbled by His grace and His mercy for little old me.  I am sometimes stunned that the little things that I care about, HE CARES about!  I am floored!

I know God is God of the big things.  Just look at the earth, the heavens, the seas, all of nature!  Amazing and astounding and beautiful and amazing.... Did I say that already?  And I know that God is God of the little things too.  Just look at a bumblebee, any flower, a drop of water, each and every microcosm of life.  Yes, God is God of the great and small!

That in itself is humbling and awe-inspiring!  The thing that floors me is how God cares about the little things in MY life.  There are the big things, marriage, children, finance, health, etc!  But there are the little things, my hair, my weight, my home and what is in it... you know, the things that are nice but not of earth-shattering importance to survival.  YET.... He cares!  Insert person with jaw hanging on the floor.

Now on one hand, its actually insulting to the Lord that I am so stunned.  Its not that I should expect that, but its that I should not be surprised by His abundant and all encompassing love for me.  On the other hand, I think the Lord loves that He can shock us into silence happiness and Joy every now and then!

I want to encourage you by reminding you that what it really boils down to, is, God cares about EVERYTHING you care about, big or small!  Never doubt that!

James 4 v 6:  But He gives more grace.  Therefore He says:  "God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble." 

A great reminder to receive all of God's grace with humility and thankfulness.

God bless


  1. It is amazing to think about all the ways in which God displays Himself to us. Last night I sat, completely stunned by the beauty of the moon & the rays that were beaming down into our yard. I was humbled to think of how God loves me (and each of us). Blessings!

  2. It is wonderful, isn't it, that the Lord of the Universe finds the time to care about everything in my life. Yes, the way He cares about BIG stuff is amazing - but the way He cares about the little details of my life just overwhelms me. His love is so deep...


  3. Have a very blessed week.

  4. I'm in awe too...and so very thankful!!

  5. I know God cares about the little things. I believe even He gets excited when we are happy because our garden has some blossoms, and our flower seed we planted begin to bloom. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” At:

  6. I have that same jaw hanging in awe reaction. I find myself often looking up and saying, "Wow, God. Just Wow." And it leaves me utterly grateful for a life with Him and on my knees praying for others to know Him. Thank you for sharing with TWW. Blessings to you.

  7. Tracy, thanks for sharing this. I loved how you put it.

  8. Yes, I agree. It floors me when He shows me how much He cares about something little (or something important to me that I'm too embarrassed to tell anybody about)! Like you said, I shouldn't be so surprised. But I am. He continually amazes me. Beautiful, encouraging words!



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