Monday, 10 February 2014

Time Out!

I'm needing a little time out.  I'm needing to spend more time in the Word!  I'm needing a break!

I'm sounding a little needy right?! (smiles)

The thing is I have nothing to say right now yet I know there is lots going on in my head and heart.  I just can't get any of it to line up into sentences!  So I am taking a break from blogging so I can make some sense of it all and trust the Lord to be able to use it here to encourage others.  Right now, if I wrote on my blog what is in my head, I may confuse, not encourage.

So, I will be doing more visiting as opposed to writing.  I want to absorb!  Be a sponge!  I want to spend lots more time in the Word.  Not to be a goody two shoes, but because I NEED to!  (There I go being all needy again, lol!)

I hope, no, I intend, to be back here soon!  Could be a week, a month, but I will be back!  I love this space and all my friend here.  You bless me and encourage me!  BUT:  Winsome Wednesday will stay open, even if its just a picture and a scripture until the Lord gives me more to say because I love seeing you all there.

I hadn't chosen a scripture for this year.  Two years back when I decided to choose a scripture for the year instead of New Year's resolutions I chose Matt 6 v 33.  And I feel that this is appropriate for me now again as I KNOW the only way forward in life is to be absorbed in the Lord and His Word and I am not.  So, back to basics for me ladies!

Matt 6 v 33:  But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.

See you soon
God bless


  1. Dear Tracy
    I have been doing that for quite a long time and found many answers in the work of James Fowler's work (Christ In You) and Maj. Ian Thomas' books, The Saving Life of Christ, and The Mystery of Godliness. Their work are for free download at their sites. I also learned a lot from Wayne Jacobsen from Lifestream. Perhaps that will help a bit.
    Blessings XX

  2. Enjoy this time as you sit at His feet and are fed with the word! Blessings, Tracy!

    Love, Joan

  3. Will be lifting you in prayer during your siesta. Let you heart mend a little in the thin places. Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  4. Nothing wrong with taking a break and getting fed!! Enjoy this time with your daddy God!!

  5. Hi Tracy, well, will pray for your time, to be rich with His grace and truth! I hope you will visit my new place and spend some time there! I am focused on Romans 12:1-2 as this years vers. Love yours (but what scripture don't we love? Actually I can think of a few now that I mention it...) Not sure if you knw I moved so here is the new address-


  6. Good siësta! I'll praying for you and your family.

  7. Thank you for sharing with us at 'Tell Me a Story." Getting into the Word is good, and also finding a quiet place to worship. I had a large walk in closet in one of our houses when our kids were teen. At 7:30 each evening I would retreat there and pray and it was so quiet. One day my daughter came into the room, and said MOM. I did not answer and she said, "I know you are in there." (in the closet) then she quietly left. It was good for her to know where I was.

  8. Absolutely understand your need to take a break - but please know that I will eagerly await your (soon, I hope) return to Blog Land. Your voice always encourages me, and I so look forward to seeing how God is working JOY into your life this year!

    GOD BLESS, Tracy.

  9. Tracy this is exactly the place I find myself these days. Enjoy your time soaking in the son.

  10. I truly understand. Sometimes think I need to pull off for a while, but then I keep moving along, b/c so many of my friends are blog friends and sharing and being with them touches me. AND I am a Word person. If I can't keep up with the Lord, I need to drop off. But hope you are blessed and blessed and blessed some more. Good thinking on your part.

  11. God bless you in your time of rest. I too have taken a break from blogging. May He encourage your heart and speak deeply to you as you lean into Him.



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