Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Winsome Wednesday - Have a cuppa tea with me?

Anyone who knows me online will know I LOVE my tea and I post tea comments, teacup and teapot pictures, tea quotes.  Its a laugh and amuses me.  Often times people think I must be a total TEA Drinker!  That I must have copious cups of tea a day.  Smiles!

But the truth is I have maybe 3 cups a day.  Less in summer, maybe a bit more in winter (it is cold then you know!)  Seriously though, its not the quantity of tea that makes me a tea-lover.  It is not even the quality of tea!  I am so boring when it comes to tea.  I like NORMAL tea.  Nothing funny or aromatic or fruity, or "different"!  Just NORMAL!  Lol!

I think what I love about a cup of tea is the event itself!  I put the kettle on, get out a favourite cup, make sure all immediate stuff is out the way!  Add my sugar and milk, find a spot be it on the couch or in front of my laptop, sit down, exhale and have that first comforting sip..... Yep, I love my cup of tea.  I think its my calm moment in the day!

The point I think I'm making is that I have made my cuppa tea a special moment.  So, before I sit down to blog, or have a quiet time, or share a moment with a friend, I prepare my special moment so I can focus!  What is your special moment?  What do you do to get into your groove?  I would love for you to link up and leave a comment so we all get to know one another more!  I little fun midweek!

1 Thess 5 v 16:  Rejoice always

God bless


This is a space to come and be encouraged.  You can link as many posts as you want so long as they bring glory to the Lord.  If you have time, please visit the person ahead of you and I am sure you too will be encouraged.  I look forward to seeing you here.
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  1. Hi Tracy! :)
    Having a quiet time for me, is like many other activities I might do in life — in at least one helps me to have a plan. (I am so routine!) Mornings are always my best time, and I always try to read for "quality" not "quantity". Of course, I have to have my steaming coffee in reach!! :)

    Happy October blessings!

  2. Routine is a must for me, and it begins with a cup of coffee! Happy Wednesday! Happy October. Blessings to you.

  3. Oh, I am right with you on the tea (but without the sugar and milk, sometimes honey) and you're making me want a cup right NOW. I have two squirmy babies right now (one one my lap and the other next to me) and that would spill my tea, lol!! Sometime you should drop over ;-) and we'll have a cuppa tea together!!

  4. I would SO love to have a cuppa with you. I like my tea in the afternoon about 4 or 4 o'clock, and creamy sweet! Oddly I like my coffee cream only and in the morning.

  5. My quiet time each afternoon is my special moment. I pull out my journal and Bible, then go get a can of Diet Dr Pepper and heat up two small chocolate chip cookies. God and I have snack time together. :)

  6. It is so true that we do prepare for that special moment. In the afternoon, after putting my granddaughter in for her nap, I also make myself a cup of "normal" tea & sit down to read. I think it is the combination of quiet, hot tea & a book that soothe me & bring me comfort and peace. Great post!

  7. I know you know that I drink a cup of coffee first thing in the morning (American, ya know? lol) but I do love my tea! Like you, I love "regular" tea with cream and sugar. Though, I've been known to enjoy Earl Grey or Lady Grey as well. Anyway, I love what you said about making it a special moment! I have cups or mugs that I favor over others and it just feels better to use them...In fact, this morning I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee in my sea turtle mug while sitting on the couch, lap top on my lap and waiting for the sun to rise. This is a special moment for me! Blessings, Tracy! And I'm looking forward to enjoying a cuppa with you one day in the future!!

  8. Right now I'm drinking Tupelo Honey Fig tea - a cup of coffee or a cup of tea - with some classical music playing in the background (or on my ipad with earbuds) - and I feel like there's calmness in the day - that I've set my barriers and claimed this moment of calm:) Come on over and have a cuppa with me!

  9. Hi fellow tea lover. Great to join this wonderful blog hop again. Love how the internet brings us all together. Blessings to you.

  10. I have this concoction that I make - decaf coffee, peppermint mocha creamer, and a couple of scoops of chocolate protein drink. And usually, I also have a couple of English muffins with either margarine or low-fat cream cheese. When all this is said and done, I'm ready to start the day...sorta!!!


  11. Tracy, you are cute! I love the tea bag holder and then the curlers! Reminds me of days in the 60s on my head!! I am a copious iced unsweet tea drinker and that is my drink du jour! every jour! ~ linda

  12. A ritual of tea (or coffee) can be relaxing and peaceful before you begin the day or the task ahead.

  13. I think I need a cuppa tea today! My coffee with my daughter this morning had a bit too much caffeine in it I think!



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