Monday, 17 June 2013

Your Strength - Is it Also your Weakness?

This is something that I am starting to realize about myself and sometimes see in others.  That thing that people consider your strength, often times is also your biggest weakness.  For example, I am forthright and tend to say it like it is.  This could be seen as a great strength!  Direct honesty, no misunderstanding as to what I mean, firm, decisive!  Right?

Well, the flip side of that is I could be considered rude, too direct, lacking in diplomacy (believe me, I am never going to be a diplomat - on any planet!), opinionated!  You get my point?

  • I have seen people who I consider to have great leadership skills use that gift to dominate, or control.
  • I myself have used my ability to be direct to cut people off, no nonsense, no sensitivity!
  • What about the ability to preach and teach?  I have seen that used to push that person's personal belief system instead of focus on the Word!
  • I've seen the very generous be overly concerned about the 'making' of money.

The point I am trying to make is that the one thing we consider to be our strength is often times also our greatest weakness.  If we are aware of that we can train ourselves to adapt and we can train ourselves to grow the good and squash the 'not so good' of our gift.  But the best way to "manage" our gift is to give it back to God and let Him guide us how and when to use it.

Every aspect of our strength can be utilized positively.  Because it is a strength given to us by the Lord it is something we can fall into naturally but it is His guidance that teaches us to use to wisely.

James 1 v 17:  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

God has given us free will.  It is therefore our responsibility to manage our gifts and strengths.  My encouragement to you is to allow God to lead you in your strengths and weaknesses and He will bring balance in those areas.

God bless

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  1. Listening to the Holy Spirit is essential ... or my strengths do become weaknesses. Good reminder.


  2. A well-written post, Tracy - full of great and practical insight. Yup, I think one of my strengths is being really careful with details and conscientious with tasks. The *flip side* of that is that I can be a perfectionist, unable sometimes to delegate, and a bit of a control freak.

    God gave me my strengths - and Satan will twist those just like everything else. The challenge is to let God work through me, and to get out of HIS way!!


  3. Thank you for your words of wisdom today at :"Tell Me a Story." Yes, we can allow our strengths to actually become our weakness, especially when we jump too quickly and make judgements. Been there done that!

  4. I can see one's strength being a weakness because we tend to rely on our understanding or knowledge when we're naturally good at tomething.

  5. My daughter and I have been talking about this very subject lately. It seems like it's easier to see it in others than it is in ourselves!

  6. Totally have one of the same strengths - being forthright! Have to gauge carefully to use it wisely. Thanks for a great post!

  7. It is so easy to allow sin and human failings to creep into the work that God wants us to do. I mean, sometimes our own self gets in the way of using the gifts He has given us properly. It is so important to listen to the Holy Spirit and not let our own agendas make our strengths become our weaknesses.

    Blessings, Joan

  8. Dear Tracy
    My husband has exactly this kind of personality! Now, you know what our governments are like and he works for the Eastern Cape Provincial Government as the director over subsidized transport. He would never have survived if he didn't have his personality! Looking forward to your visit.
    Much love XX

  9. Thanks Tracy. This is a wise posting.

  10. What a great post. I never thought of it from this angle, but yes - you are right. I am a great administrator and multi-tasker....which can also be a weakeness, because I always have too much on my plate!



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