Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Winsome Wednesday - Question for you...

What is the one thing you are battling with?  
What is that one thing that you just don't seem able to overcome?
(okay, for me there are many minor and one or two major ones)

I've been trying to assess mine!  Trying to figure it out.  I know what it is.  I feel unworthy.   Not in general.  In general I don't have a problem with what others think of me.  No, its just those closest to me.  I'm going to spend sometime with the Lord on this because I need to deal with it as I do feel more is being affected by it.

I know that I am worthy because of the Lord.  My worth comes from Him.  I need for that to drop from my mind into my heart, to become a revelation in my being, because until then... its going to affect my life.

I remember reading a tweet the other day that said my worth, my value is in what the Lord thinks of me, not what others think of me.  I should add to that, "or what I think of me!"  And we know that the Lord sees in us all He created us to be, not the mess we are most of the time.  Its hard to believe in the person God created us to be when we focus on the mistakes we've made of our lives.  Yes, there are successes!  Yes, we do have friends!  Yes, we have plans for the future!  But the primary thing is to focus on God and these things do figure themselves out, we do overcome!  The fact that I haven't overcome my "thing" is a reflection of how much time, or for that matter, how little time, I spend with the Lord!

So, what is your "thing"?  Can I pray for you?

God bless


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  1. Dear Tracy
    I also battled with this problem very, very much! When I was reading a book of A.W. Tozer, In Pursuit of God, my eyes were opened to see this lie for what it was. He wrote that apart from our sin, we are created in God's image and our Pappa God is not ashamed of us or our bodies. Actually, after He created man, He said that it was VERY GOOD. That opened my eyes. I pray that our Pappa will reveal this truth to your heart as well!
    Much love and thanks for being our hostess!

  2. I recognize that Tracy.

    At the moment I struggle with accepting myself. I know my mother in law did not accept me because she can not boast about me :-( I can not sew beautiful clothes as she does, I can't do my household chores very well because she always can better. And thats true :-( I am not so chic. Too simple. She always sees reason to gossip about me. There is always something wrong with me. Although I accept her attitude, I feel hurt. Would you pray for that? I battle with it. Will you pray for it?

    But this comfort me: "My worth comes from Him." Thats true. I like this blog.

  3. Well Tracy ~ I think your absolutely wonderful my friend!!! But, I know what you mean. We probably all struggle with that...even those that seem to have all the confidence in the world! But as you say...Our worth does come from Him...and He is what's important.
    Off to work now.
    Love you and bless you my friend...Chelle

  4. Tracy - I think so many people battle with this, too. But remember that His grace is a gift - undeserved but freely given out of His love for us. We don't earn it. We don't deserve it. But he offers it freely!

    I struggle with being a good steward of my time. My smart phone has become an idol that I check in with often, even under the guise of bible study. Facebook, twitter, email... they all keep me from living out my life in glory to Him. I need to pray for strength to resist these so that I can focus on what is expected of me as a wife, mom, and employee. :) And on that note... I need to get off the computer and get ready for work!

    Thanks for hosting!!!

  5. Well, one of my struggles is the same as yours...unworthiness. Also, I've found lately that I'm having to deal with some anger issues that surfaced when something happened in our family recently. Thank you so much for your prayers!

  6. Well, worthiness and control. I am really bad at handing over control. But God is for sure refining me in both areas.

    (BTW, I thought I linked up but I don't see me. If i don't appear, can you let me know?)

  7. I linked up.. Thanks!
    Oh, my biggest struggle is controlling my tongue.. lately I have taken "bite your tongue" quite literally!

  8. This is easy. Pride. Selfishness. Unlike you, I feel worthy and then some. Yuck. I have to remind myself who I am before God..beloved not because of who I am, but in spite of it.

  9. My one thing is an easy one to figure out. Fear.

    My whole life, even in childhood, I have battled with anxiety, worry, fearful thoughts and feelings. And, I have also battled against the message - both from others and from myself - that being fearful exhibits a lack of faith. I know I need to trust God more, and I need to release my desire for control - but, I know I have faith.

    Lord, I believe - help my unbelief.


  10. Wow!!! This goes with what I blogged today!!! But my one thing would be rejection. I have struggled with this for what seems a life time. Great post!!!!
    I will pray for you as always my friend!!!

  11. Tracy, thanks so much for sharing this and asking such a great question. My 'thing' right now, is fear. My husband's been out of work for 9 months and due to illness, I can't work. I'm fine most of the time, but there are times when the doubts become very big. I know our God is in control and able. I know He is...
    Blessings to you ~ Mary

  12. Oh yes...Unworthy. Not enough. I need to remind myself daily that my worth comes from him. This is truly my biggest struggle. I'm grateful to you for sharing your heart. Thank you for hosting too. Blessings.



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