Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Winsome Wednesday - The Emotions, I mean... Psalms!

You know what I love about the Psalms?  They reflect David (mainly) in many states of emotion.  He shows his joy in the Lord, he shows his frustration, hurt, depression, great love for God, his passion for truth and God's word.... He really lets it all out in Psalms.  And God called David a man after His Own heart!

This gives me hope!   It shows me David was real.  Real with his emotions.  Real with how he felt.  Sometimes my emotions are such a roller-coaster ride.  Wake up joyful, depressed and hour later, peaceful the next, followed by frustration.  Sigh....

A myriad of emotions!

I do believe as we grow in the Lord, the roller-coaster does even out, but I also believe as we strengthen, sometimes tougher stuff is placed in our path because God knows we have grown some and tough stuff is His way of keeping us close to Him.

Reading the Psalms makes me feel like David is a kindred spirit!  One who has been there and done that!  No matter how much David messed up at times he always turned back to God.  That is my goal!  To always keep close to God no matter how badly I stuff up!!!

Ps 30 v 8 - 12:  I cried out to You, O Lord; and to the Lord I made supplication:  (9) What profit is there in my blood when I go down to the pit?  Will the dust praise You?  Will it declare Your truth?  (10) Hear, O Lord, and have mercy on me; Lord, be my helper!  (11) You have turned for me my morning into dancing;  you have put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness, (12) To the end that my glory may sing praise to You and not be silent.  O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever! (see?  emotional roller coaster!)

My encouragement to you today is to know that no matter your emotion, God understands it and He remains truthful and loving and available to, and for you.

God bless


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  1. Oh Tracy, wouldn’t it be nice if we never had to experience a bad day? I have learned that it’s really a matter of my attitude, and if things start to fall apart I have a choice to let it beat me down or turn what started out as a bad day into a good one. One thing I know for sure, no matter how many times we fail, we can pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and start over again because God doesn’t give up on us too easily! :)

    Blessings sweet sister; hope you are having an awesome week!


  2. Dear sweet Tracy
    We South Africans are a emotional bunch! But that enables us to love well, don't you think! Since I became I'll with Fm/CFS I have learned how to lean on our Lord with all my fluctuating emotions and also that it is a gift from His hand. He is in the business of collecting all our tears.
    Much love

  3. My emotions tend to bounce around, too. I am so thankful that God understands me and loves me during all my moods! He knows us even better than we know ourselves, and He sees our true hearts and He knows just what we need in all situations. Knowing that, helps me to rest in Him, especially when the storms rage!

    Blessings Tracy!

  4. My emotions seem to be like a ping pong ball, bouncing all over at times.I am so thankful God understands me!! Without his love through my sometimes crazy mood swings, I'd be lost!! Great post my friend, simply great!!!
    Loves and hugs!!

  5. I love that His Word helps to "settle" me each morning when I meet with Him. I love that it is my own personal love letter from Him and that I can climb up into His lap as we read/dig into it together. I love how He draws my focus onto Him - helping to tame the wild moods!

  6. I love David! I love his writing, but I especially love his emotions! I resonate with a person whose feelings run like a roller coaster! Up and down...twisting and unpredictable.

    But, I also love David because God called him a "man after his own heart." That teaches me that God loves when we are honest with Him about our feelings. Good, bad, and yes, ugly.

    My feelings are fickle - but God's love endures forever!


  7. Thanks so much for the reminder. I've always found encouragement in all the things that David wrong, yet God still loved Him and called him His own!!! Thanks for letting me join!!

  8. Thank you Tracy for hosting. Your emotions are so cute and we need them everyone!

  9. This totally goes with what K said -- "emotions are indicators, not dictators." May the truth always reign in our hearts!

  10. The Psalms have always been a great encouragement to me, too, because I also go through so many crazy emotions, often all in the same day. But if David can do it--and get published in the Book of Books--so can we. :-)

  11. Praise God that He taught us how to sing, dance and praise Him in all we do! Thanks for hosting and God bless!

  12. Thank you so much for the linkup party this week.



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