Monday, 10 December 2012

Negative much?

This last week I discovered my neighbourhood has a facebook page and with great enthusiasm I joined it looking forward to all it promised: neighbourliness, security, an outlet for those who do business in the area and for those who are creative.  An informative forum where we as neighbours can look out for each other!

Boy, was I disappointed.  One negative status after another, all filled with an abundance of negative comments.  Its like my neighbours (and to be fair, not all of them) just cannot see any good in, well, anything....

It has been depressing to say the least to see follow-up comments coming through on my facebook stream.  We have lived here for the last 7 1/2 years and we have never really gotten involved with our neighbours, kept to ourselves and tried to live a responsible life around here.  But I quite looked forward to the opportunity to get involved, get to know my neighbours better etc.  What a let down.

This has taught me a few things about myself and my growth through some tough times.
  • I have learnt that the positive, happy-go-lucky person I was as a youngster is alive and well and returning renewed and restored in Christ
  • I have learnt that I need to surround myself with positive people because it certainly does not take much to be sucked into negativity (My inner-self is still a little fragile but getting stronger)
This leaves me with a few choices:
  • Remove myself from the group?  I don't know, I'm curious about what all is going on around here :)
  • Comment where I can in a positive uplifting way?  I know this will bring out the nay-sayers and unhappiness generators
  • Remain in the group and just observe?  
Its at this juncture I need to ask myself, "What Would Jesus Do?"   I certainly don't want to add to the negativity.  The encourager in me wants to post happiness and sunshine but the realist in me thinks this is a waste of time.  However, the optimist in me does not agree!  The optimist in me thinks any encouragement is better than no encouragement at all.  So.... watch this space!  I may have a testimony to share in the future.

Heb 10 v 25:  Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.
How true is that?  The day is certainly nearing so encourage all the more... Hmmm, think I have my answer!

God bless

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  1. Hi Tracy ~

    I think you have the right answer too!
    Blessings friend...Chelle

  2. Be you, the encourager. There are enough observers already.

  3. I think you should definitely stay on to encourage and inspire Tracy! God may very well have put you on there for a reason! (And oh yeah; can't resist the curiosity thing!! Ha!)Sweet blessings friend,

  4. Hhmmm, great chance to be a shining light, where else than in dark places :) Go girl, go. You can do it!

  5. Double Ditto Stephanie!!! Well said on many levels Tracy :))

  6. My experience in the workplace this last year has shown me that a postive, welcoming attitude can change a group - from words to actions! Don't give up!

  7. You know sometimes I wonder the same thing about facebook friends. should I delete or keep them and pray I offer encouragement with my own life. I choose the latter hoping that I can be the example that God desires. :]

  8. Oh great topic, Tracy. I am on the email mailing list for our neighborhood association. It's the same way...negative and fighting. I honestly want nothing to do with it.

  9. Glad to read you came to the conclusion of being the encourager no matter what. Sometimes when we find out whey someone is negative it sheds a whole new light on them. I have been there myself more times then I want to count when I needed someone to say, hey I can tell you are having a hard time...would you like to talk about it. Then the door is open to give options that could help that person. I will visit again, I am excited to hear how God uses you. Blessings.

  10. Yes, stay in the group, and DO enter a positive word when ever it is appropiate. Put downs are all around us, but toss them over your shoulder and YOU already know who you are! Thank you for sharing your story at Tell me a Story!

  11. Be the light in that darkness.

  12. Bless you for being an encourager.

  13. In our present-day world, all we can do is turn to the Lord and seek His instructions re: how to follow through with the stuff on our plate that has people frustrated or pushing for power. He only is what we can rely upon. He's "It".

  14. Hi Tracy..I always think of faith as like being in the dead matter what you can't sink...and it's the same with matter what....always float to the place of trusting He'll turn eveything around for good. It is neat though to know what's gonna on around town.

  15. I don't think I can add to all these great comments!



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