Monday, 27 February 2012

Is faith illogical?

I've been doing the 90 day challenge with Kelly and her facebook group and as I read through, some really random verses have been catching my eye.  (Then again - I doubt anything in the Word is random - every word there is on purpose and meant for our eyes, ears, and heart).

2 Kings 6 v 5-6:  But as one was felling his beam, the axhead fell into the water, and he cried, alas, my master, for it was borrowed!  (6) The man of God said, where did it fall?  When shown the place, Elisha cut off a stick and threw it in there, and the iron floated.

Well, seriously, logically that axhead is just not going to float!  Right?

God's creativity outstrips our creativity!

2 Kings 13 v 21:  So it was, as they were burying a man, that suddenly they spied a band of raiders; and they put the man in the tomb of Elisha, and when the man was let down and touched the bones of Elisha, he revived and stood to his feet.

OK then, logically, not going to happen, right?

freaky right?

This is why I say faith in God is illogical BUT truly, is faith illogical?  Only to us humans who cannot see the bigger picture.  But on thinking this through I think I can say with certainty that faith is logical.  There are lots of stories reports in the word where illogical things happened by the hand of God:

  • Parting the Red Sea
  • Water filling pits in the desert with no sign of rain
  • Axheads floating
  • Men being raised from the dead .........and many more..........
So, logically, if God can make a walking staff bud, a bush burst into flame spontaneously, provide manna to a rebellious hungry nation, make 5 fish and 2 loaves feed thousands (with leftovers), open prison doors, etc, etc, then faith in our God makes perfect sense.

My encouragement to you is faith in Christ is logical and makes sense.  Have no doubt in your God.  He will never let you down.

God bless

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  1. I love the story of the axe head floating and have called upon God to intervene on my behalf against nature at times and He has.

  2. Good word Tracy. To our human minds with it's limited capacity to understand it's hard for us to even comprehend how great our God is! When we choose to believe God opens our spiritual eyes so that we can trust him even though we might not fully understand.

  3. Great post Tracy! Doubt is the opposite of faith; we can't affect the miracles until we get rid of it, and when doubt is out our faith is great! :)

    I hope you have bunches of blessings this week!

  4. Tracy,

    God calls us to have to faith even when we can't see what is up ahead, He tells us to have to faith even when we don't understand. When we have faith we trust and when we trust we see how big the God we serve is.

    Blessings to you Tracy.

  5. Great point! What to the human mind may "seem" illogical, with God, makes perfect sense! For,God can do everything and anything. He works everything together for the good. It is like a huge puzzle and He puts it all together so beautifully. I think that we tend to try to figure everything out and when we don't understand something, we dismiss it. It is difficult to think that something is bigger and smarter than we are. But, that is actually a bit arrogant, you know? When we surrender to God and have faith in Him and His word, what seemed illogical before now makes perfect sense! I'm trusting in Him! Blessings, Joan

  6. Great encouragement. God wants us to have faith in Him. To trust in Him when we cannot do it on our own.

  7. Hi Tracy!

    We've greatly enjoyed following your blog and your posts on God's wisdom. Thought you'd like to know that we've featured your site and included your blog in our latest article, Top Bible Scripture Blogs. You can view the article at

    We hope you enjoy, God bless!

  8. Well I think to our natural minds faith is quite illogical.

  9. What to our human minds seems illogical, is quite logical to God. I think we try to figure everything out and when there is something we don't understand, we dismiss it as impossible or illogical. However, with faith we see that God's ways are not our own. When we trust Him, logic is just a matter of faith. Blessings, Tracy!

  10. Just last night I was reading some of the miracles of Jesus in Mark. It is because of the impossibility of His works I believe. Only God can take an ordinary girl like me and use her for His glory!

  11. Some things we can never understand until we are made perfect. Yet, we do not need a God we could make on our own. He is beyond and above all we could ever comprehend. Trusting the unseen!

  12. I believe! and the more I think about God...the more I believe!



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