Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Winsome Wednesday - God's favour!

I believe that God gives us favour when:
  • We seek Him in His word
  • Pray
  • Seek His peace in a circumstance
  • Reach out for prayer
  • Trust in Him for safety
  • ASK for His favour
  • Lean on His word

This past week I went in for surgery.  Before the event I didn't really tell anyone until the last minute and decided that as a Christian I CAN ASK for PRAYER.  So I asked some people for prayer, not many, and I prayed because as it got closer to the time your mind starts reminding you of everything that can go wrong, can go wrong, can go wrong, ...  I also found that in asking for prayer those people not only offered prayer but great encouragement and everything that was said to me lifted and buoyed me up.

All this led me to go into the operating theatre without any apprehension.  I don't even think I was nervous.  My upper most thought was, "God is in control."

These are the facts of this event in my life:
  • It took 4 hours instead of 1 1/2 hrs ( I don't know why)
  • My doctor took great care of me and everything was seen to
  • My anesthetist made sure that the pain meds I had were all I needed, I never had to ask for more 
  • When in the ward I had the bed that was automatic, my roommate had the manual crank up one
  • My bed was at the window, with an awesome view and fresh air
  • I had lots of prayer coming in from all over that I had not expected but gladly absorbed
  • The nurses at first seemed distant but turned out to be awesome and saw to my every need
  • The operation has been a huge success

View from my hospital Bed, Table Mountain! 
All I can see above is GOD'S FAVOUR.  So many things could have turned out differently.  Take my roommate for example:  She was in pain and constantly calling for pain meds, her bed was not easy to manipulate, she irritated the nurses so although they did what they had to, not too many smiles were attached to that, everything for her was a bit more laboured.

I believe I had God's favour!  I believe because I turned to Him, He gave me favour!  He made it possible for me to see His favour and I believe He deserves ALL the glory for every good thing.  So, here and now, I thank you Jesus for your favour in my life and in the lives of all Your children.

My encouragement to you today is to know that because you are a child of the Living God, you have His favour, so act like it, in faith.  Even if it does not seem so, know it to be true!

Ps 30 v 5:  for His anger is but for a moment, His favour is for life; weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!

God bless


Please join with me today for Winsome Wednesday to encourage and be encouraged.  No particular post required, just maybe, if you have time, encourage another blogger on the list and hopefully you too, will be encouraged.  Look forward to seeing you here!

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  1. Tracy
    Great testimony of God's favour in your life. When we put Him first these are the kind of things that happen. Coincidence...I don't think so!!
    Praising God that everything went so well for you!
    God bless you friend! Chelle

  2. God never fails to bless us when we look to Him for our strength! I love your view from your room! Beautiful! I'm so glad the operation went well and you are recovering nicely.

    Living for Him, Joan

  3. God gives us "people" who lift us up when we fall down. "People" held up Moses' arms in the midst of battle when he could no longer hold them up. God wants us to connect with His "people" so we are not isolated and weary in battle alone. So glad everything went well! So glad you asked for prayer!

  4. Love the new look. I always knew you were the ""favourite". Thankfully with Him we all are. Missing you.

  5. I'm glad to hear your experience revealed God's blessing in your life. Isn't it so often about perspective. When we see God's desire to favor us we have thankful hearts. Hope you're feeling better and mending well.

  6. Hi Chelle - I so agree, no coincidence!

    Hi Joan - so true, its about looking to Him

    Hi Blue Cotton Memory - it is so true that God uses 'people' to show us His blessing

    Hi Stefanie - yes, I'm 'a' favourite, right alongside you and everyone else :) missing you too

    Hi Beck - I agree its about perspective and giving thanks daily definitely helps one to view things differently. So grateful that I am learning to see God where He is, everywhere!!!

    Ladies - you bless me abundantly and like Blue Cotton Memory says, God uses people to shower us with His blessings. You are His blessings to me. Thank you
    God bless

  7. "I believe that God gives us favour." This hit me even with out the list that followed, which was good stuff too.

    The power in the faith behind believing that fact. It was like a switch came on the minute I read that.

    And the photo... God is up to something, my dear. I hope I can relay soon how much that prayer site has worked in my life... and so quickly! But its not an easy thing either...

    <3 Kendra

  8. May God continue to bless you, Favored Child of the Lord!!

  9. Your declaration of truth is awesome Tracy! Because we belong to God through Christ Jesus, we receive His favor; He is partial to us, because we are His children! :)

    Blessings and praise for your recovery!


  10. Tracy,

    love the new look. I so totally believe God gives us favor, it becomes so real in our lives when something that shouldn't be, something that makes no logical sense comes to fruition. I read somewhere that we could have a 1000lbs. of talent, but without an ounce of God's annointing we ar not going to get very far.

    Blessings to you Tracy.

    (here is my e-mail

  11. Oh the faithfulness of our God. Even in unfavorable situations, He extends his favor!

  12. How great that you got a bed with a view! I have finally got round to posting on a Wed so have linked up to your Winsome Wednesday - it is fun to read a new set of blogs.

    Glad all went well at the hospital
    God bless

  13. Tracy:

    I'm so thankful everything went well for you. That is an amazing view from your window.


  14. I love the view from your hospital bed! And I am so happy to hear how God blessed you with His favor. (My son-in-law also had surgery this week, and he, too, is doing well.) As a blogger friend says, "Take gentle care!"

  15. Love the new look Tracy! So cute!!

    I am so glad that your experience was peaceful.

  16. What a beautiful testimony - and you give all the glory to God. :) I love that verse in Psalm, Tracy. His favor lasts for a lifetime!
    Many blessings sweet friend!

  17. Hi Kendra - as I'm reading your comment it feels like you're having some kind of light bulb moment :) Love that.

    Hi Robert - thank you, you too

    Hi Denise - amen, I love that He is partial to us!

    Hi Kandi - thank you, I get bored with the blog look every now and then :) I so agree with you, all the ability in the world is nothing without His favour.

    Hi Wanda - amen, so true

    Hi Tracey - thank you, glad you're enjoying the link up. Yes, the view was very helpful in my recovery :)

    Hi Joan - thank you, yes it was a great view. Cape Town has some awesome scenery

    Hi Esther-Joy - thank you, and I hope your son-in-law does great and recovers quickly.

    Hi Jenifer - thank you, the other look was starting to feel heavy, now feel light and summery (we're in summer so probably makes you feel cold - hope not) I'm glad too that God blessed me in hospital

    Hi Lisa - I'm learning that ALL the glory belongs to Him, end of story

    Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments and well wishes. You are all AWESOME
    God bless

  18. I am so glad to hear that Tracy, You are his highly favored daughter :)

  19. I'd say you had some favor. :-) So glad to hear the surgery was successful!

  20. Praise God that all went so well with your surgery and recovery! And Praise God for His unmerited favor -- for His grace!

  21. I'm glad your surgery went well! Thank-you for your testimony of God's favor. As God's children we can rest and trust.

    Psalm 30:5 is so appropriate for your post.

  22. Hi Marja - from one favourite to another, thank you :)

    Hi Jessica - nice meeting you here, and thank you, will visit you back

    Hi Laurie - amen to that. Without God's favour and grace, I'd be scared to go in

    Hi Carol - thank you to you too. Looking forward to visiting you back

    God bless Ladies, your comments always bless

  23. During Ray's Traumatic Brain Injury that resulted in a 20 day chemically induced coma and more I ended each update with GOD IS IN CONTROL. He really is I could not handle the situation without HIM. I am thrilled that all went well for you. I love reading your blog. Never hesitate asking for prayer.

  24. Love knowing that God IS in control! Great post, Tracy! Saw your entries on some blogs we both follow and had to stop by - so glad I did! What a surprise to find that you're from Cape Town. My husband and I are going on a mission's trip to South Africa in January (Port Elizabeth) and hope to make it to your beautiful area as well! Small world, right?! God bless you abundantly as you recover from your surgery!

  25. Thank you Tracy for sharing how God took care of you so wonderfully...glad to hear you are recovering well. Lovely view.

  26. Tracy, love this post. Indeed you had His favor... His precious loved one :)I am so glad you are recovering well with positive results! Blessings!

  27. Hope you are enjoying a good rest. So grateful with you for God's favor.


  28. Praise God that you are Highly Favored of God. As we walk in the Light as He is in the Light - - - we can actually expect to be favored by people too. Just keep a good attitude. (I suppose attitude is walking in the light)

  29. Awesome such a blessing I aso want you to know that you have an award to pick up at my blog
    hope you go check it out God bless

  30. Many time He has shown me Favor, all unmerited, except by the Grace of Jesus!

  31. Hi Marie - thank you and wow, what a thing you have been through. I also believe that there is much I could not go through without Him. He is my strength.

    Hi Maria - wow, small world, I will be in Port Elizabeth over Christmas. Maybe we should exchange numbers and say hi when you are over? :)

    HI Dolly - thank you, yes the view really helped me feel better too. Strange but true :)

    Hi Heidi - thank you, and I hope you had an awesome birthday

    Hi Glenda - thank you, yes I too am grateful for God's favour. We as His children receive it, unmerited, because of Him and not us!

    HI Joyful Noise - love that bit about attitude, so true

    Hi Crystal - wow thank you, I'll be over shortly to see. Thank you

    Hi Anewsong - God's favour is awesome and humbling as like you say, its unmerited.

    Ladies, you bless me and I am so chuffed with all your responses.
    God bless

  32. What a beautiful post and blog you have thankyo so much for sharing.I have just found your lovely blog through another hop I'm now following you hope you visit me and follow back so nice to find new friends to catch up with. Have a great day.

    Always Wendy

  33. loved this and the words God's Favor is gonna play in my head now. That's a good thing. Thanks Tracy

  34. Your outlook towards your situation is a terrific example of my recent reflection on a verse in 1 Thessalonians 5 that asks us to rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances.

    I am glad everything went so well for you!

  35. Hi Wendy - thank you, I'll be over to visit with you soon :)

    Hi Sarah (Nikki) - yes, it is a good thing :)

    Hi Tricia - thank you, I am very grateful all went well. God is good - all the time - God is good

    Ladies, thank you for commenting and visiting. You guys are awesome!
    God bless

  36. I'm so sorry.I just realized I never linked to this hop. I can't believe I missed it. Sorry, my friend.



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