Friday, 9 December 2011

5 Minute Friday - Color!

Here goes, unedited, unscripted (scary stuff):

I am no artist but I love colours.  I love some for the calming they bring into my life.  I always tend to have creams and natural tones in my home for that very reason.  I love some colours because they make me feel happy.  Its like looking at a painting and just feeling a smile building up inside.  I love dramatic colours for the excitement they bring, but then I can only take them for so long and they begin to make me anxious, weird really!
Exciting and dramatic!

Right now, I'm thinking that much of what colour does in my life can be related to people who come into my life.  Some bring calmness, some excitement, some laughter and joy, and some anxiety, the dramatic ones!!!
Calming and restorative!

So, what does colour say to me about the Lord?
God is the creator of all colour - and what we see and experience is probably just a fraction of what He has out there for us.  God's colour palette is all around us:

  • in nature, bringing calm, and excitement and sometimes fear.  
  • With people, God's colour to bring variation, challenge, friendship, love and growth into our lives.
  • And spirituality, His word, His Son, His peace, His everlasting love, His eternity - these for me are the colours I want to paint my life with.  
A sample of God's palette!

My post today may seem a bit odd, but that's my take on the word 'color', unedited, unscripted, with a little time taken for a good picture (or 2 :)  )

Just so you know - my bloggy friends have brought tons of new and refreshing colour into my life and my life has been more colourful and creative because of God placing you in my life.

God bless
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I would also love to thank both Joan of Reflections of His Grace and Crystal of My Life-Shepherd.  Both have awarded me the Liebster Blog award.  I am truly honoured and humbled as both these lovely ladies have awesome blogs of their own.  Please go and check them out if you haven't already.  God bless you guys.

I in turn award this blog award to:
  1. Kendra at Relying on Him for her transparency in Christ
  2. Kandi at Get out of the boat for her determination to do things Christ's way
  3. Heidi and Kelli at Mothers on Mission for their heart for the Lord
  4. Joan and Tricia at Blessings in His grip Prayers for their awesome prayer blog
  5. Hazel at A Joyful noise and Robert at Musings by Robert who I think are the coolest people blogging and together their wisdom is humbling.  Hope I'm even a little like you guys one day!
God bless

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    1. Thank you, Tracy, for giving our blog the Liebster award! It is such a blessing and an honor. I'm so glad that our prayers have touched your heart! That has been our prayer!

      You are right, the bloggers that we meet truly do bring color into our lives! Thank you for your blog and the joy it is to visit!

      Living for Him, Joan & Tricia
      (from Blessings in His Grip)

    2. Great take on color. Love this comment, "what we see and experience is probably just a fraction of what He has out there for us" So true.

    3. Tracy! Wow, you bless me! Thank you! And I love the metaphor of people representing the colors with which God paints our life with! So thankful for you, Lisa!

      <3 Kendra

    4. Such a lovely post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on color!

    5. Tracy, this is a beautiful post! I too, loved the connection you made between people and color. I also liked the three points at the end about what color says to you about the Lord. Wonderful! :)

    6. Thank you for your kind thoughts and award too. Robert and I appreciate your comments. We both thank you for thinking of us.

    7. I love your take on color - - It is so precious!

    8. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about color.

      I also participated in this 5 minute Friday, and I found this prompt to be particular difficult. The only way I could describe color was in the form of poetry, and not the best, of course, since it had to be unedited and unscripted, ugh! :(

    9. You have brought color into my life too, Tracy. :)

      Many blessings!

    10. Tracy,

      Thank you for the award, things have gotten a hectic in my neck of the world and I have hadn't a chance to get in the internet much, so thank you for the award, I will be passing it on. I am grateful for the color you add the my life.

      Blessings to you Tracy.

    11. Tracy:

      You have also brought color into my life. I think it is wonderful the differences in each of us and I'm excited about being a part of the blogging community.

      Many blessings,

    12. Hi Joan - I do appreciate your blog because the prayers there seem to be just what I need that day :) I think calming colors for you :)

      Hi Eileen, I believe we see a fraction of what God has out there. Maybe we'd be too freaked out if we saw it all.

      Hi Kendra - so thankful for you too!

      Hi Karin - thank you, so good to see you here

      Hi Julie - thank you, I don't think I'll be able to look at people the same anymore, they're all going to be radiating some sort of 'color' :)

      Hi Hazel - I appreciate both you and Robert and love reading your blogs. So encouraging!

      Hi Mara - I agree the unedited and unscripted thing is difficult but I think that's why I joined the challenge, because I think too much over stuff. Its kind of freeing and I'm sure yours is great. I'll be over to visit soon :)

      Hi Lisa - ditto! I love colouring my day with people like you :)

      Hi Kandi - same here, as I said above, love colouring my life with people like you :)

      Hi Joan - amen, I am so grateful to God that I found this community of bloggers because you guys have changed my life and if I were to paint a picture of my heart, all the colours would be brighter!!

      God bless all you lovely ladies - you make my life bright with color!

    13. Your post isn't odd at all! God was so generous to us that he made this world not only so beautiful filled with color, but also an amazing array of textures, and light, and shapes, etc. If we only had eyes and a quiet spirit to see them! Patsy from

    14. So glad to have found your post through the gypsy mama! Loved your take on {color}.

    15. I especially love that first painting. Beautiful colors

    16. Love your choice of colorful art Tracy! The joy of color is our opportunity to pass along the beauty of God's creation and love to people who could use a little unexpected joy in their lives! I am thankful for all who have brought color into my life. :)

      Thankful for the color you pass along special friend... :)


    17. The colors in the paintings and in your writing are gorgeous! Praise God for how He has blessed our lives with an amazing variety of colors, literally and figuratively. Thanks for the beautiful post, and congratulations on your award!
      God bless,

    18. I didn't find your post odd at all Tracy. Our lives are filled with so many beautiful hues. Congratulations on your award. You spread beautiful colors throughout the blogosphere.

    19. I think you did a great job with 5 minutes to express some profound truths about color. It's interesting to think about God's purpose in color. Thanks for giving some thoughts about that. Gail (thanks also for visiting Bible Love Notes)

    20. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on color. Blessings!

    21. I love your two contrasting pictures, they really do show what impact colour can have. And I like the sample of God's colour palette - it never ceases to amaze me when I walk around outside :)

    22. Hi Patsy - coming from you that is a great compliment, thank you

      Hi Brittany - thank you, will be over to visit soon

      Hi Shanda - me too, makes me happy

      Hi Denise - thank you, you too are one of those colourful people who bring joy and blessing into my life

      Hi Laurie - thank you, yes literally and figuratively He has blessed us with colour in our lives

      Hi Gail - thank you and thank you too for visiting and commenting. I appreciate it :)

      Hi Debbie and Doug - thank you for the visit and comment. I appreciate it :)

      Hi Rhoda - me too, God definitely grips our imaginations and heart with His beauty

      Everyone, thank you all for commenting. Each and everyone of you is a huge blessing to me.

      God bless and have an awesome week ahead.

    23. God's colors in nature are always so amazing

    24. Hi Cassie - amen to that. God is the ultimate artist!
      God bless

    25. Thanks, what a great blog about colours! I like it very much.



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