Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Winsome Wednesday - Joy

I wanted to bring to mind things that bring me joy so I sat down and just jotted down some stuff as it came to mind.  I want to just 'stew' in all things "JOY" for a moment - a bit like jelly in custard.  OK, so that doesn't make sense but here goes:

  • I'm no art fundi  but I love paintings that make me smile, strong colours and joyful emotions
  • I love hearing my teenage daughters roaring with laughter with each other
  • I get great joy filling a vase full of flowers from my own garden
  • there is joy in the satisfaction of completing something creative
  • I love reading some scripture and having a light-bulb moment, a moment of clarity
  • When I'm driving alone and my ipod selects a praise song that just touches me to the core, that's joyful
  • I have great joy in being part of a random act of kindness, I imagine their surprise and that brings me joy too
  • I love connecting with old friends, and joy comes in the realization that they serve the Lord
  • I love sitting on my stoep, sunrise or sunset with a cup of tea and enjoying the sight and smell of freshly cut grass, happy sigh!
Such JOY - it seems to be in the simple things, doesn't it?

I believe my joy is more full because I try to see the thankfulness in everything.  Thanking God for everything good is changing my attitudes and perspectives.  So when I say 'oh joy' now, its no longer in a sarcasm font!!

Ps 16 v 11:  You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of JOY:  At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore!

Drop a sentence in the comments of what comes to mind when thinking about JOY in your life.

"O JOY" 
God bless

Blog hop Time

Please join with me today for Winsome Wednesday to encourage and be encouraged.  No particular post required, just maybe, if you have time, encourage another blogger on the list and hopefully you too, will be encouraged.  Look forward to seeing you here!

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  1. I love vases filled with zinnia's and I love sitting on my back porch with a cup of Orange Dulce tea! And when there's laughter in the house without wrestling! LOL

  2. My middle name is Joy, and I find joy whenever I am with family and we talk and talk and talk and laugh and laugh and I know that it is God passing His love through each of us! Patsy from

  3. Ah sweet Tracy, you bring me joy!!!


  4. For me it's getting to talk with people that are close to my heart. Friends that live close and bloggy friends that don't. Through all the stuff of life friends always bring great joy! And you Tracy are one that brings joy!
    Praying for you...Chelle

  5. I especially love this time of year when there is so much JOY! And I treasure finding all the Christmas ornaments that spell out J-O-Y. ...Maybe it's because my middle name is JOY, and at Christmas I can happily splash it around everywhere!

  6. Ah! Faithful bloggers like you bring me joy:)
    Sipping my cinnamon, apple tea by the fireplace and reading a good book brings me joy.
    Knowing I am redeemed, and always loved by my Savior brings me joy!
    My husband bringing me a handful of wildflowers brings me joy!
    My son coming up behind me and giving me a big hug brings me joy:)
    I could go on and on. Thanks for making me smile :)

  7. Moments spent quietly with my children bring me joy, my home all snug and cozy brings joy, knowing God is faithful frees my heart to stretch out for joy!

  8. I get so much joy when my children laugh together too.
    My daughter arrives home tomorrow. that is making me extra joyful ;)

  9. You know, it is because of Him I retain a childlike joy that is truly a gift and a strength! I think this year blogging (= writing) and sharing has brought me great joy with new friends and the excitement of knowing His Kingdom extends to the uttermost of the Blogosphere! His creation - nature brings me daily joy! Thanks for sharing and hosting The Blog Hop

  10. Many of the things that you shared also bring me joy, and before I read to the end, I thought of the verse "the joy of the Lord is my strength."

    Spending time with my beloved brings me joy and I love to see him worship our Lord. I also love to take "nature walks" and looking upon the beauty of God's creation brings me joy.

    Thanks for hosting each week! Connecting with other bloggers also brings me joy.


  11. Jesus Others You!!!
    Thanks for the sweet reminder...and for letting me join in. HOPE you have a great day!

  12. Reading your words brought me joy. I count it a blessing to have discovered you in blogland Tracy.

  13. Joy is the peace I feel inside knowing that I am His. It shows itself in many things throughout my day! It enables me to find joy in the little things and the beautiful things even when things around me may not be perfect. My joy is in the Lord!

    Blessings! Joan

  14. Joy is hearing the laughter of my children, the sweet whispers of my husband and knowing that God loves me for me.

    Beautiful post Tracy!!

  15. Jesus. No other name or place or thing brings me joy like Jesus! I just love this post, Tracy! You are a blessing! Thanks! ~ jen

  16. We should always find great JOY even in the little things in life. Sometimes we must look for them, but that is called seeking for joy!

  17. Joy is on my heart today too dear friend! Love your "joyful" list! I found this wonderful quote by Jill Briscoe today... "I believe God, through His Spirit, grants us love, joy, and peace no matter what is happening in our lives. As Christians, we shouldn't expect our joy to always feel like happiness, but instead recognize joy as inner security -- a safeness in our life with Christ." Blessings :)

  18. Paul taught us to rejoice always! God knows just how to lift our spirits with an amazing sunset, a butterfly, or even a gentle breeze whispering "I love you." Even in the trials we can find joy in Him!

  19. Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS and again I ssay rejoice! Amen

  20. For me:

    Joy is in the sweet hug of a grandchild.
    Joy is when I'm driving down the road and listening to one of my favorite verse by verse Bible studies and God highlights comforting and encouraging Bible verses in a new and special way.
    Joy Is Advent activities and Christmas music around the lighted Christmas tree with my grandkids.


    Thanks for a lovely visit.

  21. I find that the more I focus on things to be grateful for, whether big or small, the more I find that is a blessing in my life the more I am joyful.

  22. So thrilled I found you! I just recently transitioned (still making updates) my blog to a devotional blog and am so excited to find someone like yourself! Joy is my strength! Can't wait to read more!

    Unwrapping His Grace,

    Mary Joy

  23. Hi! I like your blog and following you for GFC, Facebook & Twitter! Thanks for blog hop! I hope your visit! Have a wonderful week!

    Peace & Love!

  24. Tracy,

    I just wanted to pop over and let you know I have been thinking about you and praying that you are doing well after your surgery, blessings to you Tracy.

  25. Tracy:

    I haven't seen you post in a few days and I hope you are doing okay.

    I have an award for you over at my blog:

    (I just scrolled to the bottom of your page and saw that you already had this award, but okay, you deserve it again!)


  26. Ladies and Gent - thank you so much for all your comments about what brings you joy. You guys are awesome. Thank you too for all your prayers and good thoughts for me while in hospital. that done and dusted, its time to heal and blog! God bless all, and looking forward to catching up.



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