Tuesday, 15 November 2011

We have a choice!

Duet 30 v 19:  I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you LIFE and DEATH, BLESSING and CURSING;  therefore choose LIFE, that both you and your descendants may live.

I think all of us would stand up and say, "Yes, I choose life, I choose blessing."  I don't think any of us would choose the alternative.

The thing is though, we often do choose the alternative by our behaviour, by our words, by our thoughts and deeds.

When choosing life and blessing, we have to speak positively, speak God's word.  Renew our minds with His ways, act in faith and do good deeds because of our faith.
There are easier ways to renew your mind

Many of us bring cursing, and therefore spiritual death by our words, which sometimes translates into actions.
For example:
  • God will never do that for me
  • This blessing is not meant for me
  • I know He heals, but my thing is not important
  • I've sinned too much for God's favour
  • God's not concerned about my problems
  • God won't forgive me for that, etc

Speaking this stuff is bringing curses in your life and then you start to act in this way and it becomes an inner belief.  NONE of the above is true!  NONE of this lines up with God's word.

If you don't know how to choose life and blessings start by choosing to read His word and speak aloud His promises - they are meant for YOU!

God bless

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  1. Good post Tracy...very true.

  2. I like when you said, " we have to speak positively, speak God's word." We get the "brain drain" when we focus on the negative and the "brain gain," when we focus on the words of Jesus. Great post!

  3. This is exactly what we heard preached on Sunday. I choose life too, blessings abundant.

  4. Thanks. This is so true and this is what turned me life 25 years ago. The Holy Spirit works the will to want what God wants: choose the right thing: coming to Jesus Christ. And today I can say: "I choose life, I choose blessing."

  5. I am saving this on my favorites so I can read it over and over I needed this. I would never choose death, but I'm not entirely sure my actions would reflect that at times. Thanks :)

  6. Tracy - although we never know God's plans, a negative attiude affects how we life our daily life. It can make us miserable.

    Great post.

  7. Hi Chelle - thanks my friend. Praying God is restoring your peace.

    Hi Kelli - love that brain drain or brain gain!

    Hi Stefanie - amen blessings abundant and reckless confidence in Christ

    Hi Jedidja - Amen, God is so good and the longer we walk with Him, the more we have life

    Hi Kelly - I think that is exactly what happens. We subconsciously make negative decisions to think or say something but don't realise we are actually speaking that stuff over our lives. Here's to choosing life and life abundant!!

    Hi Joan, so true and can delay our progress in Christ, which of course is the devil's desire! Here's to choosing life and blessing despite how we feel or how our circumstances look

    Ladies, thank you for all the comments. I am so blessed by them and they all help me to focus on the one true God.
    God bless

  8. So true. We say we choose life but our actions/words are choosing death. Great post Tracy!

  9. It seems like such an obvious choice to choose life but too often I choose death even when I don't intend to. I choose death in my marriage when I fail to respect my spouse. I choose death in parenting when I fall to the temptation to parent by popular opinion. Today I want to remember to choose life by choosing Christ first and most.

  10. Great encouragement, Tracy! May we also speak life and blessing with our words.

  11. It's so true, the devil whispers those curses into our hearts and we believe them. This is wonderful wisdom... "When choosing life and blessing, we have to speak positively, speak God's word. Renew our minds with His ways, act in faith and do good deeds because of our faith." Amen, the activity of our Faith means everything! Blessings Tracy :)

  12. Wow so true what a great post God bless Girl Thanks

  13. Tracy,

    Beautiful encouragement today, I choose Jesus, I choose life!

    Blessings to you.

  14. A positive attitude reflects trust in God! When we trust Him (really trust Him) we are encouraged as we wait upon His timing and His plans.

    Blessings, Joan

    P.S. Finally got the button up on my prayer blog - per your suggestion! Thanks!

  15. Amen, Tracy! We have a choice with every thought and with every action. And the more time we spend with God and His word, the more life we are feeding into our lives and souls.

    God bless you, sweet ((((Tracy))))!!

  16. Hi Jenifer - amen, I am learning (slowly but surely), that my actions need to line up with my beliefs.

    Hi Shannon - you are so right. We do not realize that every action is a choice and its in the choosing whether there is growth or...death!

    Hi Lisa - amen, our words also have the power of life and death. Scary but true. Choice in those too are important. Great point

    Hi Heidi - been missing you. I like how you say the activity or our faith - great point. If we believe then act like it!!

    Hi Crystal - thank you, your encouragement means a lot to me

    Hi Kandi - thank you, me too!

    Hi Joan - amen, we say we believe and if so our attitude should be positive - especially as we wait. Great point. And I am so going to 'fetch' your button now now!

    Hi Lisa - amen. That is something I am definitely learning - more time in the word, more life!!
    ((((Lisa)))) :)

    Ladies - your comments bless me and I appreciate them ALL
    God bless

  17. Much easier to say we choose life that to practice making life giving choices. Good food for thought Tracy.

  18. Hi Wanda - amen, easier said than done. But the thing is to never give up trying.
    Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it and you encourage me greatly
    God bless



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