Friday, 4 November 2011

5 Minute Friday - Remember!

Here goes: unscripted, unedited (scary stuff):

When I think of the word "remember"  I think of the places in the bible where we are told to look forward or not to look back:
  • Lot's wife, and she didn't listen very well and ended up as a salt pillar (Gen 19v26)
  • Don't look back, look forward to what lies ahead (Phil 3v13 and Prov 4v25)
When I remember things of the past I know that thinking about the good things brings joy and warmth and thinking of the bad things causes me to stumble.

I think we should remember the good things and the things that Christ has done for us, as David did many times in Psalms.  The word instructs us to do this so that we can be encouraged and our faith will be renewed and restored.  

I think when we remember the bad things that have happened, we should look at those memories and learn from them, not be crippled by them.  We need to remember that satan brings these thoughts to our minds, not for any positive reason.  Only to hurt us and delay growth.  Remember that, remember his plans are to separate you from God and His blessings and take those memories to God and leave them there.  You know that the things of the past that have been dealt with, are well.... dealt with!  The devil would have you believe otherwise.  Refute his lies with God's truth!

Remember - God has a plan and purpose for your good, for your life
Remember - to whom you belong 
Remember - His word and His truth
Remember - He loves you
Remember - Be thankful in all things
Remember - All good things come from Him

God bless

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  1. I am so thankful He doesn't remember our sin...and he wants us to forget it also, walking forward and not looking behind!

  2. I love that God can remember me but not my sin. You've given us much to remember -- a beautiful list to tuck in our pockets for when Satan temps us to remember the bad. Beautiful, Tracy.

  3. Wonderful things to remember today, Tracy. Many blessings!

  4. So grateful that when we remember Him, it is because He first remembered us and saved us.

    Thanks for the reminders of all the good things we can remember.


  5. "I think when we remember the bad things that have happened, we should look at those memories and learn from them, not be crippled by them." Me too! Every experience, good or bad, can grow us and shape us. Great reminders, Tracy!

  6. Hi Tracy,
    Have read your last few posts and caught up! What you write is always such a blessing to me. Always something I need to hear. I absolutely love this one! Those last 6 things you listed on what to remember are soooo good! Thanks for the reminder.
    Blessings to you friend...Chelle

  7. Hi Allison - so true, He remembers it no more

    Hi Pamela - thank you too

    Hi Lisa - amen, and you have a blessed weekend too

    Hi Dolly - great point. It all starts with Him

    Hi Eileen - thats what I'm trying to take away from experiences good or bad

    Hi Chelle - been missing you. Thank you for the great encouragement

    Ladies, thank you for commenting. I really appreciate it.
    God bless

  8. Awesome and encouraging post!

  9. It helps to make a 'book of remembrance'... just a journal with all the great things He has done... and go over it any time you feel discouraged or something. It helps, the psalmists did it all the time :)
    Great post Tracy, thanks.

  10. Tracy,
    What a great reminder to have whenever satan tries to guilt us over our sin. Thank you for helping me remember that God remembers me and not my sin.
    Blessings, sweet sister!

  11. Hi Robin - thank you

    Hi Marja - great idea. I did start jotting things down but I think a more formal book would be a great thing to have

    Hi Erin - Amen, He remembers us but on asking forgiveness and repenting He remembers our sin no more.

    Ladies you bless



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