Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tag - You're it!

tag you're it!

Chelle from Chelle's Blog tagged me to tell 10 things about myself. So here goes!

  1. I love collecting tea cups, not sets, individual cups.  I love odd assortments which in itself is odd because I like structure!  Oh well, go figure!
  2. I would never survive chinese torture:  skew pictures, dripping taps, blinds clattering,  a person bouncing their leg, drives me nutty!
  3. I hum when I enjoy my food (much to my daughter's annoyance)
  4. I get excited about silly little things, the big things just freak me out
  5. I love sport but hate exercise, which explains why I was fit in my youth and not so fit in my youth+ age
  6. I cry (or try bravely not to) when they do those things on radio that make a difference in peoples' lives, you know, fulfill a wish or a need
  7. I'm a list maker, although the older I get, I make the list and that's about as far as it gets
  8. My cell phone is my brain - everything is stored there! (and I now make lists there)
  9. I love making my kids laugh at my expense (most times)
  10. The one time I beat my husband at chess I danced around the house like a lunatic

Okay. Now I am to tag 5 other people to play. 


And if you are not mentioned above please leave something about yourself in the comments section.  I would love to learn more about all of you!

God bless

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  1. So funny! I love hearing peoples quirks :)

  2. I love mugs, esp Eyeore mugs and have a small but beautiful collection. I have heard that it takes three items before you can call it a collection. Useless bit of information - free for you.

  3. Nice to get to know you better!Our various differences make life interesting.

  4. Fun list.

    I love dishes.

    I hate driving.

    I shook hands with President and Mrs. Johnson.


  5. There are many foods that I did not like in childhood that are now among my favorites as an adult: pickles, brussel sprouts, spinach, oatmeal. Although I still hate anything coconut!

    I can't figure out my cell phone! And it's not even a smartphone!

    When I was a girl I thought a convertible was my dream car. Now, I would LOVE to have a mini van.

    Much love,

  6. Tracy, I can see why I like you so much. Great list! We have much in common. :)

  7. You're a very fascinating person! Can sure relate to #2 and #5.

  8. Hi Melissa - yeah, kind of makes people more personable

    Hi Stefanie - based on that definition I may be collector of much random stuff!

    Hi Pam - so true

    Hi Glenda - interesting list, yours.

    Hi Pain to Purpose - isn't it funny how our likes and dislikes, needs and desires change over time? :)

    Hi Jenifer - so glad to hear it!

    Hi Eileen - thank you, and the feeling is mutual.

    Hi Karin - hardly fascinating, just normal (I think) Glad you can relate, now I feel a little relieved. :0

    Thank you lovely ladies for joining me in this bit of fun. Look forward to knowing you all better over time.
    God bless

  9. Tracy, you are so cute! I love reading fun facts about my friends.

    Fun fact about me... I love salsa. Yep... My name is Lisa and I'm a salsaholic. Oh man, set me in front of a few dozen bowls of salsa and I'm a happy woman. :D

    God's best blessings to you, sweet ((((Tracy))))!

  10. Hi Lisa - you're so funny. I can just picture you - with your salsa!
    God bless
    Precious friend

  11. Wat pret om jou tien dinge te lees. Veral nommer een vind ek mooi. Dat neurieën onder lekker eet, doen my dogter ook. Vreeslik! Almal is weer anders en dit is geweldig. Ek wens jou 'n fijne dag verder.

  12. I like your list, your personality comes alive!

  13. Hi Hands to Work, Hearts to God - thank you, I appreciate that
    God bless

  14. Love it! I can identify with a few of your "quirks" and enjoy the rest. : }



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