Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Past

An excerpt from "God Calling":
Do not dwell upon the past.  You make My sacrifice of no effect
That really got my attention.  We go to God for forgiveness, we repent and God says our sins are as if they never were.  We are forgiven because of His grace and mercy.  And, we no longer have to make some sort of sacrifice, because Christ made the ultimate sacrifice, His life, for our sins.

Looking back - traps you!
But, I know I battle to forgive myself or to let it go.  I look back too often and dwell on those failings and sins instead of doing as God has done, squashed my sin forever, they're gone, done and dusted!  I keep dragging them back to mull over.

God says in Phil 3 v 13(b):  ...But one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead.

The devil wants us to look back, to trap us in the past, because then he has a hold on us and we look backwards instead of UPWARDS.

Let us rather do as the Lord has done and leave the past in the past.  Learn from it, yes, but don't dwell on it. If you genuinely repented, God has forgiven!  Let us not do what the devil would have us do, focus on the past so we miss God's blessings in the present.

Look upwards - to Jesus!
If there is anywhere we should be looking its to Jesus.
Heb 12v2:  Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross despising the shame, and has sat down at the right had of the throne of God.

God bless

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  1. I love this "The devil wants us to look back, to trap us in the past, because then he has a hold on us and we look backwards instead of UPWARDS." I have made the past almost an idol in my life. It took years but I finally realized it didn't matter what other people thought about me...It only matterd what God thought~and I will always be His adopted princess!

  2. Tracy. I needed to hear this message so much this morning. Thanku! Oh that devil works in his slow manipulative ways building strongholds in our lives. But my Papa God has paved such a beautiful road for me.. X Jacqui X

  3. I love the picture of freedom captured here. And from His word

  4. Love the picture of the dog with the loose leach sitting looking back, resonates with me and will be a reminder to look to Jesus and not behind me for the rest of the day.

  5. Thank you for this lesson and also thanks for the funny picture.m

  6. Hi Tracy,

    Yes; our past sins and mistakes are hard to recover from without our full trust and faith in God! It's always good to learn from them and be remorseful, but it's such a blessing that we are forgiven with His good and loving grace! :)

    Blessings and love friend!

  7. I enjoyed the pictures you chose . . . which really illustrated the post.


  8. for various reasons, loved this on THIS particular day. thank you for sharing.

  9. Great reminder and encouragement, Tracy.

  10. Hi Friend...Great post this morning! I have struggled much with this over the past 4 years. It seems though that when I do God always shows me, in a new way, how "much" He loves me!! I have a great friend, like a spiritual Mother, who always tells me to just put that ol devil under my foot and grind him into the ground!! Thank you for that great reminder this morning!!
    Blessings Friend...Chelle

  11. Great encouragement Tracy. Learn from the past but do not dwell on it.

  12. Can never hear this enough Tracy, thanks a million!

  13. Wonderful encouragement, Tracy. The past will hold us hostage if we let it. We must learn from the past, but keep looking forward, towards Jesus. Many blessings!

  14. Hi Kelli - its amazing what keeps us back in life, when all we have to do is look to God and follow

    Hi Jacqui - So good to hear from you and i'm glad you got something here - and that road God has paved for you - look ahead and follow it. Blessings

    Hi Brenda - thank you, funny that picture appealed to me but only after reading some of the comments did it hit me why, free but still with a leash. Definitely a word picture going on there.

    Hi Stefanie - so true, its like we don't realise the freedom we have in Christ

    Hi Jedidja - glad you enjoyed it. God bless

    Hi Denise - so true, God's grace is awesome and I think its overwhelming to consider we are free.

    Hi Glenda - thank you. i always appreciate your comments

    Hi Hopeunbroken - thank you for visiting and commenting. i appreciate it. i am glad that its something you needed to read today.

    Hi Eileen - thank you, you encourage me too.

    Hi Chelle - great idea, a good foot stompin' to remind him of his future.

    Hi Jenifer - yes, the ultimate in dealing with stuff that binds us. Something to strive for

    Hi Marja - me too

    Hi Lisa - Amen, the only way is to look forward to Jesus.

    Ladies, you are a great encouragement and blessing to me. I hope your evening is filled with joy and peace.
    God bless

  15. I absolutely love that verse in Phil. 3... so grateful that He included that in our book of instruction!

  16. This is great Tracy. I needed to be reminded to look forward and not behind. I sometimes feel like Lot's wife. I want to push through and embrace all that God has planned.

  17. Tracy,

    I am so guilty of looking behind me, looking at all my past mistakes wondering how God could ever use a screw up like me. Lovely encouragement today Tracy, God remember our sins,He casts them as far as the east is from the west.

    Blessings to you Tracy.

  18. What a wonderful message.....I look back to often but you make such a wonderful point...what He did for us is for naught when we look back.......

    Thank you so much for coming by for a visit and leaving me your wonderful words of comfort......

    Hugs and blessings,

  19. Hi Heidi - me too, kind of gives a girl hope right?!

    Hi Michelle - thanks for the visit and comment. So appreciate it. Yes, its to push through while looking forward. Looking behind, the pushing through takes longer I think!

    Hi Kandi - that is exactly what the devil wants. that way he prevents us from growing in God. Here's to looking forward and up at Christ and not behind.

    Hi Nancy - good to see you back here. Hugs and blessings to you too.

    Lovely ladies - I really appreciate all your comments and hope that you leave here encouraged as I do when reading them all.
    God bless



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