Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Idols - Another perspective

In a previous post I wrote of how 'things' that steal our time from God are 'idols' in our lives and I believe its something we all have to work on.

Another form of idolatry is a spiritual form and a potentially more dangerous form.. Whenever I google something or go on facebook or gmail, I am bombarded with adverts to read my fortune or read my stars, or have my tea-leaves read or my palm - or whatever else it is that one can read to see my future!

God's word warns us to keep away from this stuff:
Lev 19 v 31:  Give NO regard to mediums and familiar spirits; DO NOT seek after them, to be defiled by them:  I AM the Lord your God!

Ps 96 v 5:  For all the gods of the peoples are idols, but the Lord made the heavens.

Ps 97 v 7:  Let all be put to shame who serve carved images, who boast of idols.  Worship Him, all you gods.

We as Christians would be the first to claim that "we would never practice witchcraft" (insert look of horror here), but reading your horoscope, trying to find out your future through a fortune teller, trying to find something out from the dead, through a medium (a popular pastime on TV these days it seems),  all these things are witchcraft.
Trusting Him....one step at a time!
My encouragement to you is take your questions and concerns about your past, present and future to God.  He is the one who knows everything about you from before you were born until the time you die and before and beyond that.  Trust Him when He doesn't show you more than your next step - because He knows all your steps!
One step at a time!
God bless

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  1. Thank you for this posting and warning. Hug from me.

  2. I'm the world's worst for reading fortune cookies... and kinda got upset once when mine didn't have a fortune in it lol. Definitely something I need to work on. Great post, and a real one to think over.

  3. Thanks again.
    I loved the picture of the granny blanket too, think I need to come for lessons?

  4. Tracy,

    I think there are so many people in this world grasping at anything to find hope that unfortunately they indulge in horoscopes and the like to just find a little piece of hope, unfortunately they never turn to the only One who can offer it. I do like cracking open my fortune cookie at the Chinese restaurant though. :)

  5. I agree with what Kandi said. I remember before I was a believer that I was searching for anything BUT God and I was all over this kind of stuff... so glad His grace found me :) Now, I never ever look at anything like that. Great post!

  6. I also agree with Kandi. People are searching, just in the wrong places. I want the real deal....Jesus!

  7. I also agree with Kandi. People are searching, just in the wrong places. I want the real deal....Jesus!

  8. Sometimes these things are thought of as innocent fun, but God does consider them to be witchcraft. Thanks for the reminder, Tracy. We need to be seeking help from God alone.

  9. Great topic. Many, even in the church, are not aware of what God's Word has to say about dabbling in this realm. Many make like of it...nothing to worry about...what's the big deal...you know? So, it pays for us to not bury our heads, but to be aware so we can shine the light in the darkness.

  10. Good points, Tracy. I learned my lesson a long time ago (as a teenager) about fortunes and (dare I say it) a seance. It's a long story, but what a group of teenagers perceived as innocent fun could have had dire consequences had it not been for my mother's intervention.

    I do like fortune cookies and my husband and I will often read what is inside for a laugh - knowing of course that nobody but God knows our future. However, our favorite Chinese restuarant now has fortune cookies with a proverb or famous quote inside. A great alternative, I think.

  11. HI Jedidja - hugs to you too precious lady

    Hi Kelly - I don't think I've ever opened a fortune cookie, not because I'm prissy or anything, just not so into chinese food :)

    Hi Stefanie - no more than I do

    Hi Kandi - You make a very valid point, many people are searching and its sad that the resort to these things.

    Hi Heidi - it is sad that people searching seek these things out, but as you say, people search ANYTHING to find peace

    Hi Jenifer - I think that was the point I wanted to make, we HAVE the real deal as Christians, we shouldn't. as Christians be searching these other things out. It opens the wrong doors

    Hi Lisa - yes, so true. the devil makes these things look fun, but in fact they are pretty dangerous

    Hi Amy - thanks for visiting and commenting. You have summerised my thoughts exactly. I will be over to visit with you soon

    Hi Joan - glad your mom intervened. And the fortune cookies with proverbs, etc, yes, definitely a better alternative.

    Ladies, you bless me by leaving comments. I so appreciate it and pray you all have an awesome week further.
    God bless



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