Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I want to change - Already!

I want to change.  I want to be a nicer person.  I want to be a more patient, gracious person.  I want to lose weight.  I want to be fitter. (I can so hear my mother's voice here saying "I want doesn't get!").  And over the years I have tried everything.  Ok - maybe not everything, but a lot of things - to change!

And, here I sit, upset with myself for not having changed!  For not being the person I want to be.  I have improved in certain areas over the years, but the things I want most to change, seem to elude me.


Because I try to do things in my own strength.  I ask the Lord's forgiveness for once again messing up, I ask His help to overcome, and merrily go off on my way and "try" to change!  Fail, and start the whole circle all over again.

This is not how it works in God's economy:
Prov 14 v 12:  There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.

What I am learning is that:
  1. Worldly knowledge to change is in vain
  2. God wants you to have the victory and wants you to overcome, BUT He wants the glory
  3. My job is not to change, but to focus on the One who CAN change me.
  4. I am not strong enough to change on my own.  God is my strength.  His strength is made perfect in my weakness (2 Corin 12 v 9).

Now, I am talking here about personal changes but I have learnt that in circumstances, that I can do nothing about, when I focus on God and His word, miraculously, the circumstances start to change - OR - my attitude  in the circumstances start to change.

The same applies to personal changes.  Focus on Christ and those changes start to take place on the inside and one day you notice your response to someone is different, good  - unlike your normal response - and what do you do?  You glow with an inner peace AND you give God the glory!

My encouragement to you if there is something about yourself you want to change - STOP trying to do it on your own or the world's way, and focus on Christ, the One who can and will change you.  And then, remember to give Him the glory.

God bless

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  1. I used to be chuffed that I have strong self-control. That when I set my mind to watch what I eat and lose weight I can, until I read that self-control can become an idol, and realised that I was so guilty of that too. I am right behind you, Trace supporting you in the changes you make.

  2. You have given some thoughts that certainly need consideration for us who are wanting to change something in our life. Thank you for these insights.

  3. Change is hard, sometimes we want to change, sometimes we don't, sometimes we're a bit confused and are a bit of both. I am the latter @ the momemnt.

    Change can be good and come from godly motives but sometimes the desire to change can stem from old insecurities.

    But you are right, change should be left to God to complete within us. But to be honest, I am struggling with this, I feel a call to change but the call seems like something that I can't acheive. In many ways I'm tired of God continuously asking of me I feel like saying "God, haven't I changed enough already???"

    Obviously not...

    Thinking and praying for you

  4. Your words encouraged and uplifted me today, Tracy. Great advice for us all.

  5. Oh, this is good, Tracy. This is good. Your post gave me a kind of spiritual spanking today! I've been wanting some things to change, myself, and my attitude has not been right about it at all. So thank you for this, even though it hurt a little!

  6. Perfect reminder for Tracy. The real need is a change of FOCUS. Thanks!

  7. Awesome!!!
    I really enjoyed this one, so many things I wish could be changed right now!! I guess that when we wait on the Lord we get impatient and then try to do it by our own strength, nevertheless to realize that we need God and then we come back to Him- tail between our legs- and He always has open arms ready to take over. Its that allowing Him to take over that's hard, but like your posts in James- faith without actions is dead! We need to have faith.
    Thank you,
    Anon M

  8. Hi Stefanie - you are always an encouragement to me when it comes to self-discipline, but like you say, we need balance

    Hi Robert - thanks for the visit and your comment. Coming from a retired pastor, I am much encouraged

    Hi Florence - I don't think its so much about the changing, more about the focusing on God, worshiping and praising and living in thankfulness, and then the changes come from within. Thanks for commenting Florence, I appreciate it

    Hi Pam - thank you, I appreciate that and you very much

    Hi Erin - ouch, hope it didn't hurt too much :)

    Hi Wanda - so true, focus on Christ, the one who can change us and our circumstances

    Hi Anon M - I think you summed it perfectly, faith. Faith to know He will make the changes, or give us the strength to make the changes.

    Thanks to all for commenting. I really appreciate it and am truly blessed by all of you.
    God bless

  9. The single best book on change out there - "I Really Want to Change...so Help Me God" by James MacDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible in Chicago. Made a HUGE impact on my life.

  10. What a wonderful post! How true this is. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I love where you say my job is not to change but to focus on the One who can change me. Great encouragement Tracy

  12. There is so much about me that I want to change (and have tried to change) that I honestly don't know who *I* am any more. What I *do* know is that I don't really like her-- wow that's kinda hard to admit. Thanks for these reminders :)

  13. Oh, I SO know that vicious cycle of trying to change me in my own strength! Thanks for the reminder that real change is done with God and for His glory! Blessings Tracy :)

  14. Tracy, I was just talking with a friend about this topic this morning. We have to stop trying in our own strength and start doing in God's strength.

  15. Hi Shannon - I will definitely look that book up

    Hi Sharon - thank you, I appreciate the comment and the visit

    Hi Jenifer - its something I'm trying to remind myself of more often

    Hi kelly - at the end of the day, if your focus is on God, He will show you who He created you to be

    HI Brittany - thank you

    Hi Heidi - the reminder is for me too.

    Hi Lisa - its like Anon M said above, if we have faith, we act on it and trust Him to help us change, in His strength

    God's blessings to you lovely ladies. Thank you for all your comments

  16. I didn't know you were starting a blog hop. I'll pop over tomorrow.


  17. Tracy,

    Goodness do I know this, for years I tried to change in my own strength, I tried to be better, tried to be nicer, the only thing I accomplished was changing my behavior, but my heart didn't change so I would constantly slip back into my old habits. Only He can make those permanent changes in us.

    Blessings to you Tracy.

  18. Tracy:

    Great post! This spoke volumes to me as there are many things that I want to change. However, unless I rely on His strength, not mine, my efforts are wasted.

    Looking forward to joining you tomorrow!


  19. I was just thinking about that with my weight and fitness battle - to stop focusing on what I can do and give it over to him. In other challenges, I have also learned that those "changes" may not occur on my time schedule or in the way I am looking for - so I need to totally take my hands off of it except through prayer. I so needed to read this today!!!

  20. I am so with you on this one and it is such an awesome reminder.

  21. Oh yes...changing is hard. I have learned that "without Him I can do nothing"! He is the only one that can truly affect change in me.
    Thanks for the reminder Tracy.

  22. Hi Glenda - so looking forward to seeing you there

    Hi Kandi - great point, Jesus makes the changes in our hearts, thus, permanent. When we do it, it lasts as long as our will-power!

    Hi Joan - so true, many a wasted effort over here, sigh

    Hi Blue cotton memory - so true, I'm glad you have been encouraged here today.

    Hi Yolanda - thanks for visiting and commenting. I appreciate it and will be over to visit with you soon.

    God bless Ladies, I really appreciate and enjoy each and every comment

  23. Hi Chelle - we must have been typing at the same time! Christ is the only one who can effect true change in us. He is our strength and stronghold.
    God bless precious friend

  24. Tracy - what a wise post! I love how you frame the right attitude for change. I have been in such a similar place, always feeling like I am on the verge of real change...but some how missing the mark. Thanks for this thought provoking post.

  25. Hi Susan - I so agree with you. Its so near yet so far and I think the answer is to forget about the 'change' and focus on praising God and then the 'change' happens. God gives us the desires of our hearts.
    Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it.
    God bless, Susan

  26. This is such a good one to start out this year with!

  27. Hi Esther-Joy - yes, it is a great one to start the year with :) God bless lovely lady



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