Friday, 7 October 2011

5 Minute Friday - Ordinary

Here goes:  unscripted, unedited (scary stuff):


I have always considered myself ordinary.  I have never felt the need to be "in" and have never felt "out".  I have always considered myself happy with the status-quo.  Now don't get me wrong, I do what I have to do to the best of my ability (most times) and I don't try to avoid doing things but I don't strive to be 'like' someone else or 'with' a certain crowd.  I am happy with who I am in general (there is lots to change and improve - a post for another day) and consider myself, well....ordinary!

But God's word says otherwise.  His word says in Psalm 139:

  • He knows everything about me (ps 139vs1)
  • He knows when I sit down or stand up and my every thought (vs 2)
  • He charts my path and knows every moment, where I am (vs 3)
  • He knows what I am going to say before I say it (vs 4)
  • He goes before and after me, placing His hand of blessing on me (vs 5)
  • His spirit surrounds me, I cannot escape it (vs 7) and would not want to
  • Wherever, whenever, Your hand guides and support me (vs 10)
  • Darkness can't hide me from You (vs 12)
  • You made every tiny precise, intricate part of me in my mother's womb (vs 13)
  • You watched me as i grew in my mother's womb (vs 15)
  • You know all my days, from before I was born (vs 16)
  • Your precious thoughts of me are innumerable (vs 17)
My Creator and Saviour are FAR from ordinary and I was made in His image!  How can I claim to be ordinary then?  I can't!

So, from now onwards, I no longer consider myself ordinary, or for that matter, any one of God's beautiful creations (all of us).  I consider myself extraordinary daughter of an extraordinary Father, Lord, Saviour and Friend

God bless you my extraordinary friends

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  1. So true! What could possibly be ordinary about we who are created in HIS image and watched over and molded by HIM. Beautiful post.

  2. We were made for so much more than ordinary. Love this Tracy. Many blessings!

  3. I have always known that you're special!

  4. So much truth here! Love these 5 minutes!

  5. You are indeed special in God's eyes and mine. :)

  6. Tracy, your post brought a smile to my face! Thank you, extraordinary friend!

  7. I also consider myself rather ordinary, but when I look at the scriptures you chose and realize that God has created me to be ME in His own special way, then truly, I am not so ordinary at all! :)

    Great thoughts! :)

  8. Beautiful post, my extraordinary friend. Love that God created u in His image and loves us so much! Amazing.

  9. Hear that?!
    It's me.....clapping!

    Great post!!!!

  10. Glad we are sisters in the extraordinary Him! Thanks for sharing your heart today!

  11. Great post Tracy. I'm blessed to be in such extraordinary company!!

  12. Hi Katrina - thanks for the visit and comment. Amen, what could be ordinary about the living God and His creation?

    Hi Lisa - so true, created for so much more than ordinary - great point

    Hi Melissa - thank you

    Hi Stefanie - thank you, as are you my friend

    Hi Brittany - thank you for the visit and comment, I'll be over to visit you back

    Hi Shannon - thank you, as are you :)

    Hi Eileen - bringing a smile is one of my goals, goal achieved :) thank you for being an extraordinary bloggy friend

    Hi Madame Wildflower - amen, you are a precious work of the Father, created for an extraordinary life whatever that may be, whether as a homemaker or a deal breaker.You are one of a kind :)

    Hi Misty - thank you, I consider you an extraordinary friend too :)

    Hi Stacy - you are so cool :)

    Hi Blessed beyond doubt - thank you for the visit, will be over to visit you back soon, extraordinary sisters in Christ, I like that

    Hi Chelle - the feeling is mutual my extraordinary friend

    Blessings to you all and I am so blessed by your comments. Hope the weekend is stress free and blessing rich.
    God bless

  13. Wonderful post Tracy! :)

    Sometimes in our own eyes we consider ourselves common and ordinary, but in God’s eyes and in the eyes of those on earth who manifest God’s love for us, we are unique and special. Despite our flaws, faults, and failings, God loves each of us deeply and unconditionally!

    Blessings for a wonderful weekend! :)

  14. Amen to that Tracy. I wrote a whole book on that concept :) Check out
    Have a great weekend, enjoy!

  15. Yes! We are all uniquely and intricately made by our Father. No ordinary folks here! He are His and that makes us extra-ordinary!!

  16. Yes Tracy! You are extra-ordinary! So thankful for you and your blog filled with the truth of His Word! Have a great weekend! ~ jen

  17. Hi Denise - this is so true, the love of the Father is what sets us apart

    Hi Marja - I will definitely go and check it out

    Hi Joan - no ordinary folk here, love that

    Hi Jen - it is you, Jen who is extraordinary. I am humbled by all that you do and pray God's strength for you to continue doing what so few do. Blessings my friend

    Ladies, you bless me. You are all extraordinary in the way God made you and I am blessed to be a part of your lives, however distant!

  18. Humility is realizing that without God we are as ordinary as can be but with him we are exceptional, as always he gets the glory!

  19. Thank you! This is so true and I am so glad to read this posting. I'am blessed with you ...

  20. Good thoughts, Tracy. He created each of us as unique individuals, so in reality none of us are "ordinary."

  21. Hi Beck - you put it in the most perfect way :)

    Hi Jedidja - thank you, you are a blessing to me too

    Hi Joan - amen to that.

    Thank you ladies for all your comments. They mean much to me
    God bless



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