Friday, 14 October 2011

5 Minute Friday - Catch

Here goes:  unscripted, unedited (scary stuff):

How is Christ catching your attention?

Is it through:
  • His word
  • The examples of others 
  • Miracles? 

 or is He catching your attention through:

  • Hardship
  • circumstances
  • consequences?
It is way better for Jesus to catch your attention through His word and the examples of what others have gone through.  Jesus loves us so much that if He cannot catch your attention in those ways, He will catch it in other ways, ways that hurt.  For God will be harsh with the flesh, to win your soul (1 Corinth 5 v 5).

Is your soil good to CATCH His word?

Matt 13 v 23:  "But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty."

Let Jesus catch our attention as soon as possible and let us be good ground on which to catch His word, so that we will be fruitful and useful in His kingdom

God bless

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  1. Hi Tracy :)

    Good post; I think God works in many ways to get my attention, whether it's through something I am going through in my life, or through other people and their circumstances. But its up to me to trust and obey Him with everything in my life, and turn to the greatest resource provided for the answers...His Word! :)

    Blessings and hugs!!

  2. Knap gedaan hoor, so maar sonder om te verbeter tog? Ja, Jesus het my gevang deur sy woord. Maar die eerste keer nie. Die eerste keer gebruik hy die sterwe van my oupa. En ook die Woord eintlik, tydens die begrafnis.
    Ek wens jou 'n fijne Vrydag. Hier schint die son maar dit is werklik koud. Op die plat dak van die skuur lag 'n lagie ys.

    Ek wens jou 'n ryk wandeling met Hom, ons Verlosser!

  3. Great post! Thanks

  4. Wow! How precisely you laid it right out there for "catch!" It really made me stop and think. And pray.

    Thank you.

  5. After what I read, He's even "ctaching" my attention with tears.

  6. Hi Tracy~This is so good. He has been catching my attention lately in all kinds of ways! I prefer through His Word but sometimes I'm a little hard headed and He has to use other ways. Funny how those ways get me back to His Word quickly!!
    Have a great day...Chelle

  7. Well said! I'm thankful He has my attention and I've been caught!

  8. A good use of the word for the day. He uses various ways to catch my attention.

  9. It's so much better when we pay attention to God's quiet whisper, rather than Him having to smack us on the side of the head with a 2 X 4, so to speak! :-)
    Thanks for the great post, and God bless!

  10. Love the direction you went with this post, Tracy. God is ALWAYS trying to catch our attention. Great reminder!

  11. Hi Denise - I'm learning slowly but surely that He uses whatever He has to to get my attention and to see that as soon as possible. Have a great weekend my friend!

    Hi Jedidja - baie dankie, jammer dis so koud daar by jou. Hier is somer op pad, maar dit het soos winter gereen vroer. Dankie ook vir jou mooi woorde. Jy maak my hart warm. Geniet jou naweek.

    Hi Amber - thanks to you too :)

    Hi Wild Optimist - thank you for the visit and sweet comment. I appreciate it.

    Hi Stefanie - so true, so true!

    Hi Chelle - I too can be hard-headed by God is not put off thank goodness

    Hi Allison - and remain caught, better caught by God than by the world :)

    Hi Wanda - and those ways are unique to each of us. He knows us so well.

    Hi Laurie - amen, but sometimes we need the 2 x 4 unfortunately :)

    Hi Eileen - I am so grateful He never gives up on us.

    Ladies, thank you for your comments. As always you bless me and I hope you all have an awesome peace filled weekend.
    God bless

  12. Wonderful encouragement Tracy! I love that he will "catch" my attention in whatever way it takes... He never stops pursuing and loving! Thank you... Blessings for your weekend!

  13. So God loves us so much that He will do whatever it takes to catch our attention ultimately for our good.

    So grateful for His faithful pursuit...Thanks for sharing!

  14. God surely knows how to get our attention. Your post feels like that nudge from him to listen and obey. Thank you for sharing these words of truth. Blessings!

  15. Great take on catch. God most often speaks to me through music. Whether I am going through a difficult time or not. I believe He speaks to everyone in different ways. But I love to hear His voice!

  16. God's Word always gets my attention, but also through the words of His people. When others include Scripture in their writing, it draws me to God -- just like He promised. "My word will not return empty."


  17. I think God got my attention last evening while helping my young friend with a business blog. It's amazing how much effort He goes to to get our attention!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Tracy. I'm glad you like the new design. I am learning new things I can do with blogger all the time and wanted to try some of them out. I, too, was pleased with how it turned out.
    Blessings on your weekend!

  18. Tracy,
    What a great post! I'm so thankful for a God who will stop at nothing to catch our attention. How I pray I will always be aware of His leading in my life.

    Great FMF write!
    Blessings on your weekend-

  19. Hi Dolly - thank you for visiting and commenting I really appreciate it. I too am grateful of His faithful pursuit of us.

    Hi Angel - yes, He will do much to get our attention, even a silly little blog post :)

    Hi Jenifer - so true, God uses what it is that we will hear

    Hi Pam - it always amazes me at the lengths God will go to, to catch our attention.

    Blessings to you ladies. Hope your week ahead is a blessed one.

    God bless

  20. Hey Tracy, I didn't get to do 5 minute Friday this week so was nice to read yours :) Have a great week lovely.

  21. Love this post, Tracy! Great points and visuals!

    God's best blessings to you on this new week. ((((Tracy))))

  22. Hi Heart 'n soul - thank you, hope your week is blessed too.

    Hi Lisa - thank you, hope your week is blessed and full of victories

    God bless lovely ladies

  23. Right now God is catching my attention through the beautiful words of Emily Freeman in "Grace for the Good Girl". It is an extravagant invitation to delving deeply into God's grace.

  24. Hi Hop Women Online Studies - I keep hearing about this book, I need to look into it. Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it and am blessed by it. I will head over to visit you too
    God bless



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