Tuesday, 27 September 2011

James - Faith produces Humility

James 4 vs 1-12

Lack of faith produces:
  • quarrels and fights, from desires for pleasure (vs 1)
  • wanting what you don't have, doing what you have to , to get it (vs 2)
  • wrong motives (vs 3)
  • friendship with the world - which is enmity with God, you can't have both (vs 4)

Vs 6:
 He gives us more and more strength to stand against such evil desires.  As the scripture says "God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble."

Do you want God's grace?

Then you need to be humble, and
  • submit to God, resist the devil (and he will flee) (vs 7)
  • draw near to God - He will draw near to you (vs 8)
  • be remorseful for the wrong you've done (vs 9)
  • humble yourself before the Lord, bow down, and admit your dependence on Him (vs 10)
  • don't speak bad of one another (vs 11)
  • leave judging to God, who are we to judge another? (vs 12)

Great words of wisdom from James for us to mull over.

God bless

Joining today with Shanda from A pause on the Path


  1. Tracy,
    WOW! My mind will certainly be mulling this over. Faith producing Humility. I've never really made that connection... at least not in quite this way...but, I can see where they are co-partners, leading us toward God's grace.

    Thanks for opening my mind (and heart) to think of (and hopefully experience) faith in a whole new way.

  2. Tracy~Another great post! I was reading James at work today. So much good stuff int it. I really like your take on things. Verses 7 and 8 have really been speaking to me lately! Thanks for giving me more to think about...Be Blessed...Chelle

  3. I like verse 8 and have found it to be very true. He draws near t us when we set aside the time to be with Him.I will leave 11 and 12 for another day.

  4. Grateful for God's grace.


  5. Humility is the key. It opens our eyes, our ears, and more importantly, our hearts to what the Spirit wants to teach us.

  6. Such great points to be reminded of, Tracy - thank you! I really need to think on this some more.

  7. Excellent encouragement Tracy!

  8. Thank you! It is good do remember this again and again. We must go to Jesus every day, with all our imperfections. He is our sanctification ( heiligmaking)

  9. Hi Stacy - it is a bit mind blowing, if we have faith we will be humble :)

    Hi Chelle - thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm finding it very eye-opening too.

    Hi Stefanie - baby steps, girl, baby steps :)

    Hi Glenda - yes, me too, without it I am lost

    Hi Eileen - very valid point, humility opens us up to the teaching of the holy Spirit

    Hi Deidra - good to see you here. It is eye-opening and I'm finding I have lots more to learn

    Hi Jenifer - thank you my friend

    Hi Jedidja - so true, He is our sanctification.

    Ladies, as always you bless me
    God bless

  10. The book of James is such a small book, but it's truly packed with much wisdom. You've given us some good thoughts to mull over in our little feeble human minds. :)

  11. Love how God uses such a tiny book to teach us big truths.


  12. So many comments echo my own sentiments. James is one of my favorite books.

  13. Hi Madame Wildflower - small book, much wisdom, great summary

    Hi Pamela - amen

    Hi Pam - I think after Proverbs, it has become mine as well.

    Ladies, thank you for commenting. I truly appreciate it.
    God bless



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