Friday, 23 September 2011

James - Faith controls the Tongue

James 3 V1-12:

I found it very hard to decide what to use out of this passage as the whole section is excellent so I've taken the liberty of paraphrasing this section in the hope of getting ALL the juicy bits.  So here goes....

Vs 1:  Think seriously about teaching the word, because you'll be judged more strictly (why?  you're influencing people with your words - imagine influencing people incorrectly?)
Vs2:  We all make mistakes, but if you can control your tongue, you can control yourself in every other way.
Vs3-4:  A small bit controls a big horse, a tiny rudder controls a large ship
Vs 5:  So also the tongue - a tiny member - can cause enormous damage
Vs 6:  The tongue is like a fire that can ruin your whole life
Vs 7-8:  You can tame any animal, but no one can tame the tongue 

This is the most profound statement in these verses for me:
Vs 10:  And so blessing and cursing come pouring out the same mouth.  Surely, this is NOT right.

I see these verses as a HUGE caution sign.  We hold the power of life OR death in our tongue with our words.  I have seen how my words damage and I have been damaged by the words of others.  Taming the tongue is a bit like choosing truth over feelings - choose control (self-control - one of the fruits of the spirit) over expelling your feelings verbally.  You know, a bit of "think before you speak?"

I believe the heart is connected to the tongue and we should make it our business to start filling our hearts with God's word, God's attitudes, God's love, His truth - so that our tongue starts to "flap" with good instead of bad.

As always, my encouragement to you is get stuck into the word.  As it soaks into your heart, your tongue will also be influenced - for good and not bad!

God bless

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  1. Good and Godly advice, Tracy! I had a Sunday School teacher many years ago who had us write in our Bibles three little words beside that phrase in James that says "the tongue can no man tame." What were they? BUT GOD CAN

  2. sadly once spoken words can be apologized for but never reversed.
    I like the small bit controls the horse verse. Thanks for the tea and coffee yesterday.

  3. This is something that is always good to be reminded of, thank you. :)

  4. The tongue, our words, can make or break someone. I want to be slow to speak and when I do need to speak I want my words to be encouraging.

  5. Thanks! This is important for us all.

  6. Ah the tongue...what a devil it can be! Think before you speak...great reminder!

  7. Good words (and graphics) that are a call to tongue cleansing! I always need a reminder of the pain or encouragement my tongue can give.


  8. What's cool about the tongue is it has equal power for good - to uplift, encourage and bring hope and healing. God gives me a choice. :)

  9. Wow, how funny that we both posted about the same topic! God must be speaking! This is always an area I need to work on.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. As always, my encouragement to you is get stuck into the word. As it soaks into your heart, your tongue will also be influenced
    Well put, Tracy! I like the idea of being stuck in His Word - giving it time to sink in and take root.

  11. Hi Tracy:

    I've been thinking about words - how what we say can influence someone and have an impact upon them for a lifetime.

    For some reason this evening, I was thinking back to words spoken to me while in school - some have stayed with me for all these years. (I also thought of words I spoke and pray that they didn't have lasting negative impact on anyone.)

    As you said, we need to get stuck in the word and allow His words to flow into our heart.


  12. Hi Esther Joy - I love that, God can tame the tongue, gives one hope :)

    Hi Stefanie - so true and I enjoy tea too my precious friend

    Hi Singing Pilgrim - and boy, do I need reminding. :)

    Hi Jenifer - as I get older, my desire is for my words to be encouraging and uplifting. I think I am better at it than before, but still have a long way to go.

    Hi Jedidja - well put, important for us all, amen

    Hi Allison - ah, to remember to think, the biggest link in this whole process, for me anyway :)

    Hi Pamela - I like that, tongue cleansing. Use the soap of the word :)

    Hi Shannon - you see, you always find the positive spin on things :) Yes, the tongue has equal power for good, amen and its our choice to use it in that way.

    Hi Carrie - I love it when things line up like that, then you know that its on God's heart too. You have a great weekend too :)

    Hi Brianna - its one place that being stuck in is a good thing :)

    Hi Joan - thinking on words of the past is sometimes an eye-opener. I too pray that my hurtful words to others have not scarred anyone.

    Ladies, YOUR words bless me and I hope mine you. God bless



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