Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I believe that when a person does something for someone, I believe you should do it as unto the Lord.  Firstly, your motives will be right and secondly, you won't have expectations of a pat on the back.  And when you do something as unto the Lord, He rewards you (much better than a pat on the back!)

I also believe that when you bless someone and the recipient does not know who blessed them, God gets the glory.  Is that not what generosity and giving should do?  Bring glory to God?
Matt 6 v 3-4:  But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, that your charitable deed may be in secret:  and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly.

Another aspect of giving is how to give - give with joy, give with love, give because it is such a blessing to be the giver.
2 Corinth 9 v 7:  So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity:  for God loves a cheerful giver.

There is a natural law at play when giving.  You have seen many generous  unsaved people giving generously and they seem to get wealthier.  Add to that God's spiritual law of giving which I believe is:
2 Corinth 9 v 6:  He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.

Therefore - you cannot outgive God

If you are blessed, God wants you to be a blessing in return.  Be someone who is used of God to bless.  You could be blessed financially, or with time, or with kind words, or a talent that can bless.  "Pay it forward" as a popular movie says.

My encouragement to you is to start practicing blessing others, a random act of kindness for example, do it as unto the Lord, do it in secret (there is great joy in that) and do it often.  You will be blessed out of your socks!

God bless

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  1. Totally agree. I read the other day that random acts of kindness are not so much random as intentional. Guess that is true because we make the effort!

  2. Kindness is a beautiful gift that gives back to the giver. It's like a two-fer! :)

  3. Whole heartedly agree. Read Joyce Meyers bible the other day and she emphasizes that if you give in front of people and they thank you THAT is your reward. Better to give in secret and have God give a heavenly reward.

  4. Great thoughts!

    I recently bought some measuring cups for a woman who had none. She was very grateful for the gift. I don't normally do things like this, but I probably should. I thought it was such a small thing, but to her, it meant everything!

  5. Good reminder, Tracy and so true, giving in secret will bless our socks off!

  6. I love Matthew 6! So much great content- do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.. So relevant, reminds me of your post "S - Serve". I think maybe you should do a post on receiving!! :) To me its harder to receive a blessing than give one, I don't always feel deserving of it. But praise God that He loves me unconditionally.
    Anon M

  7. Hi Shanda - I agree, we should be more intentional about our random acts of kindness

    Hi Shannon, that is so true, the one giving is also blessed :)

    Hi Stefanie - I so agree, I'd rather have my reward in heaven!

    Hi Madame Wildflower - so true, if God puts something like that on your heart, go for it, like you say, to her it made the world of difference.

    Hi Jedidja - go for it, you will so so blessed

    Hi Joan, amen

    Hi Anon M - I will definitely think about doing a post about receiving, although I think it will quite challenging :)

    thank you all for your comments and encouragement. I truly appreciate it.
    God bless

  8. Giving is all about pouring out Jesus from our hearts. I love that we can give so much more than money to bless other peoples hearts.

  9. It s such a blessing to live that Scripture out loud. KNowing you've belssed someone else in secret is the best because you are right...God always gets the glory` as it should be!:)

  10. Tracy - Isn't that the truth. That when we give anonymously...God gets the glory...and we don't get puffed up about our "good deeds". Can't say how many times I have given only to feel myself "righteous" because I have done "good works"...instead of offering up all the praise & glory to Him...the only one worthy. Thanks for the needed reminder! ~ jen

  11. Giving is a heart-matter period, when you and I give we give for reason and expectations, I mean let’s be honest with ourselves, when we give to someone we are waiting for something rather it be possession or a favor back, we are expecting something back. I tell you this now “we even wait to hear someone say thank you to us” and if they don’t respond then we say that they are ungrateful.

    But it’s that a form of expecting something?
    And because giving is a heart matter we feel in control which means we give when we feel like it, we even struggle giving to God, in our prayer life, bible reading, being obedient and listening to Him. We even play games with God with our manipulations we will say, God if you do this or get me out of this mess then I promise I will be in church or if you heal me I will pray everyday, if you fix my marriage I will read your word daily. Who do we think we are fooling we can’t fool God He sees right through that manipulation.

    Imagine with me for a moment, if every person understood the true meaning of giving we would have a cure for the entire world, no one would lack anything. Many of us really do have good hearts and only God knows a man’s heart. But even in our good deeds and judgement we really don’t know how to give like Christ gave. That is why each day we must allow the Holy Spirit to teach us how to give like He does.

  12. I love performing random acts of kindness for others! It is such a blessing for me to be able to give out of what He has given to me!

  13. Tracy, isn't it cool that no matter how much we give, we can't outgive God. His blessings bless us, which in turn blesses others, which in turn blesses us, which brings Him glory! Sooo cool!

    Sending joy-filled blessings to you, sweet (((((((Tracy)))))))!

  14. Hi Beck - I like that, giving is about pouring out Jesus from our heart, lovely

    Hi Kelli - amen, God should get the glory. If you do it for that reason, then your motives are right and God gets the glory, but He blesses you right back!

    Hi Dionna - so glad you are visiting and that you agree. Giving is one of many ways to show God's love.

    Hi Desiray - thanks for the comment. I believe that when we strive to make giving about giving God the glory our motives will be right and as we practice giving in this manner, the joy we receive from doing so becomes all the comeback we need. Its about practicing it though. And like you say, asking the Holy Spirit to guide us.

    Hi Allison, amen, you touch on an important issue, blessed to bless. Awesome

    Hi Lisa - its so true that when you give out of right motives you are so blessed and so the blessings circle round. And it is cool!!
    Joy- filled blessings to you too

    Lovely ladies - I am so touched by all your comments. God bless

  15. Hi Jen - I agree with you, when one gives anonymously, it removes the desire to be rewarded and as the scripture says, what you do for others in secret God sees and He rewards. I'd rather He reward me than any pat on the back! :)
    God bless, Jen



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