Friday, 30 September 2011

5 Minute Friday - Friends

Here goes:  unscripted, unedited (scary stuff):


Go through a hard time in your life and you will soon discover who your real friends are.  Over the years we have gone through some hard times and there are a few friends who have remained friends from the beginning.  They don't care if you spout angry words in hurt.  They don't care if you cannot manage to get a smile to your face, never mind one in your eyes.  They listen and listen and listen as you pour out hurt and frustration.

They're there when your finances plummet, when you don't know how you'll pay for the next meal and they don't think less of you because in the eyes of the world, you may have failed.  They're also there to celebrate with you when you succeed.  They're there even when people have lied about you and they are not sure what is going on, they are there because they choose friendship over stories.

Friends are brave enough to speak into your life, tell you the truth, babysit (you or your kids), help you to focus on something good and not on your problems.  They are willing to fill the gap when they can.

True friends are an awesome gift from God.
Prov 17 v 17(a):  A friend loves at all times... and
Prov 18 v 24:  There are 'friends' who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.

To my long-term, life time, forever friends - you have enriched my life and I pray God enriches yours in abundance.
To all my new Bloggy friends - you have enriched my life with much encouragement and great spiritual wealth and I hope to say, many years down the road (God-willing) that we are still friends.

God bless FRIENDS
(Phew - what a frantic 5(maybe more) minutes!)

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  1. I did go over . . . friends are sure a precious gift that we can write books on for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I read somewhere that God gives us friends to make up for the family he placed us in.
    I fancy that idea as I have some really awesome friends...even those that thought they wouldn't like me at first.

  3. Thanks Tracy, good thought for a friday :)

  4. Amen! Friends are a precious blessing.

    However, some friendships change over time as you grow and the other person grows. Some friends are meant to last a lifetime, while others are only meant to last for a particular season in life. This is a lesson that I am currently learning.

  5. So very true. The friends that have stuck with me through first my injury and then the diagnosis of my disease have helped me in more ways than they'll ever know.

    And the ones who disappeared, well, I learned a lesson from that as well.

    It's the ones who can go the long haul that count. :-)

  6. I feel very blessed to have the friends God has given me, including my online bloggy friends.

  7. Friends, love the topic this week. I feel blessed to consider you bloggy friend, Tracy. Have a beautiful weekend!

  8. I have amazing friends. Friends who have walked the sorrow path with me. Friends who have rejoiced in the joyful happenings of my life. And "the friend that sticks closer than a brother" -- He lives in my heart!


  9. It's amazing how the Lord has the right people in my life, He knows just who will be my friend..and for that I thank Him

  10. Friendships enrich our lives so very much. And to have true friends?
    Came over from FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  11. True friends are hard to have to be one to have one...that much I have learned :)

  12. Friends...I'm thankful for all of them! The older I get it seems that my friends are "real" friends...probably because they are Christians! I am very thankful for all of my new bloggy friends as well1
    Blessings to you my friend...Chelle

  13. So good to be reminded of one of life's greatest treasures :)

  14. Tracy - Your post makes me reflect on and appreciate my friends....especially those who have held on....through the thick and the thin. True treasures indeed. ~ jen

  15. Tracy,

    I loved the topic this week, I really love my friends, my IRL friends and my sweet bloggy friends, I am thankful for them all. and I love your picture too!

    Blessings to you Tracy

  16. I'm soooo thankful for my friends! Including one sweet friend across the world named Tracy!

    Happy Weekend blessings, sweet (((((Tracy)))))!

  17. You do such a good job with your blog! I love the fact that you put a puppy photo with the Friend post. I didn't do Five Minute Friday this week but as I was thinking of it, I was playing with my dog and kept thinking of the quote: A dog is a man's best friend. I don't agree with that but they are pretty good friends!

  18. Hi Loni - thank you for visiting, my small group or friends, and those God places in my path in different seasons, are very precious to me and i think, a gift from a Father who knows our needs.

    Hi Stefanie - I think God has a sense of humour that way and I am so grateful you are one of those long term, forever friends.

    Hi Marja, thank you, have a great weekend my new bloggy friend

    Hi Madame Wildflower, you make a very valuable point, some friends are forever, some for a season, so true. God knows who and when.

    Hi Jenifer - I am grateful to God for my friends to and count you as one.

    Hi Eileen - thank you :) I count you as one of my special bloggy friends too. Your posts always bless me.

    Hi Pamela - Yes, Christ is our ultimate friend and the one who teaches us to be a better friend to others.

    Hi Desiray - that is so true, He knows who is best for us and when

    Hi Heseesme - thank you for the visit and I will be visiting back. Friends can truly be an awesome blessing and all good things come from....God

    Hi Allison - excellent point, if you want friends go out and be one!

    Hi Chelle - I agree, as I get older too, your real friends tend to show themselves like minded. I consider you a special friend

    Hi Hear 'n Soul - amen, friends, true friends are certainly a precious treasure.

    Hi Jen - true friends and definitely made a difference in my life especially when times are tough - true friends make you look up and not down.

    Hi Kandi - I love my friends too and consider you one of my bloggy friends, a friend who I appreciate.

    Hi Lisa - you make me smile, inside and out, thats what friends do too, right! I consider you one of my precious friends and appreciate you muchly (need a dictionary for some new words!)

    Hi Shanda - you are so right, my dogs teach me much about being a friend. they are ALWAYS happy to see me. Great point, and by the way, I consider you a precious friend too.

    God bless all my friends, the forever ones, the new ones, the bloggy cyber ones, and I thank you, Jesus, for all of them and the impact they have on my life

  19. Well said - great endouragement and a reminder of the irreplaceable value of a friend!

  20. Hi Susan - thank you, and yes, writing this was a great reminder to myself about the value of my friends and the value of Christ, the ultimate friend.
    God bless



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