Friday, 19 August 2011

Q - Quiet(ness)

I love the hustle and bustle of my home, teenagers running around, hubby walking and talking on the phone, TV or Hi-fi blaring, microwave pinging, lawn-mower going, computer humming, etc......
(feeling stressed yet?)

But sometimes, its really awesome to have some peace and quiet.  Everyone out the house, dogs asleep in the sun, all electrical anythings off.  And all you can hear is a bird singing, a soft breeze moving the curtains, a page turning while reading the word.....ahhh, pure bliss!

Its at times like this that things from the word will settle in my heart.  I can take the time without constant interruption to write down a scripture, or highlight something special from God's word.  I can practice thankfulness, or I can just sit still and know that He is God.  It is in these times I feel my strength renewed.

Isa 30 v 15:  Thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: "In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.

My encouragement to you is to seek some quiet time for yourself and spend time in the presence of the Lord and He will renew your strength.

God bless

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  1. I love my home at it's quietest, everyone else at school or work. That does renew my strength and gives me peace.

  2. I love quietness nowadays! Great post, thanks Traci!

  3. I love the contrast you showed us, Tracy! I savor those quiet moments, too. They are as precious jewels.
    Pam at

  4. I agree, quiet times are pure bliss! We need these moments too in order to recharge and reconnect. Have a great weekend, Tracy!

  5. One of my favorite verses "In quietness and confidence is your strength".....

    Balance is a word I used to hammer into my kids heads and now it seems God is hammering it into mine. We love the activity but we need the quiet in order to refill our tank..

    This is such a good post for me starting a weekend; I think I am going to take your advice....Thanks

    I pray your weekend if full of blessings,

  6. This something that I've been working at lately. To be still and know that HE is GOD!
    God bless,

  7. I love the quiet too. My family is all gone right now. I have another 10 days before my husband returns. Everyone is feeling bad that I am here alone and I am so enjoying the quiet!

  8. So loved this post! I just wanted to hug you for this reminder! There is not a lot of quiet in my house with two young loud boys, being boys! I love my quiet moments after everyone is safely tucked into bed. Have a blessed day!

  9. When my husband was out of town and the kids were in bed, I couldn't even bring myself to turn on the TV because all I craved was the stillness and quiet.

    Fabulous reflection!

  10. Be STILL and know that I am God. It's the the stillness, the quietness that we most loudly hear Him speaking. Many blessings, Tracy!

  11. Aaaaah....quiet. When I was growing up, the quiet made me very uncomfortable, uneasy (I don't know why), but now, I treasure every morsel of quiet I can get. Early morning and favorite times of day.
    I love the scripture you chose for this post.
    Such a nice post...(loved the photos, too!)

  12. Beautiful, peaceful post. Thank you, Tracy.

    Have a wonderfully fantabulous weekend resting in our wonderful God! BIG hugs!!

  13. That blog wonderful, my sister!
    It is beutiful!
    I'm Already following your blog from here in Brazil.
    God bless you!

  14. Hi Stefanie - I agree, and its to take advantage of those times of peace to renew in Christ

    Hi Marja - I too enjoy whatever quiet time I can when the opportunity presents itself

    Hi Pam - this is so true. The opportunity for real quietness is few and far between. It is as jewels.

    Hi Eileen - recharge and reconnect, mmmm, amen. You have a great weekend too

    Hi Nancy - you bring up a very valid point - balance! on my day to day see-saw, I'm lacking quiet! Need to pursue it more.

    Hi Stella - When a time of quiet presents itself, I too need to focus on being still before God

    Hi Shanda - I also love it when I get the time to have my home to myself, it never lasts long enough though!

    Hi Dawn - I have 2 daughters. I take my hat off to parents of boys. I get exhausted watching my friends with their boys. I pray the Lord affords you some good quiet time to recharge!

    Hi Jen - its a great feeling isn't it. Choosing to not put that square noise making peace stealing thing on! And when the kids are all tucked up in bed, bliss. Except now my teenagers stay up later than me!!!

    Hi Lisa - this is so true, no blurry interruptions to take away from hearing from God. Although, I have to work on keeping my mind stayed on Him and not constantly moving all over the place!

    Hi Stacy - yes, I definitely treasure quiet more now than before.

    Hi Lisa - I'm glad you could feel it. You have a super awesome fantabulous peaceful weekend too.

    Hi Denise - thank you for the comment and the follow. I will be bouncing back to return the blessing.

    Blessings to you all ladies. You are all precious and special and spreading encouragement. I hope you all have an awesome weekend
    God bless

  15. Hmmm...maybe that is WHY I keep waking up so early? It's been my time for coffee and bonding with Jesus! :)
    Great blog!
    God Bless,

  16. Tracy - So funny. First thing I thought when I began to read was the stress of t.v. and teens, and spouse on phone etc. Can SO relate! Then, to read, "Feeling stressed yet" brought a huge smile. Glad to know there is a sister who shares my world. Love ya! ~ jen

  17. I love those times of quietness...times when we can sit still and listen to the voice of God.


  18. And "there is a time for everything under the sun,"
    Time for joy and fun.
    Time for silence.
    God bless your day today.
    From the Land of Oz...

  19. Love quiet time ... with you on this :)

  20. Hi Brandi - Its good to find that time of the day that one can have quiet - to focus on the Lord

    Hi Jen - thanks, I'm sure your household is very busy at the best of times. Good thing you have that awesome pond nearby.

    Hi Joan - those times are definitely refreshing.

    Hi Crystal Mary - thanks for visiting and commenting from down under. Its one of the things I love about this bloggy world is that we can connect from anywhere. Yes, definitely a time for every thing. I think though, I need to make more time for quiet! I'll be visiting you back shortly

    Hi Heart n soul - amen!

    Ladies - as always, you bless me.
    God bless

  21. Tracy,
    I love those quiet stolen moments with the Lord. Sometimes I don't say anything at all. I just let the Holy Spirit wash over me and fill me! I'm going to make some extra time tomorrow when the house is quiet...some precious time on my knees.
    You are a blessing!

  22. Hi Erin - I like that, the idea of just letting the Holy Spirit wash over me. You are a blessing too Erin, thank you
    God bless



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