Tuesday, 16 August 2011

N - Names of God

Jehovah-Rohi - The Lord is my Sheperd (Ps 23 v1)
  It is He that I want to follow for the rest of my life!

Jehovah-Shammah - The Lord is present (Ezek 48 v 35)
  I believe God is with us all the time, whether it feels like it or not.

Jehovah-Rapha - The Lord our healer (Exod 15 v 26)
  I choose to believe that God will heal anyone of any disease in His time, in His way.

Jehovah-Jireh - Our provider (Gen 22 v 13-14)
  I believe we have all experienced God's provision.

Jehovah-Shalom - The Lord is peace (Judges 6 v 24)
  Jesus says He gives us peace, not as the world knows it - but a peace that surpasses all understanding.  A peace that defies logic.  I desire this peace!

El-Elyon - The most High God (Gen 14 v 19-20)
  Our God, the most High God, the only God

El-Shaddai - God Almighty (Ps 91 v 1)
  God almighty cares about me, protects me.  He is my strong tower.  I will trust Him

El-Olam - The everlasting God (Isa 40 v 28-31)
  This scripture says that the everlasting God NEVER grows weary, He increases our strength with His and if we wait on Him, He will renew our strength.

There are so many more names for God.  A few others that stand out for me are:
  • Abba                                                     
  • Bright morning star
  • Consuming fire
  • God who see me
  • Rock
  • Truth
  • Saviour
  • Wonderful
  • Word of God
  • Merciful
  • Light of the World

And there are many more.  God is everything we need and can ever imagine to us.  His names say so.

What of His names means the most to you?

God bless

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  1. I love this, Tracy. I love how you applied it to me! Tweeting it.

  2. Another amazing post Tracy. The Names of God-so wonderful, and yes, so many-enough that He is everything we need wrapped up in those Names. The 2 that really mean a lot to me are Jehovah Shammah and the God who sees me. I taught on both of these so I got to really dig and study them. I fell in love with the book of Ezekiel, as well as the story where we learn of the name the God who sees me.

  3. We learn so much more about His character through the meanings of His names.

  4. I have a HUGE cross stitch with many of these names and others...I LOVE IT! Thanks.

  5. Great post Tracy, I love these names, and admittedly don't know all of them, I am going to keep this list handy as a reminder that He is all I will ever need.

    Blessings to you Tracy.

  6. Beautiful Tracy! When I was at the She Speaks conference there was prayer room and each of our names was attached to one of the names for God in that room. Mine was attached to Jehovah-Shalom, the Lord is peace. I love ALL these names, but His peace in incredible!

  7. Today it is this: Jehovah-Shammah

    I am learning that just because I feel something doesn't necessarily make it true. He is there, no matter if I can sense Him or not.

    This is lovely!

  8. Right now it is Immanuel, God with us. We blogged about similar subjects this week!

  9. I love all the names of God for they each mean something and when I pray I call out those names...He is amazing

  10. I love His names! He is my EVERYTHING!

  11. It's hard to pick a name Tracy, I love 'm all, because they present every possible situation in my life!

  12. Just wrote something on this a couple days ago. All the many names of God. Amazing.

  13. I love to call Him Father. :)

  14. El Elyon!
    Wow, the most high God. When I read that i was in awe, not only do I serve the most high!! But Jehovah Rohi - The Lord my Shepperd cares about me! Its like having a famous persons number, you want to show it off to everyone! The most famous loves me! He gave me His number with an instant connection! El Elyon! Cant help but proclaim it!
    Great post! One of my favorites so far. Thank you*

  15. Isn't it beautiful how each of God's names speak fulfillment to the needs in our life and reflect the beauty of His character?!

    Thanks for this beautiful reminder of ALL that God is!


  16. Great post! I love reading the names of God! In one of our houses I painted some of the names of God over the doorways, I loved seeing them every day!

  17. Hi Shanda - Thanks, I tried to personalize it, after all, our God is a personal God

    Hi Tami - one thing I have realized from posting this is I don't know enough about the names of God! I printed out a 2 pg doc on them. Some studying to do!

    Hi Stefanie - I am beginning to realize that

    Hi Bobbi - thanks for the comment, I'll be hopping over to visit yours. What a good idea. I've been wanting to cross stitch again and didn't know what to do, I'll see if I can find a pattern!

    Hi Kandi - I had no idea of all the names. its something I want to look into more fully

    Hi Eileen - I totally agree with you. When I feel peace I am a different person and I handle things differently.

    Hi Jen - That is something I am learning too. I may feel one way, but that does not mean its the truth of the situation. Great thought

    Hi Gayle - amen, I'm so grateful God is with us. Without Him we are nothing

    Hi Desiray - I am realizing my need to learn the names of God. Each has awesome power in Him

    Hi Jenifer - Amen

    Hi Marja - this is so true. God is all surrounding, all encompassing

    Hi Amy, I'll pop over and go see your post. Its good to learn everything I can

    Hi Lisa - amen, I think that is one that touches me the most

    Hi Anonymous - I love the whole telephone number analogy. Great way to look at how God makes Himself available to us.

    Hi Stacy - yes, complete fulfillment for all our needs. Amen

    Hi Becks - I definitely think I'm going to do something visual in my home!

    Thank you all for the comments. I really appreciate them and they encourage me greatly
    God bless

  18. Hi Tracy:

    When I attended the She Speaks conference two years ago, there was a prayer room with pieces of paper placed in various locations each with a one of the names of God. Around those papers were the names of all the conference attendees (whom the staff of P31 had been praying over before the conference). I looked to find mine and it was beside Jehovah Jireh. That meant so much to me as I often have to remind myself that He is my provider.




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