Monday, 8 August 2011

I - Instrument

Have you ever done something for somebody that changed their day?  Something that helped change how they felt about themselves?  Relieved someone and took some pressure off for someone?

Did you ever do some random act of kindness?  Something planned or something spontaneous for someone?

Didn't it feel awesome?  Didn't you just glow from the inside out?  Didn't you feel like you could just burst with joy?

I like to believe that we are instruments in the hands of God.  God uses us to sow seed in the lives of others.  He uses us to bless others, to encourage others, to hold each other up.

An instrument in the hands of the Lord - I like that!

Instruments make noise, beautiful noise or some, horrendous noise only a mother could applaud.  But an instrument in the hands of the Lord - ahhh - beautiful music.
Beautiful Music!

I remember once standing waiting for my husband to fetch me early from work because I was sick.  I was crying, trying hard not to appear to be crying when a strange woman walked up to me - told me God loves me - and walked off.  20 yrs later, I still remember it.

I like being an instrument for good in the Lord's hands, for His glory.

It is so true what the word says:  Acts 20 v 35(b): ...And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive".

God bless

Due to an error on my side I intended sending the Versatile Blogger award to Kelly at Oh that Mom Again and somehow messed it up - So Kelly here it is:  I am sending it to you because your blogs encourage and make me laugh!  View Here to see the rules!

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  1. Funny I don't think musical instrument~ I think cooking implement - like potato peeler and masher.
    Weird though how different minds make different connections. to be available and used by God is an amazing thing.

  2. Thanks Tracy :) I'll get on to that tonight (will prob post it tomorrow :) ) I'm honored. Thank you so much for thinking of my little blog.

    I want to be an instrument for God too. Someone who encourages :)

  3. Tracy,

    Awesome reflection on how God uses us all. Sometimes we think we have to be doing the big stuff, but many times it is the small things, like telling someone Jesus loves them, like you many times we discover that the small things are what stick with us for a very long time.

    Blessings to you Tracy.

  4. Tracy - That is beautiful! Instruments in the hand of God. I think of the instruments laying around our house...some collecting dust & useless unless picked up...and how we are like that sometimes. And how we are called to play beautiful music for our serving others, in His name. Thanks also for sharing that word from a stranger. Oh, the power in being led by His Spirit! Have a great day! ~ jen

  5. Hi Stefanie - Instruments can be used for good and bad - I consider cooking and housework bad - only joking!

    Hi Kelly - You most definitely are an encourager

    Hi Kandi - You are so right, its the small things that add up and cause changes in the big things

    Hi Jen - Thank you for your generous words. You are most definitely an instrument in His hands

    God bless ladies

  6. Tracy, I appreciate you holding my family up by offering to pray for us. What a blessing!

  7. This reminds me of the St. Francis prayer about being an instrument. I try to be mindful each morning and ask God to allow me to be His instrument throughout the day. God bless your work!

  8. Hi Beck - I will lift you guys in prayer until you give a good praise report. God bless

    Hi Stella - Thats what I should be doing. Great challenge

    God bless ladies, Have an awesome week further

  9. Another great post, Tracy.

    I'm certainly enjoying this series.


  10. An instrument. I love this analogy. On our own, we are simply instrument, a body. But, when placed in the master's hand, we become vessels unto honour through which God can create heavenly music of encouragement, love and hope. Isn't it wonderful that God chooses to use us?!
    Thank you for sharing. Beautiful thoughts to start my day~

  11. Hi Joan - thank you, and I enjoy your beautiful pictures of peace.

    Hi Stacy - thanks for commenting. I appreciate it. I have bounced back over to yours and I'm glad I did.

    God bless, ladies. You are very precious

  12. I missed this somehow and just found it. What a beautiful thought, that if we allow God to use us as his instruments, He makes beautiful music through us. I love it and am praying now that the music coming from me is full of peace, joy and encouragement. I write I am picturing your face and that is nice!!

  13. I immediately loved this and thought about the song "The touch of the master's hand." It is also a poem I think. Google it-it is wonderful! What a wonderful thought about being His instrument.



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