Friday, 5 August 2011

H - Hands

Our Hands

  • To hold another
  • To comfort a friend
  • To pray to God
  • To bless someone
  • To carry a burden
  • To give
  • Open, to receive God's blessings!

His Hands

  • All encompassing
  • Our lives in them
  • Upon us in protection
  • Holding our hearts - Prov 21 v 1
  • Holding our days - Ps 31 v 15
  • Prevent us from falling 
  • Cradle us when we cry
  • Created us
  • Created all the world's beauty for us
  • Leading us
  • Nailed to a cross to save us!

God bless

Linking with Laura at Bragging on God Friday at Beholding Glory today


  1. Beautiful, strong and powerful imagery too.

  2. Hi Tracy! :)

    I am enjoying following your lovely daily posts as you journey through the alphabet; very creative! I love the words you choose to give parise to Him! :)

    Have a Fabulous Friday!

  3. Tracy,

    I love the imagery of the thought of His hands holding each of my days for His glory.

    Blessings to you Tracy.

    have a great weekend!


  4. In just a few words you bring a powerful message. Beautiful writing, Tracy.
    Pam at

  5. I love & am thankful for the list of His hands!

  6. Beautiful...His hands hold complete...thankful.

  7. Beautiful...His hands hold complete...thankful.

  8. You came by and asked about following me...I am still NOT COMPLETELY certain that you are not. It may take a little bit for me to show up in the blogger dashboard. I am working on it ")
    You can always find me through Shanda, she is one of my best friends and my blogging buddy.

    Thank you for reading. I loved the hands. I want to go back and read it again.

  9. Hi Stefanie - I really enjoyed yours this morning too, thank you

    Hi Denise - thank you. I appreciate the comment. Enjoy your weekend too.

    Hi Kandi - Yes, knowing we are in His hands is great. Have a blessed weekend too.

    Hi Pam - thank you, blessings to you too.

    Hi Tracey - thank you, I'm also grateful for God's hand and hands in my life

    Hi Jenifer - me too.

    Hi Shelley - yes, like no others

    Hi Jackie - thanks, I've saved your blog under my bookmarks til it does show up in my blog list. I wouldn't want to miss any posts.

    Thank you ladies for your comments. I always appreciate them.
    God bless

  10. Tracy, this was a beautiful post. It made me think of a song I love by JJ Heller called Your Hands

  11. I love this. This is an amazing reminder of God's love. :)

  12. Powerful image!

    I'm really enjoying your A-Z posts. I intended to do them myself, but am currently focusing on the fruit of the Spirit. Will probably try A-Z in a few weeks.


  13. I love this, Tracy. I thought it was just ours and was touched by opening our hands to receive. Then it went on to talk about God's hands...then to the nails. What powerful hands has the God we serve.

  14. Hi Eileen - thank you, words seem to bring you to songs. Its lovely

    Hi Fallon - you seem to be such a visual person, so I appreciate your comment

    Hi Joan - it is fun and challenging. I look forward to reading yours.

    Hi Shanda - Nothing falls through God's hands

    Thank you ladies - your comments are very precious to me
    God bless

  15. Tracy,

    Thank you for the visit to my blog. I enjoyed reading what you're sharing about the Lord through the alphabet. We're so blessed that those things are just a small sampling of what He has made available to us.

    God bless you!

  16. Wow! That photo was such a fresh reminder of what He did for He died for us. And yet, the same hands that were pierced for our holds our sorrow. Beautiful! ~ jen

  17. Hi Tracy~Wow! Praise God! When I read this and then saw the picture of His hand being nailed to the cross I was deeply touched. I've never been a very emotional person until He touched my life. Now I'm learning it's okay. This just reminded me again what He has done and is still doing and it is okay! With those Hands...You remember the song~He Touched Me? I just heard it yesterday and this post brought it back to me again.
    Thank you~Blessings in Him...Chelle

  18. HI Jennifer - Thanks for your comment. I think God has stuff in store for us that no one can comprehend.

    Hi Jen - I was a bit unsure whether to use this photo or not, but it seems to have made an impact. Kind of visually brings to mind a fraction of what He went through for us.

    Hi Chelle - Thanks, Doing a post on His hands really opened my eyes a little more to all He does and has done for us.

    God bless ladies. Your comments and thoughts always touch me.

  19. Hey Tracy. I have really enjoyed reading through your alphabet posts. And as you know, the letter "H" really spoke to me. I need to be reminded that His hands hold me and my little Hazelnut.

    And congratulations on your awards! I'm so excited for you. Very well deserved :)

  20. Hi Tami - thank you, I appreciate it. Yes, God holds us and our futures (and our present) in His hands. Hope you have a blessed week ahead.
    God bless



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