Tuesday, 2 August 2011

F - Fear

The way I understand it there are 2 basic types of fear:
1.  Fear of the Lord, and
2.  Fear of things, people, situations, etc.

1.  Fear of the Lord is good.  Its a healthy respect of God as creator and God of all

How do you show fear of the Lord?

  • Deut 6 v 2(a):  That you may fear the Lord your God, to keep all His statutes and His commandments...
  • Ps 111 v 10:  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments.  His praise endures forever.
  • Prov 3 v 7:  Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and depart from evil.
You fear/respect the Lord, by being obedient, seeking wisdom, praising Him and departing from evil.

2.  Fear of Man is not good!
Are you unable to move - because of fear?

  • Ps 27 v 1-2:  The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?  The Lord is my strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
  • Prov 29 v 25:  Fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.
The devil tries to control us and prevent us from moving forward in Christ through fear.  But fear is not from Christ.  If you have a fear, maybe an irrational fear, or a situation you fear - tell yourself, "fear is of the devil - I will have faith to move forward".

2 Tim 1 v 7:  For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

I'm sure you know I don't mean a healthy fear of, lets say, a lion or an alligator!  But a fear that makes you feel trapped, unable to move forward.  God also says in His word not to fear anything that man can do to you.  Man can only take your life (terrible - I know) but in terms of eternity to die is to be with Christ (if you're born-again).  He also says not to fear suffering - because in terms of eternity its a small thing (not easy to see when we're on earth).

My encouragement to you is to reject fear and replace fear with faith.

Fear knocked on the door of my heart and when I sent faith to answer the door, no one was there!

God bless


  1. Great post again, esp the last line and the image you chose to highlight it. Have a super day.

  2. Yes..replace fear with faith. We have to replace fear with something else to get rid of it. And the fear of the Lord is mixed with faith!

  3. Great encouragement. Fear is a battle I face often. Unfortunately, I spent many years losing the battle over it, but God is faithful when I am not and little by little, I am learning to step out in faith even when I am afraid! Thanks for this post

  4. Like this! This is something that I have always struggled with. Bless you!

  5. Hi Stefanie - Thank you my friend - you too.

    Hi Shanda - that is so true.

    Hi Susan - God is so good with us. He goes with our pace

    Hi Stella - Great to see you visit. Thank you for the lovely comment.

    Thank you ladies - you all bless me so much
    God bless

  6. I've had to do a lot of praying through fear and figuring out what fear of the Lord really means. I'm still working on it, so I appreciate you post!

  7. The Lord has changed my thinking of the fear of the Lord. I've always perceived it to be negative when it's really positive -- a proper recognition of who God is. "I stand in awe of Him."

  8. Great post! If we fill our mind with Truth, there will be no room for fear. A healthy, reverent fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. It keeps casual Christianity from seeping in.:)Glad to be a new follower

  9. Irrational fear can be paralyzing. Thank you for the clear explanation of the difference between fearing God and fearing people or things or situations. Wonderfully encouraging and empowering Scriptures.
    Pam at www.2encourage.blogspot.com

  10. Hi Jen - I think we all have to work on fear because the devil works fear on us. But with God we will overcome. thanks for commenting and for Sol Deo Gloria. It is such a blessing to me

    Hi Pamela - I used to think God of the old testament was one scary guy. But He is a God of extreme grace and mercy deserving of our respect and our lives.

    Hi Kelli - I like that - keeps casual chritianity from seeping in. Thanks for following - I will be bouncing over later to check your blog out.

    Hi Pam - thank you for always encouraging me.

    God bless all you ladies

  11. Tracy,

    I have been trapped in fear lately, afraid to move forward, great post and lovely words that I so needed to read today.

    Blessings to you Tracy!

  12. Sometimes fear overwhelms me and then I remember that God can blow it all away with just a whisper. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  13. When fear comes knocking at the door . . . what we do matters. Thanks for the great post.


  14. One of my most favorite topics. I love it, because we all face fear--but how we respond is often so different. Mark Twain has even said, "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."
    One of my favorite quotes. :) I came through the tuesday on your heart hop.

  15. I don't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul. Fear of man will get you no where. Fear of the Lord will get you everywhere. Great lesson, Tracy!

  16. Amen, Tracy! Love the verses and your comments.

    Another wonderful post!

    God bless you richly,

  17. Hi Kandi - I will pray for you, for God to direct your path in a way clear to you.

    Hi Dawn - that is so true, we just have to learn to trust Him to do just that, blow the fear away!

    Hi Glenda - so true

    Hi Jackie - lovely quotation. I'll write it down in my journal so I can read it again

    Hi Lisa - you are so right, trusting in God will definitely gain you an awesome eternal future

    Hi Lisa - thank you. Your comments mean a lot to me

    Thank you ladies for all your comments. I truly appreciate them all.
    God bless

  18. this is a biggie for me! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Hi Tracy,
    My friend, Pam @ 2Encourage, recommended your post Here today. I'm grateful she did! Very insightful and encouraging. Thank you.

  20. I struggled with fear for a huge portion of my life. So thankful to discover that He is SO MUCH bigger than my fears. I just need to remember to keep my eyes focused on Him and continue to listen to truth.

  21. Fear is a terrible thing for a child of God...the enemy uses our fears to stop us all the time...once he places fear there we think on it and before long we are afraid to move all because we are fearful but the devil is a lair we are not to be fearful if anything he is to be fearing us the children of God amen

  22. "What can man do to me?" Can you imagine how we could change our world if we lived like we truly believed that? So inspiring. Thank you!

  23. Hi Allison - from the response I'd say we all have a bit of a fear issue. But like Eileen says - God is so much bigger than our fears

    Hi Brianna - Thank you for your lovely comments. I'll definitely be bouncing back to visit yours.

    Hi Eileen - That is the truth - keep our eyes on Him

    Hi Desiray - you are so right - we should be reminding the devil of his future

    Hi Shannon - if we truly lived like we believed this, the world would most certainly be a different place.

    Thank you precious ladies for commenting. I appreciate you guys a lot and you make me feel very blessed.
    God bless



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