Wednesday, 22 June 2011

It's ALL God's

Ps 24 v 1-2:  The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it.  The world and all its people belong to Him.  For He laid the earth's foundations on the seas and built it on the oceans depths

Isaiah 66 v 1-2:  This is what the Lord says: "Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool.  Could you ever build Me a temple as good as that?  Could you build a dwelling place for Me?  My hands have made both heaven and earth, and they are mine.  I, the Lord, have spoken."

Lev 25 v 23:  And remember, the land must never be sold on a permanent basis because it really belongs to Me.  You are only foreigners and tenants living with Me.

I was paging through my bible wondering what to blog about.  I have lots of ideas floating around my mind, just nothing coming together, but in paging through, these 3 scriptures popped out one after another.

In thinking about them I thought that as homeowners we think we look after our stuff, big and small.  When we loan something from someone, eg a power tool or whatever, we like to think we look after it and return it in as good a condition as we got it.

As someone who might rent a property - we'd like to think we look after it as if it were our own.  I will say, though, my kids tend to be haphazard about looking after things.  But if they save and buy something with their hard-saved moneys, they definitely look after THAT purchase pretty well.

I think the above scriptures should firstly put into perspective that nothing is ours!  Everything is the Lord's!  He may give it to us for a season, be it property, favour with man (in business maybe?), children, relationships.  But all these things are loaned to us for God's purposes - not ours!  (Please don't think I am discounting anyone who has had loss.  I would hate to do that.  I am just mulling over these scriptures and what they seem to mean. I am in no way belittling or oversimplifying someone's loss!)  And in loaning these things to us, He expects us to look after them as if they are ours.

Job 1 v21:  And he said, "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return there.  The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord."

This verse was at a time of huge loss for Job.  It may sound very harsh and seem that the Lord is playing with our lives - BUT - He isn't!  Like Job, we have to accept and acknowledge that God knows best, thank Him at all times no matter how we feel, even if it hurts like crazy. ...Blessed by the name of the Lord!

I want to say here that God sees the bigger picture and we don't - but in fact - God is the bigger picture.


TRUST HIM - in your times of blessedness and in your times of trial

God bless


  1. Reminds me of the song:
    Blessed be the name when the sun's shining down on me, and the world's all as it should be ~blessed be the name.
    Blessed be the name, on the road marked with suffering, when there's pain in the offering, blessed be the name.
    Not a bad song to be on my brain's playlist this morning.

  2. "He gives and takes away" I was thinking of the same song as Stefanie as I was reading!

  3. The pastor just talked about this in Church on Sunday, always remember, your stuff, your money, your time everything is a gift from God, so always give Him the frist fruits of your day and the first fruits of your money.


  4. I want to be a good steward of the things God has blessed me with. Every good and perfect gift is from above.

  5. "God is the bigger picture" ... I love that! So very true Tracy and a wonderful reminder. Too easily we forget that everything we have comes from His loving hands. Thank you for this reminder today. Much love to you xxx

  6. Great post... we have been living by faith for the past six years. Trusting and thanking Him daily for the journey He set before us.

    joy & blessings to you,

  7. I love that Tracy..."God is the bigger picture"! Also amazing quote about God's love being like the Amazon River coming to water a single daisy! What a great visual of His abounding love.
    ~ Jen

  8. Hi Tracy,

    I also love the fact that "God is the bigger picture". Our Pastor has also been speaking on this.

    Blessings in Him

  9. Hi Ladies
    Thank you for all your comments and encouragement. You are awesome.
    God bless



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