Wednesday, 8 June 2011

God's Protection

God's protection even when we are not aware of it!

I remember one time when our pastor was praying over the tithes and he said something along the lines of 'and thank you not only for what you've given us but also from what we've escaped.'

This became even more eye-opening one Friday evening as we were making our way from one suburb to another.  The road was quite twisty and hilly and the car in front of us was towing a boat.  This guy was all over the road.  He was veering onto the verge, across the road to the other side, etc.  He was so obviously drunk.  My husband was trying to get his attention or overtake him to try slow him down to a stop.  My girls were little then and we told them we should pray for his and anyone else's safety while he was on the road.

As we were doing this the road was coming to an incline over which you could not see on-coming traffic.  He drove over into the wrong side of the road and just as he reached the top, he swung back into his lane.  An on-coming car then came past totally oblivious to the potential danger.  As they came past, we saw it was one of our pastors and his family.  My husband and I looked at each other and sighed in relief.  We had goose bumps because we knew the people in the on-coming car.  10 minutes later, we managed to pull him over, another driver took his keys as we waited for someone to come and fetch him.

That pastor and his family had no idea how God had just protected them.  The thing is, God is doing just that type of thing for each of us every day and we are not even aware of it.

Ps 86 v 13 says:  For great is your mercy toward me, and you have delivered my soul from the depths of sheol.
Yes, and many times He does this without us even realizing it.

Let me end this post with a quote from the book 'God Calling' - by the listeners:
"You are My great care.  Never feel at the mercy of the world.  My angels guard you day and night and nothing can harm you.  You would indeed thank Me if you knew the darts of fret and evil they turn from you.  Thank Me indeed for dangers unknown - unseen - but averted."

My encouragement to you is to thank God for not only what He has given you and done for you, but also thank Him for what you have escaped, even unknowingly.

God bless


  1. I often wonder at the times God protects us and we never know it. I pray so often for protection for my daughters living in a big city. Only heaven will reveal all those answers.

    So glad your pastor was safe.


  2. Thanks for the reminder. I am sure that there are many times that we are totally unaware, far more than those few times that we think, shucks that was close!
    I needed the reminder to look up and see beyond, so easy to be taken up by only what I see.

  3. I know what I am still escaping from! My life continues to evolve into HIS Life, HIS promptings, HIS!

    It is just so amazing to be loved by HIM!

  4. Tracy,

    Wow! This is something that I have not thought about - thanking God for the times He spares us from unseen troubles. I need to do that more, as I know He has let me "escape" from MANY troubles in my life.


    -L. Rose

  5. Amen to that. I don't think we realize how much God protects us. Someone wrote in a blog post I read once, imagine if there was no God how much more of the evil in the world would touch us, it has stuck with me ever since.


  6. I often wonder this when I'm driving. Say if I'm in a hurry or late, (we, tend to drive faster than I should) and if I get "stuck" behind a car going super slow I think, hmm...perhaps God put this car here in front of me for a reason to protect me.

    Have a blessed day!

  7. Hi Ladies. thanks for the comments. I do that too Dawn, think God has slowed me down for a purpose. helps me to put up with the Sunday drivers!
    God bless

  8. Tracy, I love what this pastor said. We need to thank God for His protection. Reminds me of the old Amy Grant song, Angels Watching Over Me. Thank you, God, for the things you have kept me from.

  9. Hi Tracy, We are so blessed to have His protection...even when we are being careless. I know He has protected me many times! Thanks for another great word.
    Blessings to you

  10. Angels only move at God's command and I believe He places them around us, keeping us from danger.

    Praising God with you,

  11. Thank you Lisa, Chelle and Pamela. I also believe God sends His angels to protect us, from others and ourselves!
    God bless

  12. Just found your blog through Finding Heaven. :) I love how you have a heart to share what God is showing you. Wondering... would you be willing to link up for Brag on God Friday's? I would love for more women to get to hear from you.

  13. This is a great post Tracy! :) His protection is an overwhelming thought when I think of all the times He has rescued me or my loved ones. Our hearts need not fear if we replace our fear with faith! :)



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