Thursday, 5 May 2011

Emotions vs Actions

Jer 17 v7-8:  But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.  They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water.  Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought.  Their leaves stay green, and they go right on producing delicious fruit.

Wouldn't it be amazing to be this way?  To not worry when 'drought' comes.  To continue to bear good fruit.  To be all God created us to be despite currently being in adverse circumstances?  I think there are people like that out there...somewhere!  Right?  Yes, I'm sure there are.  I think that alot of us handle some things better than we used to, even if our circumstances are difficult.  I think that we beat ourselves up alot and when we are actually in the midst of a crisis and handling it well outwardly, inwardly our emotions/feelings are telling us, 'you're useless - you're a failure - you can't handle it - you're no good to anyone in need now - etc.'

But maybe, just maybe, you made a decision, an act of your will, to behave in a certain manner, and even though your emotions were telling you you're failing, you actually did ok!  You were able to witness to someone, or testify as to God's goodness in your life.  You did'nt drive that road hog off the road even thought you were sorely tempted!

What I am trying to say is sometimes what you feel, is'nt what is.  I'm making myself very clear are'nt I?(a little sarcasm here).

Ok, here's an example.  I had words (loud ones) with a family member.  It did not turn out well.  I did apologise but it changed things.  So fast forward a couple of years.  Different family member.  I went to give them a phone number and he jumped down my throat, yelling at me about something minor which he had turned into a mountain.  My blood boiled right to the top of my head (the previous situation in 3D in my head!).  I was not thinking nice thoughts!  But, I moved forward, put the piece of paper with the phone number on under his teacup.  Said, 'here's that number you were looking for', turned around and walked off.  I WAS SO PROUD OF MYSELF.  I was angry, my emotions were all over the place, but I did not do what I would ordinarily do.  My fruit, in this instance, was intact.  My witness not tarnished.

I believe I have a longggggg way to go, but there is progress.  I no doubt will fail along the way but as I strive to put my roots deeper into the living water (Jesus), I will grow from glory to glory!

My encouragement to you is twofold:
  • Your behaviour does'nt have to match your emotions.
  • To grow and change, keep yourself rooted in the word and you will produce good fruit even when there is a 'drought' in your life.
God bless


  1. You write such thoughtful meaty posts I think you should add some Jimmy's sauce!
    You are totally right and this we can certainly strive to do.

  2. Oh how true that is! We can still have self-control over our actions even when our emotions are running high!

    I need to remind myself of this more often! Thanks for a great read and lesson for the day!

  3. Tracy, thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I'm following yoy now too. Your blog goals are so much like mine. Thanks for these encouraging words. Good for you to not let your words/actions reflect your emotions.
    Have a blessed day,



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