Friday, 20 May 2011

Calm, in the face of circumstance!

This is an excerpt from "God calling" by the Two Listeners.  An awesome book by the way.  Very powerful:

 All agitation is destructive of good.  All calm is constructive of good, and at the same time destructive of evil.
When man wants evil destroyed so often he rushes to action.  It is wrong.  First be still and know that I am God.  Then act only as I tell you.  Always calm with God.  Calm is trust in action.  Only trust, perfect trust can keep one calm.

Isn't this profound?  This is exactly opposite to my normal response.  Friday blogger was down, my last posting and comments gone.  My number plate on my car disappeared, nearby places would not make a new one because its a personalized plate.  Everyone needed me to do this or that, my char is 6 months pregnant and is not telling me, etc etc.

So my first response was to get all antsy and cheesed off that no one could be bothered to help me, and why was my number plate off anyway?  Its supposedly pop-riveted on so how did it come off?  Did someone steal it?  I was annoyed at the car dealership, the government, the potentially annoying traffic officials, my char for putting me in an awkward position, etc.  And if it wasn't for the fact that everyone's blogs were affected, I'd probably have taken that personally too.

While all the time, calm should have reigned!  I should have, with each additional hassle, turned to Jesus and said' "Its okay, You're in control.  So long as I am focusing on You all this will work out."

Well, its a few days later now!  I have a new number plate on, everyone is helping themselves.  I've had a discussion with my char and we've worked out a plan (she's due in September).  Blogger is up and running.  Everything is working itself out.

But if I can't get "calm" right with the little things, how are the big things going to affect me?

I think this statement is 1/2 true.  I think we sometimes freak out at the little things because they're, well, little! But when it comes to the big things we either freak out (the 1/2 true bit), or ... focus on God and try to do things His way through the trial.  Sometimes you only find out how strong you are in Christ at those times or maybe how shallow your faith may have been to that point.  That's when God prunes us, gets us to dig down deep, or ... God forbid, we decide to go our own way.

I think part of the point of trials and tribulations is to grow us so when the next one comes along we handle it better, etc.  The problem for us 'people' is that its not necessarily the same problem.  But at the end of the day its our attitude through the different trials that should remain the same.  It our attitude that is being trained to calmness in Christ!

I Like what it says in excerpt above:  Calm is trust in action

Isaiah 30 v 15:  For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel:  In returning to Me and resting in Me you shall be saved; in quietness and in trusting confidence shall be your strength.

God bless

PS:  If you blow it, or blow up - don't worry - you're just like the rest of us - But don't give up!


  1. That's one thing I appreciate about the Lord, there's new grace every morning and we can all begin again.
    Glad you're in a better space this week.

  2. Thanks for your kind comment and visit to my blog! Welcome! A pleasure to meet you! I'll put your link on the places I visit!

    Love the quote "Calm is trust in action." God is in control anyway!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE God Calling. I first used it in college in the 70's. It was one of those things that you pick up and EVERY time God spoke directly to me. "Calm is trust in action"....good stuff. We're all in that place of learning to respond to God instead of reacting to our circumstances. Hope your weekend is grand!

  4. Great post! I had a very tough week with me over-reacting to the smalled things, being grumpy and generally not handling myself well. I really need to remember that God IS in control and that I need to let Him handle the things that I can't.

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  6. Hi Tracy, :)
    It is not always easy to realize the fact that God is in control; relying on Him can be very effective in managing our persistent worries and anxieties and keeping us calm! :)
    Thanks for your wonderful comments and introducing me to your blog! :)

  7. Hi Tracy...Great post! Love the God Calling book. Calm is a hard thing to reach at times. I'm thankful God is in control of everything.



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